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How to Release Your Fears Before They Manifest

Ever heard of the saying: ‘What you resist persists?’

Well it’s true.

Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s snakes, spiders, cheese, infidelity, death, illness, fire…

But it’s not the things themselves that cause the unpleasantness to manifest, it’s the way you internalise the thoughts within your mind (and heart) that create and shape your reality.

Happy thoughts + feelings = Happy Manifestations

When we carry around this heavy feeling of fear-based thinking in the pit of our stomachs it can stop us from fully being involved in the beautiful Oneness of life.

So today I thought I’d like to discuss how choosing love over fear is the best thing you can do so that the fear doesn’t manifest into your life as things you really do not want.

Fear is a very clear emotion that you can identify almost instantly when it occupies your body. Your heart can beat faster, you might feel tense, your body goes rigid and in intense cases you might get a nasty bout of the squirts.

The thing to do when you feel the fear is to invite your higher self out of the situation to really examine what’s going on.

You can ask yourself a few simple questions to start to transform and shift the experience straight away…

1. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
2. How can I love myself more in this moment, not be reactive and show myself more self-compassion?
3. What if I was okay with this? How would I feel without the burden of wrongness?
4. What if I didn’t take everything so personally?

I am a big advocate of there being no right or wrong, there just IS. This was taught to me and pointed out in situations where I would make something REALLY WRONG. I would blame and shame and react, and the person that pays the highest price for this kind of fear manifesting outwardly was me. It’s an expensive energetic transaction to indulge in.

Back in 2008 I was in my first marriage and our neighbour (who I thought was happily married) had an affair with a younger girl. He ditched out on 3 kids and left his wife of 10 years. I was so shocked and judged the situation very harshly.

“What a dick bag! What a dirty, rotten, stinkin’ dick bag!”

I just saw the ‘wrongness’ of the act of cheating. I didn’t understand that there quite possibly is a lot going on behind closed doors that no one knows unless they’re in the marriage. I couldn’t believe that my neighbour would be a single mother, and that her husband would do that to her.

The following year I had an affair and left my marriage to be a single mother. Oh my how the tables turned and my fear transformed!

I then had to deal with my own shame, my own wrongness and a deeper level of understanding that you should never judge because you don’t truly know what’s going on in a situation until you walk in the other person's shoes.

(Sidenote: Please note that I don't condone ‘cheating' in any way but I do know is that it's a powerful and extremely painful way to create profound change in a person's life).

Something I know for sure is that you need to release your fears and your judgements or the exact lessons surrounding the issues that bug you tend to  rise up to challenge you.

Your soul orders it directly from the catalogue of the Universe so that it can grow.

Your ego hates this, but your soul is following a profound calling to learn and evolve.

Fear is such a beautiful opportunity to create a miracle. So…next time you witness the triggers of being afraid…

[Tweet “Send your fears, judgements and insecurities LOVE and watch what happens.”]

Like anything in life, it takes practice….

When you rise above the fear, step out of the situation and view it with LOVE then things instantly start to feel better and you can manifest from a place of peace, poise and perfect harmony. xo