Why Not Setting Intentions Is Scarier Than Clowns

Yes the title may seem a little silly, but it's supposed to get your attention to understand why it's so important to carve out time in your life to set powerful intentions.

Most people are just living out the hypnotic rhythm of their life without taking the time to ask the Universe for what they really want. They are in reactive mode and going about day-to-day activities without allowing space and time to dream. The bottom line is that if you want to experience transformation in your life, then you MUST take time to dream and write down your intention. Because if you don't then life just happens to you, instead of for you.

When you are setting intentions you not only activate The Law of Attraction but you let the Universe know that you are ready to begin the next chapter of your life. If you don't then as they say: “you snooze, you lose.”

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One of the main reasons it's important to set powerful intentions is because you can be specific about what you want out of life – more importantly – how you desire to feel.

Remember: It's your emotions and your feelings that are manifesting your reality.

Another reason is because it creates a beautiful living document to look back on over time.

This is from my journal in 2006 and why it’s so important to write down your intentions (even if they seem far-fetched and unbelievable).⁣

When I wrote this intention I had no idea I’d ever earn over 100k per year, let alone $100k PER MONTH one day in my business. ⁣ The key was that I worked hard, kept holding the vision, and trusted (even when I lived below the poverty line) that one day I would earn an income doing something creative that I loved to help others manifest their dreams.

What I neglected to write down is HOW I desired to feel with these manifestations. This was a new perspective I wouldn’t learn for at least seven years later, but it was revealed to me at the perfect time. I wrote about this a lot in my book called Dear Universe.

Also, I learned how to be SPECIFIC.

Earning $100k is not the same as profiting $100k.⁣

The subtle shifts with manifestation are part of the journey. ⁣

I also have never bought a house yet, let alone one for each of my parents. This intention is still on the list. ⁣

My point here is to keep DREAMING and write your intentions down on paper. It’s a powerful record of how you grow as a human being. ⁣

Be specific and connect with your emotions to meet your future self. ⁣

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