You have the incredible super-power to heal yourself and radically transform your reality. Essential oils can empower you to take control over your vibration, your wellness and your emotional well-being. In fact, it can create a ripple effect of magical change for everyone in your entire family.

The Intention

As a mama of 4 and a spiritual lifestyle entrepreneur, I am committed to living in a non-toxic environment filled with peace, harmony, love and vibrant wellness. Essential oils help to support my family and I physically and emotionally. I fell in love with dōTERRA essential oils in 2017 and love how they are great to meditate with, help us to relax and let go,  remind us to lean into the present moment and support the ongoing emotional rollercoaster of the manifesting journey. My goal is empower people all around the world to remember their power to heal themselves and support their loved ones using essential oils!  

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are magical, plant-based naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds. They are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Since the dawn of time essential oils have been used internally, topically and aromatically for healing, emotional support and for beauty purposes. They are also fabulous for high-vibe intentional manifesting. I adore and promote one the most integrity-driven and ethical brands on the planet, dōTERRA Essential Oils.


The possibilities…


If you opt to be a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER, you’ll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and then you’ll have the option to earn points to exchange for products each time you place your optional monthly order (also known as your LRP, or Loyalty Rewards Program order). It’s similar to a frequent flyer plan but super cool.

If you opt to become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE on our team (The WildFlow Collective Wellness Leadership team), you’ll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and have the option to earn points as above, plus you’ll have the chance to earn commissions and grow a team. If you choose to build a team and earn commissions, you’ll want to do a monthly order (LRP) which makes you eligible to earn those commissions. That monthly order is optional, but if you’re building a business and attracting abundance, it’s important, and always fun to receive and try new products.

To research how you’ll start, here are your Enrollment Kits. The bigger the kit, the more you’ll save on the overall cost, and I’ve found the sooner you’ll be starting your journey sharing doTERRA. I wish I had invested in a larger kit when I started because I would have saved a lot of money!


More dōTERRA love

dōTERRA gives back with their Healing Hands Foundation. The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.


  • dōTERRA products are PURE and tested.
  • Also, it’s a new and untapped market! Less than 1% of the population use essential oils… but over 70% of the population are interested in using natural products to improve their health.

Ready to get started?

To get started – It’s as simple as buying your first essential oils and falling in love with them.


  • click here to go to
  • click “Join and Save” to set up your wholesale account. Select “WHOLESALE CUSTOMER” OR “WELLNESS ADVOCATE” if you’re ready to start a biz.
  • click your home country/language and where you’d like your oils shipped to.
  • Choose Wholesale Prices (this gives you the best price and also sets you up to earn an income with doTERRA).
  • Complete the “About You” page with your details (the enroller field should be pre-populated with my ID number, but if not please add in 5012887 
  • On the next page choose your Enrollment Kit (so many amazing options to choose from).
  • Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”.
  • A pop-up will magically appear asking if you’d like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order {LRP} (click “YES” and then see the information below).


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