The Universe Wants You To Take Inspired Action

If you want to manifest incredible transformation into your life then you can’t just sit around on your bum and wait for the magic to happen. You must chase your dreams. You must actively choose to guide your energy in the direction of the intentions that you wish to manifest.The Universe works with the flow and the buzzing vibration of excitement, enthusiasm, and most importantly, ACTION. If you don’t take action you’re in a weird state of inertia and the only thing you’ll manifest is diddly squat. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

But how do you know what to take inspired action on? And what steps are involved in taking inspired action?

You know in your gut when you need to make a move. Whether it’s leaning in to kiss that guy or girl on a date or whether it’s identifying that tingling feeling in your nose right because you get a cold, you can discern the timing. You know instinctively that change is on the way. It’s from this space of awareness that you can tune into the best time to take inspired action.

Some of my best ideas happen when I least expect them to. I might be in the bath or the shower or taking a long walk. And then, just like a flash of lightning, I have this knowingness that a certain idea will begin to open the doors of opportunity for me. As an entrepreneur, my survival depends on taking inspired action on a regular basis. It’s all about gaining energetic momentum.

For instance, if an idea lands in your heart and you feel that intuitive nudge then take action immediately. Remember this old saying…

Strike while the iron is hot.

When you then take action on your inspired idea you’ll be amazed at the synchronicity and perfect Divine timing of the steps that are next to unfold. But one word of caution for you…and this is a piece of advice that a very dear mentor and coach taught to me. You must be willing to fail fast. What this means is that you take a leap of faith without energy having to be perfect first. YOu learn the best when you put yourself out there and are willing to take a chance. This is when you can truly work and play with the energy of the Universe to rise the beautiful wave of uncertainty. That’s the whole point! When you want to manifest a soulmate you and are too scared to use a dating app or take classes in your local neighborhood then you will significantly decrease your chances of crossing paths with a potential soulmate. However, when you are willing to failing fail, you’re willing to put yourself out there and take chances then the Universe will always reward you for taking inspired action.

Keep in mind that taking inspired action does not mean taking foolish risks with your financial stability. So don’t go thinking you can spend your life savings on lottery tickets or quitting your day job. Taking inspired action is all about tuning inwards and getting the green light from your gut that it’s okay to try something new. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel scared or fearful, it means that you are activating the lifeblood of manifestation. It’s a beautiful space to occupy especially if you’re thirsty for brand new energy flowing into your life experience. Life is supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to be a daring adventure. And when you remember that the Universe wants you to take inspired action you MUST NOT make the choice to stay in your comfort zone any longer. Because where does the magic happen? You guessed it. OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. xo

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