Mindfulness / Self-Love

How to Protect Your Energy

This is a note to all empaths that feel funky or affected by the energy of people, places or certain situations…

I used to be so scared of my energy field being messed with because I didn’t know how to protect myself. I chose to be fearful instead of seeing it as an opportunity to fine tune my levels of intuitive discernment.

My fear resulted in getting headaches, night terrors, mood swings and tiredness because I wasn’t willing to see the beauty in what was being presented to me.

I would feel thought forms from other people when I slept in hotel beds. I would feel deep sadness in a cemetery. I would feel pissed off in the post office or bank. I would feel fractured consciousness when visiting a family member in a psychiatric facility and the list goes on and on.

Over time I learned how to visualise myself surrounded in fluffy pink (white or gold sometimes) illuminous light. You could also see yourself ‘zipping up’ where your aura goes into fortress mode, unable to be swayed by anything.

I recently needed to get a set of fingerprints taken for my US VISA application. The police guy offered me a tour of the cells in the jail. These were nasty, pee-stinking, odorous, tiny cubicles…but I was curious to see what it was like. Before I even entered the building I asked for energetic protection and trusted that nothing nasty could enter my soul space. Afterwards, I felt fine.

At any given moment you start to feel energetically funky you can call upon Spirit (the Universe or whatever) to protect you. You are always protected and nothing can mess with you without your permission.

There are certain places and travels that you will embark upon in your life that carry a vibrational frequency that can cause your energy to feel unbalanced, affected and judgemental. The key is to know when to consciously close your energy and when to open it up again to receive all of the beautiful goodies that life has to offer you.

Many people make the mistake of staying closed all the time which means that they disconnect from being able to love fully, be insanely intuitive and wildly creative.

When you become conscious of when to protect your energy or notice that your energy is out of alignment, you begin to see how much power you have over any situation and this can be an extremely vital part of the manifesting process to fully accept whatever life presents you with.

You’re actively practicing to choose love over fear.

You’re standing strong, like an oak tree and nothing can rattle your cage. This knowledge gives you the chance to play with energy and work your natural super powers to create harmony in any situation that life presents you with. It's all about being fully present no matter what.

Have you ever been affected by certain energies? How did you rise above it? Did it consume you? Please feel free to comment.

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