The Hidden Danger of Seeking Signs From The Universe

I am a big believer in signs of alignment from the Universe. I quite often see the number 111 and get reminded to pay attention intuitively to what is going on around me. However, with my work teaching thousands of people from around the world about signs from the Universe, I've noticed lately a weird trend that urgently needs addressing that will help immensely on your manifesting journey.

Some people become reliant on “signs” as if they are truth that is set in stone.

They attach the meaning and significance that the sign MUST mean something. But what if it didn’t have to? What if it was just a Divine Wink?

I’ll explain further…

For instance, just because you looked at the clock at 11:11 does not mean you will win the lottery soon. Just because you saw a piece of wrapping paper with a flamingo on it does not mean that your soulmate will arrive within two weeks.

You see, there is this desperate energy of just seeing or getting excited by signs and making rash conclusions versus actually connecting with your intuitive faculties and seeing it as a reminder to connect to the Divine within.

It’s this weird energy that is weaving in superstition unnecessarily into the equation and creating energetic resistance.

What I mean by that is that as you are creating your own reality sometimes a sign is just a sign. If anything, it’s a reminder to be present in the moment. To show up and to trust in Divine timing.

Divine Winks from the Universe appear when you’re not looking for them. This understanding teaches us to surrender – to let go – as healthy detachment is the ultimate magical ingredient in the manifesting process.

When your receipt is $11.11 or when a butterfly lands on your shoulder – these are pure signs of alignment. Or perhaps even when a random syncronicity unfolds – you can feel it and you just know. Often our spirit guides remind us to connect to them via the use of certain signs or totems. But taking screen-caps twice a day (and sharing them on social media) at 11:11 is not allowing signs to be a personal and sacred conversation between yourself and the Universe. There is power in being private.

Remember, there are 24 timezones in the world and so 11:11 on your phone that you screenshot is not a sign that your desires are manifesting. It’s a reminder to stay present with your manifesting. Do you see the difference?

The sign you attach to has the danger to become a crutch or a band-aid solution where your brain is ultimately setting you up for disappointment when you ask for it and then don’t see it. Alternatively, you start to see it too much because it’s been activated in something called your Reticular Activating System within your brain and therefore it bears no real significance.

The real magic resides in the present moment.

When you do see a sign make sure you attach the meaning of presence to it. That God/The Universe is reminding you to connect – soulfully inviting you to show up in the NOW. The addiction to looking for signs becomes dangerous when we place the power outside of ourselves.

Your inner wisdom, knowingness and discernment of TRUST is far greater than believing that if you don’t see your sign then something in the manifesting process must fundamentally be broken.

Claim your magnificent power and bow with deep reverence to the Universe. The strength and consistency of your connection to the power of Oneness will be the best way to know (and trust) that your desires are in the process of manifesting.

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