7 Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Our roles in life are usually multifunctional and beautifully complex.

Take me for example…

I’m a wife, a mother of three, a business partner, a friend, a daughter, a little sister, a big sister, a daughter-in-law and the list goes on…

Every different role that we play in our lives has a divine golden thread of consciousness that allows us to learn from each type of relationship.

At times we have to transform with the ever-changing emotional landscape of the people and loved ones around us. We learn to acclimatise to the variations of flow and pace that is mutually set within the parameters of friendship, marriage or partnership.

Here are 7 Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships that I believe curate an outstanding foundation for love to flourish in any situation…

1. Understand that relationships are powerful teachers

We all learn and grow at different paces. Life ebbs and flows during different times for us to expand our consciousness and be fully present in the beauty of whatever shows up in our reality. This can sometimes be in the form of conflict, family drama, old relationship wounds, feelings of unworthiness or whatever happens within us that another has the ability to trigger.

Our families are usually the ones that know how to push our buttons because they’re the ones that installed them and put them there.

However, it’s up to us as to whether we allow the detonation to take place. So whatever the fallout, just know that growth is happening.

The yucky feelings, resentment, sadness or anger are a beautiful opportunity to grow and rise above it in order to move forward.

2. Commitment to growth and change sustains the relationship

My beautiful husband pointed this out to me a few days ago and I really felt the need to share this one…

If you’re not prepared to help nurture and heal a relationship, and all you want to do is be right and cause more pain then your relationship isn’t healthy…it’s toxic.

Being committed to healing and overcoming obstacles together in life will be the magic medicine to walk hand in hand into a healthy future.

3. A mutual exchange of energy must be balanced

The people that take, take, take without giving ensure that the relationship won’t feel harmonious. You need to make sure that you offer the same level of support as the people that are willing to support you. This can be in various forms, but please be aware if you’re making the relationship more about you than taking an interest in nurturing the other person. Otherwise you run the risk of being seen as an emotional vampire.

4. Boundaries are imperative

If you don’t set boundaries with yourself and others then you set yourself up for a crummy time.

Draw deep fucking lines in the sand and stand guard with gentleness to assert the boundaries when you feel they are being pushed. This takes courage and strength… but will be so worth it.

5. There is no shame in seeking professional help

If you feel that things need to get out of your head and you need to be heard by someone that can offer objective and non-judgemental advice/feedback, then find someone to talk to. I’ve been to psychologists, councellors,  a kinesiologist, energy healers, turned to treasured mentors, plus many more. There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, it's so liberating.

It is a true act of self love to make sure you seek help when you need it, just to allow yourself the space to see beyond the situation and diffuse the drama.

6. Compromise, Acceptance and Tolerance will go a long way

My dearly departed meditation teacher used to tell me that the secret to a long lasting marriage was compromise, acceptance and tolerance. He said it was letting the ‘CAT’ out of the bag and to remember it in times of upheaval.

[Tweet “Kindness goes a long freakin’ way.”]

Why can we be so mean to the people we love? I guess it’s important to remember that we’re all mirrors of one another. Which is why my husband and I had ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake as our first dance for our wedding. Also: Kindness goes a long freakin’ way.

7. Life is too short to not be committed to authentic and meaningful relationships

Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. It’s imperative to make sure your loved ones know you love them and that you are committed to having real and authentic relationships with people.

Allow yourself to step away and create space from the people that hurt you (even if they are your family) and be committed to sending them love, offering forgiveness, compassion (energetically) and then handing over situations beyond your control to the Universe to sort it out. Miracles will happen. 


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