Do You Want to Attract More Prosperity,
Soul-Stirring LOVE, Buzzing Happiness
& Vibrant Health Into Your Life?

It is imperative to make time to set clear intentions for your dreams, goals, wishes and desires. MANIFEST (the eCourse) has been designed as a resource for you to explore in your own time and get creative with the limitless possibilities in life.

Did you watch and love ‘The Secret’ and then wonder why your million dollar mansion didn’t manifest? Have you read all of the mainstream Law of Attraction books and still feel a little lost? Everyone is likely to have a long list of goals, dreams, wishes and desires that are patiently waiting in the vibrational ether. I believe that in order to unlock them you must follow a specific set of creative rituals that get you into the feeling space of unlimited possibility. This is why I created a 5-module course called ‘Manifest’ to spark your spirit and invoke some serious results into your reality with powerful actions to get you into flow.

If you’re willing to commence a fun new adventure, cultivate an awe-inspiring relationship with the Universe, make every moment a game and allow yourself to dare and dream bigger than ever before, then you will love MANIFEST. I have carefully designed a selection of actionable rituals that will help to improve the odds of creating something amazing in your life. You can do everything in your own time or take it week-by-week in order to unleash your inner manifesting super-hero. Plus, you’re not alone, you’ll be part of an online, soulful community of kindred spirits on the same journey.

What We Will Cover In The Course

*Please note that this course has been designed to take at your own pace. ALL of the content is available for download immediately after your purchase.

1. Desire and Intention
2. Focus and Design
3. Energy Management
4. Gratitude and Belief
5. Joy and Celebration


On top of the modules, checklists, worksheets and affirmations to inspire you on your manifesting journey you’ll get these incredible bonus gifts. You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook community where you can ask questions, connect with others, create beautiful friendships, share success stories and progress in a positive and uplifting and supportive environment. (Valued at $297)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is MANIFEST right for me?
A. MANIFEST is right for you if you desire to create a life you love, live on purpose and follow your heart.
Q. What happens if I need a refund?
A. MANIFEST has a 30-day happiness guarantee that if you don’t love it then you can get your money back.
Q. How is MANIFEST delivered?
You’ll get emailed a download link to the ZIP file straight after your purchase. Any questions? Please email: