11 Things to Give Up to Manifest Your Desires

Manifesting doesn’t have to be a ‘woo-woo’ far our there spacey new agey concept that makes people want to puke. It’s essentially a way to wrap up seeing the best in life and using our energy wisely in order to create specific outcomes (no matter what shows up on our shores).

Manifesting is just a fancy term to be consciously aware that our energy always has an outcome. Whatever you put out there comes back to you like a boomerang.

Over the years people have asked me how I became so good at manifesting and I truly believe that by quitting and giving up the following things, my energy field shifted and I started to feel a newfound sense of freedom where things/people/resources and experiences flowed into my current reality with a lot more ease and grace.

So here are 11 Things to Give Up to Manifest Your Desires…

1. Give up the need for perfection

Nothing will ever be perfect, it will always present itself in the way it’s meant to. Learning to let go of perfection with the manifesting process can be one of the most freeing and liberating experiences you will have. It also, creates space for non-judgment to reign which is a beautiful thing and frees up the energy for things to manifest in divine timing.

2. Give up certain language patterns

Get rid of the following words and phrases from your vocabulary…

I can’t
I won’t
You’re wrong
I’m right
It’s always
Everything always
It’s impossible
It won’t happen

Pretty much anything that makes massive sweeping and limiting statements which prevent you from being open to all possibilities and ways that things can manifest into your life.

3. Give up draining relationships

You know, the ones that make you feel cruddy. The relationships which aren’t balanced, don’t make you feel good or call out your inner demons. However, instead of quitting them and merely walking away, make sure you dive into the work within the relationship and figure out why the person (or people) push your buttons and figure out whether it’s really real. Hint: Everything is a reflection of you and it’s empowering to see beyond the situation to the soul of the matter.

4. Give up unhealthy food

Junk food is awesome in moderation. However, if all you eat is junk then your vibration will be dull and not able to radiate at the level you know it can. Try eating vibrant and alive foods that are all colours of the rainbow. This will amplify your manifesting powers. The lighter your vibration, the more flow you will have in your life. Thus, the magnetic energy you vibe will be on fire.

5. Give up bad sleep patterns

Your soul needs adequate time to recharge, so getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night will ensure you’re going to be able to thrive during the day and keep radiating the vibes it needs to in order to attract your desires.

6. Give up being super-reactive or defensive

Soften up buttercup! This has been a major pattern in my life that I’m in the process of learning. You could be perfectly fine one moment and then swing in the completely opposite direction the next when someone says something that pushes your buttons. There is no need to be defensive, it’s just your ego’s cage getting rattled. Stand back, take a deep breath and don’t let anything mess with your natural state of beautiful alignment.

7. Give up trying to change people

It’s not your place and it’s an impossible task. End of story.

8. Give up trying too hard

Time and time again I hear people saying that they created a vision board and their stuff still hasn’t shown up.

This is usually because people set intentions and then think that simply setting an intention will be enough to open the floodgates for manifesting to happen. This is false.

More often than not people get in their own way and don’t know how to surrender to the process. The old proverb is right: A watched pot never boils.

9. Give up not speaking your truth

You are allowed to express yourself in any way you wish. However, if your intentions are off then the Universe will always respond to that accordingly. Remember: Speaking your truth is an act of self love and self care.

10. Give up believing the illusion

All of life is an illusion. The only real thing is LOVE. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t fully enjoy and have fun with the illusion. It’s a beautiful playground and that’s what we’re here for.

11. Give up thinking that happiness is a destination

You won’t be happy when you lose the weight, land the job, attract the soulmate. What is important is RIGHT NOW. Happiness is all about the journey, because when you get to the desired destination your dreams have usually radically shifted anyway. Enjoy the NOW.

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