Money + Abundance

How to Love Your Money So That You’ll Attract More Abundance

Yesterday someone posted a really important and inspiring question on my Facebook page:

“Can I ask a question? I am very fearful of not having enough money, hence … not ever having enough (hehe). How do you get to the point of loving your money, is it a conscious decision to do so and that’s it or does it need to be a process? Thanks in advance for any advice.”

This is such a powerful question for so many reasons.

What I believe with every fibre of my being is that you have two choices…

You can either LOVE money or you can FEAR money. In each moment you get the choice, it is indeed a conscious decision.

Loving your money is so important because every time you feel the fear rise up within your heart then you can choose to reframe it and manage your energy to serve you better.

This opportunity happens on a moment by moment basis. If you feel fear when your bills land in your letter box then make sure you create a ritual where you feel happy before you open them.

Dance up a storm, make love, drink a couple of glasses of wine, eat some candy…whatever floats your boat.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to start loving your money.

You need to feel grateful even for the tiniest things. It could be that you feel grateful to have been able to buy food for yourself today. It would be that you landed yourself a fabulous discount or bargain during the day. By looking for areas to feel grateful for the abundance you already have in your life, then it makes the flow of prosperity more comfortable when it comes time to pay for your chosen lifestyle.

FACT: You need to allow money to flow out of your life for it to flow IN to your life.

When you feel bad about it, then it BLOCKS THE FLOW.

Part of learning to love money is learning how to let it go without guilt, fear, remorse or regret. Whatever goes out helps to keep you alive, keep you comfortable and also helps to add to someone else’s prosperity.

I used to loathe paying taxes, I really did. Now I love it (within reason) because the bigger the tax bill means that the more prosperity is flowing in to our company.

The process of LOVING MONEY can also have very different boundaries for many different people.

For instance, I used to get mentored by an ex-billionaire and he was fearful because he was down to his last 100 million that year (or so I was told). I could only imagine what would have happened if this guy learned how to love his money, encourage the flow.

Here’s the thing…

Have you heard the stat about how nearly 98% lottery winners usually lose ALL of their winnings within the first 12 months? It’s because of not feeling worthy enough to keep and sustain the abundance.

All it takes are small and consistent energy shifts to make sure that you keep your heart dialled into the freedom, the beauty, the comfort and the lifestyle that money will give you.

You can feel grateful because you don’t have to walk 10 miles each day to collect fresh water. You can feel grateful that you don’t have to sift through trash to find a half eaten sandwich to feed yourself.

Gratitude, energy management and consciousness are the 3 ingredients to start to spark the flow of prosperity.



If you LOVE your money then more will appear. If you are fearful of losing it, not having any, or constantly thinking that there’s not enough… then it will respond to your vibration and not show up in your reality. Again, MONEY IS ENERGY so get into the beautiful, loving, magnificent flow of abundance. xo

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