10 Ways Spiritual Empaths and Intuitives Use Their Super Powers

Being sensitive to certain energies can be both a blessing and curse if you’re unsure of how to navigate the rollercoaster-esque vibrational frequencies of life.

Many ‘spiritual’ people can become fearful when they become aware of energies and can sometimes label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on their level of discernment.

I like to teach my manifesting students how to ‘zip themselves up’ energetically (when they remember) in order to avoid separation from Oneness. This took me many years to learn, and in all honesty I still get freaked out sometimes at how my intuitive faculties pick on thought-forms and energies that I am unable to process. My kids tease me sometimes that I might get a ‘spiritual headache’ if something just feels off.

Instead of focussing on the negative side of energy management though, here are 10 Ways Spiritual Empaths and Intuitives Use Their Super Powers to make life more empowered.

1. When house hunting

I experienced this recently when we were looking for our home here in Vegas. We thought a home looked beautiful and then felt the varying energies that resided in the home and they were not very pleasant. I’m convinced one of the homes was a 70’s sex party mansion and there is no way in the world I would want my kids living there! Even our realtor picked up on the energy and we laughed about it.

Intuitive people know the perfect environment that will require minimal energetic clean up to start living in a harmonious frequency. Intuitive people also know that burning sage will help a lot.

2. When surrounded by emotionally needy people

You know that people that are self-absorbed and only talk about themselves?

“Me, me, more about me…what do you think of me?”

People that mooch off your energy can be seen coming a mile away. When this happens intuitive people tend to reflect their energetic protection in their body language. Legs will cross and arms will fold.

Intuitive people know when and who to open themselves up to in order to exchange energy.

3. When someone is dying or very ill

One of the best intuitive super powers is compassion.

When someone is dying or ill the best method to offer your light worker assistance is to be fully present in each moment with the person. The life-force is being drawn out like an ocean tide and the intuitive’s role is to love and send love through the duration of the transition.

Death is perfectly natural and beautiful when you remove the sadness and grief of losing a loved one. Intuitive people know that death is a transition into Oneness and pure love.

4. When someone is dishonest

Intuitive people have amazingly effective bullshit detectors.

When someone is telling fibs (like Pinocchio) or not being honest, an intuitive person will see through the bull crud and see the real reason why someone feels the need to be untruthful.

Again, compassion is the intuitive’s greatest spiritual tool.

5. When spirits or ghosts are present

Intuitives know when ghosts or spirits are around. Just like that kid in the movie “Sixth Sense” – an intuitive can see dead people or feel them.

Most to the time there is nothing to fear and it’s just important to surround yourself in white light and request that the entity move to another frequency. Sometimes these spirits have messages etc, but my belief (my personal belief) is that there isn’t really a need to go calling that type of energy out.

Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters however are a different story. Intuitives ALWAYS connect with their helpers to help sustain the lightwkrker energy.

6. Whether or not Universal signs are genuine or not

Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow. I used to get so excited that any rainbow was a massive sign of alignment. Now I feel my way into universal signs and discern whether or not they are in direct correlation to the intention that I’m working with at that point in time.

Intuitives hold a very special set of “signs” that will always connect them to “Source” as a powerful reminder service.

7. To discern which path is the one of least resistance

Intuitive people love being able to see the high-level overview of the path of least resistance. When they can’t see it, there is a lesson to be learned – like everyone on the planet.

8. Romantic compatibility

This super power can have its downside because knowing when a couple are compatible or not can be quite confronting. When a pair just aren’t meant to be together and they’re doing it because it’s what they think will be the best course of action to take, it means that you have to step back, let go and release the outcome to the Universe.

Intuitive people know that TRUE LOVE prevails.

9. Knowing which food will be the most nourishing

Intuitive people will always honour what will nourish their bodies and stay away from foods that are toxic to them. Intuitive people also know how to bless their food to enhance the vibrational essence.

10. When dreams have meaning

Just like knowing when to interpret signs from the Universe, the intuitive person knows when dreams are incredibly meaningful or when it’s just your subconscious mind doing the housekeeping.

Dreams are a powerful way for intuitive to process their super powers and grow in soulful strength.

Did you like this? Know of any other ways that intuitive or empathic people use their super powers? Please comment below. xo

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