7 Reasons Your Intentions Aren’t Manifesting Yet

Do you get all excited about self help books? Do you love affirmations, dreamcatchers, oracle cards, crystals and the number 111? If so, then more than likely you know what it’s like to set powerful intentions only to wait (and wait and wait) for your manifestations to appear. Most of the time you might trust that the Universe has your back, and then there are other times where you wonder what on earth is preventing the Universe from delivering your goods.

It can be so incredibly frustrating to get all excited about creating a vision board, attracting your soulmate, plucking a luxury home or car from the magical ether, or maybe trying a manifesting ritual on a full moon and then…

Nothing happens. Zip, zero, zilch.

Literally nothing happens and you can see tumbleweeds rolling across the landscape of your life where your cool stuff should be manifesting all over the place.

Here are 7 (hopefully comforting reasons) why your intentions aren’t manifesting into your reality (just yet).

1. You’re not specific enough with your intentions

The Universe always responds to specificity much more than vague requests. You need to dive in deep to the core feelings of what you’re wanting to create and why.

A great place to start is my free INTENTION SETTING WORKSHEET. I guide you through a step-by-step process to map out how you would like the different areas of your life to look and feel.

2. You’re self sabotaging your energy

Your intentions might be set all loud and clear, but your patterns and beliefs around them actually manifesting into your reality might be halting your progress. I’ve seen this happen over and over again with my students where they have a very clear intention that they’d like to manifest, only to shrink themselves to make others around them feel comfortable. Some people don’t want to exceed the success of their parents or friends, and that belief can give the Universe a very clear message to NOT deliver your desires.

Your beliefs need to be in 111% alignment.

3. You don’t feel worthy enough

Self worth is the number #1 culprit behind desires not manifesting. If you’re brave enough to dive into the acknowledgement that you don’t feel worthy enough, then magic will always begin to unfold. It starts with shining a light on the issue and doing everything you can to love yourself silly. You need to do things that nurture your sense of self esteem such as affirmations, exercise, mirror work and treating yourself with compassion.

You MUST believe that you are worthy enough to live the life of your dreams. Why? Because, you are.

4. You’re not raising your vibration enough

Do you talk trash about other people? Do you wolf down junk food like it’s going out of fashion? Do you sleep too much? Do you look after your body? Is your house or office a big huge giant mess? Keeping your vibration high is about cultivating a sense of order both within your heart, your body and within your environment.

In every single moment that we live and breathe, we experience a flow of energy. That energy is either in a wonderful, flowing and positive space -allowing you to feel peaceful, happy and harmonious OR it’s blocked in certain areas that leaves you feeling a bit like your head is wrapped in a wet blanket.

Learn how clearing the clutter will change your life:

5. The timing is waiting to be perfect

Everything always happens in Divine timing and you just can’t force it. Yes, we are the creators of our own reality but we CO-CREATE with the beautiful force of the Universe (or God, the Creator, Force, Source). Time is meaningless on the spiritual plane. It’s only our warped human perspective that gets in our own way with impatience etc.

Just remember: 99.9% of EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST has already been imprinted on the infinite energy field first. It’s already there and waiting for you. Your job is to ALIGN with those desires and trust that they will be delivered in the perfect time.

6. Something better is going to manifest for you

Another reason your desires aren’t manifesting is because something better is meant for you. Perhaps even something that is far greater than you are capable of dreaming for yourself right now.

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7. You’re way too much in your head about this stuff

Do you obsess? Do you constantly look for signs? For reassurance that you’re on the right track? Do you talk AT your friends about your intentions? Does your laser focus prevent you from being fully grounded, present and integrated in your current life NOW?

Whether you’re manifesting or just living your life – you need to not be so “heady” about stuff and SURRENDER to the process.

The themes of TRUST and SURRENDER is a strong focus in our course called MANIFEST. It’s the ultimate guide to removing all of the blocks that are currently preventing you from living the life of your dreams.


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