Money + Abundance

How to Expand your Capacity to Receive Prosperity

Are you one of those people that finds it hard to accept luxurious or expensive gifts? You say things like: “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” OR “I can’t accept this, it’s too much.”

Learning how to graciously accept gifts is an important part of the manifesting process. It helps to open up your capacity to receive prosperity and all good things.

The thing about our capacity to accept abundance into our lives is that it’s always expanding if we allow the process to unfold. Our consciousness around money is always evolving and making way for our souls to grow.

Here’s an example of how my worthiness and abundance levels expanded over time…

Back in 2010 I was doing some consulting work for a billionaire.

Apparently he had over 2 billion dollars worth of contracts pass over his desk and Sean and I had the pleasure of working with him as our mentor for a few months.

One day I went to his home and he literally had over 100 diamonds in small boxes sitting in his office. They were to be placed in iPhones as a proposed entrepreneurial concept for wealthy peeps to bedazzle and bejazzle. Each diamond sparkled and caught the sunlight creating tiny rainbows all over the room.

I was gobsmacked and in total astonishment of the levels of prosperity this man oozed in every area of his life.

His beautiful young bride wore the best designer clothes, he drove a Porsche, their home overlooked the ocean and the list goes on…

There I was, on welfare, working for cash for this billionaire dude and my awe of his abundance was actually keeping me from manifesting my own.

What I needed to do was immerse myself in the concept of being prosperous so that it wouldn’t seem so far away vibrationally from something that I could experience myself.

For my 31st birthday Mr. Billionaire gave me one of the diamonds.

“Oh that’s too much. I can’t accept it.” I said.

I felt like a million bucks when I was presented with the luxurious gift. After all, what girl doesn’t love diamonds?

The said stone has been sitting in my jewellery box for the last 5 years since I tried to sell it. It was worth only $80 but the lesson was so much more.

My time with Mr. Billionaire helped to raise my consciousness around money and abundance, and for that massive lesson I will always be thankful.

Since that time, I’ve lived in two homes that were much bigger and much nicer than his. I wear a beautiful diamond on my finger that is worth a lot more than just eighty bucks and most importantly…

I have learned how to not place wealthy people on a pedestal because it creates separation from me being able to accept wealth into my own life.

If you truly want to expand your capacity to receive prosperity and live a wildly wealthy life you MUST immerse yourself with the idea that money is just energy. Abundance can arrive in your life in so many wonderful ways, but when we make something wrong (like all rich people are crooks) OR affirm things like ‘I am not worthy’ then we will always block the flow.
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MANIFEST by Sarah Prout