Ready to attract abundance? Introducing SPROUT Alchemy…


We have partnered with a company that shares the same vision to empower people and the wellbeing of the planet, doTERRA Essential Oils.

Transformation begins with intention. We’re in the business of empowering people’s lives, helping them to attract abundance and create daily rituals that manifest wellness from within.

You can read more about the power of this plant magic here.

This invitation is your call to rise up, embrace leadership and inspire others to do the same.

doTERRA + joining the SPROUT Alchemy team opens to the door to a new reality where anything is possible.

My work as a manifesting teacher reaches MILLIONS of people each month through my articles, my podcast and from the incredible members of my wildly popular Manifesting Academy. I had no idea how falling in love with essential oils would radically transform my life and help to support my existing brand and business. So if you’re a coach, an entrepreneur, a yogi, a healer or a lightworker then this opportunity is perfect for you. My desire to help others to manifest abundance was where the idea for SPROUT Alchemy was born.

The key to manifesting abundance is to show others how to create wealth (spiritually, mentally and physically). This work radically impacts your life AND the lives of so many others (many in developing nations) that grow, harvest and distill the plants that create the magnificent doTERRA products. This business calls you to live a life of purpose, of passion and to inspire others to do the same. The ripple effect is incredible. 

Our Intention Is To:

  • Work from home and create financial FREEDOM
  • Create a powerful stream of residual income
  • Become powerful philanthropists that support worthy causes and create change
  • Feel inspired to bounce out of bed each morning with passion and purpose
  • Travel, play, create, engage as active participants in our lives
  • Fully embrace the importance and magic of self-care and nurturing
  • Lead with love. In fact, become POWERFUL agents of change and leaders

How This Aligns With YOU:

  • You’re aware that playing the long game is powerful
  • You always take inspired action
  • You’re connected to the magnetic flow of the Universe (or you want to be)
  • You’re a team player, self-motivated and driven to make a difference
  • You’re willing to learn and to grow and to show up
  • You’re open to earning a massive income ($1 million a year would be amazing)
  • You trust that everything unfolds in Divine timing

How Much Can You Earn?

Below is a diagram of earning potential.

My heartfelt intention here is to help inspire my team to hit 6 figures within 12 months.

If you’d like to go at a slower pace than that, that’s totally fine and I’ll support you no matter what. The most important thing to remember is that this beautiful business model thrives on our collective energy and that the energy you put into this will come back to you. I’ll help to train and guide you and point you in the right direction, but YOU have to put the work in to see the results. You MUST be a self-starter. 

Read their full Earning Opportunities flyer here.


I’ve done my due diligence and doTERRA is one of the most ethical, compassionate and integrity driven brands on the planet. This is why it is so important to become a super-passionate advocate of the products and to USE THEM in your daily self-care rituals. Your skin will glow, your body will feel balanced and others will naturally notice and ask what you’re doing differently. And the BEST thing is that simply by sharing something you LOVE you will be making a difference in the world and attracting abundance. You could easily earn enough money to cover your monthly doTERRA order or alternatively build a 6 or 7 figure business. Money is energy and if you’re open to the opportunity to grow then anything is possible!


  • Regular doses of inspiration to build your business
  • Free mastermind community of highly inspired, beautiful souls (which includes direct access to me personally)
  • Tools, guides, resources and support materials to help skyrocket the success of your business
  • The option to add anyone that you recruit to your team to join SPROUT Alchemy as well!


YES! Please follow the instructions below exactly.

Next steps:

  1. Sign up with a Home Essentials Kit (or larger) using these instructions. OR if you’re super keen to shop now and get started SIGN UP HERE. 
  2. THEN fill out the form below.
  3. THEN request membership to the SPROUT Alchemy exclusive business builders mastermind group

Are you ready? Do you feel called? Are you in alignment with ABUNDANCE? 

This essential oils journey is magical. Once you start playing with the products, using them, seeing how they radically transform your life you will understand where my heart is coming from.

I answered the call to take inspired action and I hope you will join the party.

I would dearly love to help you manifest your dreams.

SPROUT Alchemy is here to help. Join Now

There are so many beautiful reasons to fall in love with dōTERRA.

  • dōTERRA gives back with their Healing Hands Foundation. The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.
  • dōTERRA products are PURE and tested.
  • dōTERRA are really, really generous. They have one of the most generous, well-thought-out compensation plans in the industry.
  • dōTERRA has a 68% retention rate which is amazing
  • Essential oils are something people need to purchase over and over again – which increases your earning rates as a business as you get a commission for everyone’s orders for all time! It’s 100% possible to generate a 6 figure business with dōTERRA.
  • dōTERRA is a beautiful fair trade model of business that supports communities, causes, and the environment.
  • The best part? These essential oils spark JOY and inspiration.
  • Read more about doTERRA’s achievements + corporate social responsibility here.
  • Also, it’s a new and untapped market! Less than 1% of the population use essential oils… but over 70% of the population are interested in using natural products to improve their health. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity.