How to Choose Love Over Fear In Any Situation

A powerful question came in after I posted a quote on my Facebook page a couple of days ago. 

The quote was:

You can rise above
anything when you
choose LOVE
over fear.

And then the question was…

How do you choose love when love is what you have lost?

This answer instantly rose up within me and I began to flow with it in a way that will hopefully provide comfort for people struggling when they acknowledge the absence of love.

Firstly, love cannot be lost.

Love transforms and morphes like a butterfly and vibrates at a different frequency with a different focus. This is also what I believe happens when we die. Our love simply shifts locations, because true love is impersonal. 

This doesnt’t mean that when a relationship ends that it doesn’t sting like a bitch when there is an absence of love. All it means is that the mutual flow has changed direction. Romantic love has several seasons that change based on whether we fuel the fire or whether we extinguish the flame.

The constant is that The Universe never stops offering you LOVE and you can never be without the option to love yourself either.

This is a deep realization that nothing is ever ‘lost’ if it is rightfully yours with a Divine purpose. Just remember, the love a person has for you is never yours to begin with. It’s on loan — like a library book. It’s got nothing to do with you actually, it’s a reflection of the energy and the intention that you are offering within your own heart on a day-to-day basis.

Fear is a force that everyone feels during many times throughout their lives. It’s natural and it’s an essential part of brining our souls back to a state of balance. Fear is when we allow our being to be DISCONNECTED from the infinite possibilities of life. But when someone wants to ‘take’ love from us it hands our power over and creates the illusion of separateness.

LOVE = The Divine energy, Oneness, unconditional feelings of gratitude no matter what shows up.

FEAR = Separation from the Divine energy.​

If you feel fear and you can identify that shitty little pang in your heart, then you have a choice HOW you respond to it. In that moment you can ask yourself several powerful questions that prompt inner reflection..

  • Can I send my fearful thoughts love?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen if my fears come true?
  • How can I be more loving and compassionate to myself in moments of fear?
  • How can I embody the energy of love?

Life is supposed to be filled with about as much fucking uncertainty as you can poke a stick at. When you get comfortable with fear of the unknown then you allow for a deeper space for LOVE to rule the realm. The trick is to bust the bullshit when it happens.

‘He doesn’t love me anymore’ could turn into ‘I love me, the Universe LOVES ME and I will love him as much as possible from a space of non-attachment.’

Love with conditions breeds space for FEAR to contaminate the experience. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and leading from a space of truth, of trust and of Divinity means that you can experience life without getting pummeled by the waves of uncertainty.


True love cannot be lost. True love is Divine. True love has a purpose. May you find that comfort within your heart. So be it, and so it is.

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