Emotional Triggers: 5 Ways to Settle your Heart in Moments of Upheaval

As human beings we find ourselves sometimes overcome with emotion when we least expect it. There can be certain triggers that make us remember and associate with times in our lives when things were tough or emotionally unstable. It could be a fragrance, a topic of discussion, a scene in a movie, or the tiniest thing that you never could have anticipated would melt you into a hot, blubbering mess.

I’m nearly 6 months pregnant at the time I am writing this post and so my hormones have been taking me on a wild ride into random trigger zone. My husband shared with me the most beautiful YouTube video of creative ways that people break the news to loved ones that they are pregnant. Each story was a different variety of excitement – joy, exuberance and celebration. And it triggered me because I had shared the happy news of ‘I’m pregnant’ not once but 6 times in a 12 month period. It brought up all of the joy and fear and uncertainty – a nasty concoction of inner turmoil. This simple trigger prompted the tears.

Another example was a nasty text message from my ex-husband telling me how selfish I was for going on a 9-day holiday (without the kids) to Los Angeles last month. The trigger of emotional abuse reared her ugly head and I had a panic attack in the middle of the night.

The thing about triggers is that they can snowball, you can blow them out of all reasonable proportion and launch yourself onto a warpath unneccesarily.

My basic plan is to step back and witness the emotions and not charge them energetically. So here are my 5 simple tips to riding the wave of unexpected emotional triggers.

1. Talk to someone if it helps, but be aware of any way you are dramatically charging the topic and clinging to it. Sometimes forcing yourself to be still and focus inwards is the best solution.
2. Use the identification of triggers as a great opportunity to re-wire them and create new memories of how strong you are to have overcome them.
3. Remember to breathe, be present and do something that distracts you and makes you feel balanced again.
4. Make sure you are taking care of all the basics such as drinking water, getting enough sleep, exercise and loving time with your loved ones.
5. Keep a journal to document what you are feeling and then release it to the Universe. Sometimes getting your most ugly emotions out on paper is an excellent opportunity for reflection and ultimately healing.