Love Notes

Here are some beautiful and kind things people say about me and my products that truly warm my heart.  I’m beyond grateful to have worked with so many incredible people over the years. 

Australian Financial Review
Australian Newspaper

"Sarah Prout ranks among the top Australian media profiles and it's not an opportunity she wastes."

Amber Petty
"Sarah's blog is so Divine I almost want to eat it."
Renee Mayne
“I really have immense appreciation for Sarah teaching me that it’s OK to have a conscious business and live a conscious life that is filled with abundance. We are free to embrace who we are and just be and love and give thanks. I can't imagine my life without Sarah and her honest no BS guidance.”
Katrina Chambers
"Sarah believes money is just energy and I agree with her after reading along. I have been changing the way I think about money and I just feel a bit better about it in general. Join Sarah’s program and private Facebook group and see how people talk about money – I have learnt a lot."
Althea de las Estrellas
“Every so often it hits me what a Huge Blessing Sarah has been in my life. She saw something in me that made me see it in myself.”
Lisa Lister
“Sarah was at the front of the queue when there were giving out anti-BS pills and I adore her honesty. She is selfless in the way she shares what works and I love her for showing me how to have big adventures in manifesting - she’ll show you too, she’s ever-so-good like that.”