7 Daily Journaling Prompts for Intentional Manifesting

Are you one of those people that love to buy a new journal or get super-excited when you buy a new pack of highlighters? I am a total stationery nerd and a paper lover from way back. I love the potential that a blank piece of paper holds to change your life.

Whether you’re setting powerful intentions, listing out things to be grateful for, or venting your frustrations – writing in a journal has numerous benefits. 

However, sometimes you might find yourself sitting down to write in your journal and you feel blocked. Perhaps you wish you’d have a series of questions to be asked that would inspire you to kick-start your writing. 

Well…you’re in luck! 

Today I’m sharing with you 7 Daily Journaling Prompts for Intentional Manifesting. They are designed to connect you to the Universe, your higher self, and your natural flow of intuition. It not only raises your vibration but heals your heart. There is tremendous power in the pen. 

Save this post to your bookmarks and revisit it once a day for seven days to do the correlating journaling prompt for each day. All you need is paper and pen and some uninterrupted time to yourself (which is bliss).

Here goes…

DAY 1: 

Set the tone of your week with a list of powerful intentions. 

Write down what you’re excited about this week and why. List out things that you can do that will declutter your home and make you feel productive? Who will you connect with this week? What is great about the present moment? What would you love to attract this week? And if you did attract your intention, how would it make you feel? 

DAY 2: 

Write a letter to your future self. 

This journaling exercise has been used so effectively by my Manifesting Academy students over the years. The Universe loves a good letter from your future self because the energy can begin to work behind the scenes to make it happen. Cast your mind to the future – let’s say 5 years from now. Who are you? What does your life feel like? How do you spend your time? And who with? Where do you live? Dive into each delicious detail so the Universe knows what to deliver. 

DAY 3: 

Write a letter to your 21-year old self. 

Obviously, if you are 21 then perhaps write a letter to your teenage self.  What are some things you wish you knew now that you didn’t know back then? What are some things that you now know for sure? How have you grown? What do you love now that you didn’t like then? What are some experiences that you gained wisdom from?

DAY 4: 

Try automatic writing. AKA write whatever lands in your brain and don’t think about it.

What will come through from your higher self? A message perhaps? I remember when I was in 12th grade that our English teacher encouraged us to write for 15 minutes without stopping. The purpose was to get into a flow of unusual creativity. There are many mystical ways that people usually do this ranging from channeling, connecting with spirit guides, and receiving messages of guidance and wisdom. 

When I did this back in 1997, I wrote: “I met the boy sitting under a lemon tree.” I had no idea what that meant. And within about a month I saw a guy sitting under a lemon tree on my way home from school and he was gorgeous. We briefly dated, but that’s a story for another day. My Dad said he looked like a vampire because he didn’t walk…he glided. I was going through a goth phase. 

DAY 5: 

What are you grateful for? 

Sometimes the simplest questions are the most powerful. In today’s exercise write down things you are grateful for in the following fill in the blank sentences. 

  • I am grateful for when ___________________ was kind to me because…
  • I am grateful that I had ___________________ when I really needed it because….
  • I am grateful for __________________ because brought me much happiness. 

DAY 6: 

Write your own personal affirmation. 

Affirmations have the power to change your life in miraculous ways. Anything that begins with I AM and ends with a powerful phrase is transformative. Today, write your own affirmation and say it aloud throughout the week. If you’re not sure where to start then check out the Dear Universe official account over on Instagram from daily doses of affirmation inspiration. Learning how to use affirmations is a great way to ask the Universe for what you want. 

DAY 7: 

Write with your opposite hand. 

WTF?! Yup. Write a sentence or two, or maybe just your name with your opposite hand. For those of you still confused. I write with my LEFT hand usually, so I will try this with my RIGHT. The reason to try this is to get the other half of your brain working in a new way. This activates new and interesting energy and speaks to the Universe on a whole new level. 

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