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“Sarah was at the front of the queue when there were giving out anti-BS pills and I adore her honesty. She is selfless in the way she shares what works and I love her for showing me how to have big adventures in manifesting – she’ll show you too, she’s ever-so-good like that.” Lisa ListerFounder, The Sassy SHE and author of WITCH

“Sarah believes money is just energy and I agree with her after reading along. I have been changing the way I think about money and I just feel a bit better about it in general. Join Sarah’s program and private Facebook groups and see how people talk about money – I have learnt a lot.” Katrina Chambers- Lifestyle Blogger

“I really have an immense appreciation for Sarah teaching me that it’s OK to have a conscious business and live a conscious life that is filled with abundance. We are free to embrace who we are and just be and love and give thanks. I can’t imagine my life without Sarah and her guidance.” Renee Mayne- Founder of

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