7 Things Women Should Never Apologize For


As women, sometimes we end up saying sorry for things that don’t warrant forgiveness or approval seeking. Why should we be sorry for empowered choices that we make or natural stuff that happens? 

Following my wildly popular article called 10 Things You Should Never Apologise for For…Ever (over 46k likes!!) I wanted to expand upon the content and add a few more things. Here are 7 Things Women Should Never Apologize for.

1. Sexuality and feminine expression

The beauty of being a woman (or a man for that matter) is the choice you have to express yourself sexually in the world or in a relationship with another human being. You should never feel the need to say sorry for the way you express yourself in this department unless it breaks a mutual commitment you have made with someone. Also, the way you express your feminine essence is never to be apologized for. The Divine Feminine energy can manifest in a multitude of different and beautiful ways that can only be defined by you. 

2. Wanting babies

For many women (not all) this is a biological urge to carry and birth a baby, or at least nurture something or someone. If you haven’t had children yet and want them, never feel the need to apologize for your desires. There are a vast number of ways that nurturing energy can manifest in your life – from having pets, plants and contributing to the world around you. The key is to stay true to what you think your soul needs in order to expand. Babies usually appear in perfect divine timing.

3. Not wanting babies

As mentioned above, there are many ways being a nurturer can manifest in the world and not liking or wanting your own children is perfectly fine. Never feel the need to justify the reasons you don't want to have kids. There are way too many people out there in the world that procreated from a place of insecurity, accident or their own limiting beliefs. Owning your decisions is beautiful and authentic.

4. Making more money

Never say sorry for being able to draw prosperity into your life. It will create a block in the pipeline and scare the money off. Allow for abundant energy to flow by being fearless in your faith that making money is your birthright and super-easy. 

5. Changing our minds

A free-thinking human being’s mind is totally allowed to change their minds. This isn’t restricted to male or female. If your heart is in tune with your desires, then your mind can totally change the course of action intended…unless you change your mind. 

6. That time of the month

“Sorry, I’m hormonal. I’ve got my period.”

Bullshit. This is total bullshit. Apologizing for a scared ritual that needs to occur on a monthly basis for a woman is like saying sorry for every poop you’ve ever released from the depth of your bowels. Hormones are beautiful teachers, that allow us to ride the wave of life and navigate a clear path. It's the contrast of feeling happy and sad in life that paves the future.

7. Being who you really are

Whoever you are, whatever you want to do – never apologize for the way your heart expresses itself in the world. Your role is to be who you really are – unapologetically – and cultivate love and compassion from the people around you that nurture and support your dreams.