Cosmic Consciousness: A Reminder That You Are A Powerful Creator

(NOTE: Let me start by saying that this article is own my personal opinion. Try it on, see whether it fits well within your heart. It’s not intended to spark a religious debate, as I deeply honour and respect all of the world’s religions. Apparently, the word ‘religion’ derives from Latin which means to ‘bind in devotion’ – which is truly a beautiful definition.)

Here goes…

The Universe, God, The Force, Source Energy (or whatever you choose to refer to it as) is an omnipotent vibration that flows though everything that exists. To me, God is the highest frequency of pure LOVE that animates all that is and all that has ever been.

This, is true Cosmic Consciousness – the flow that we surrender to, remember and merge with in order to manifest our desires.

It governs Universal law such as attraction, non-resistance, forgiveness, karma, gravity and all of the others. It’s the spark within your soul that connects the dots and illuminates the all-pervading essence of our true being.

Long before there were places of worship such as Temples, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Gurudawaras there were people that had a deep knowing and innate wisdom that they were a tiny fragment of the almighty Oneness that flows through everything. They felt connected to the land, to the wisdom of their bodies, and to the cycles of nature that still ebb and flow with the seasons today.

So how do we connect? 

The conscious awareness that we are part of a much bigger picture gets triggered when we feel deep, meaningful and true unconditional love. This can be when a baby is born, or when we see something so beautiful (like a candy-hued dawn or the crisp cool tones of the ocean) with the Divine subtle colours that dwarf our egos and remind us that the present moment of appreciation is all that really exists.

The mind-based concepts that we use and tell ourselves sometimes to feel “spiritual” are in no way wrong – they are tremendously powerful and useful vehicles to tune into the flow of conscious awareness that we need to make life more meaningful, magical and connected. Whatever ‘floats your boat’ is totally up to you to define on your own terms.  Devotion is personal, unique and extremely intimate. 


Prayer, meditation and the unraveling of life experiences is a direct line to Cosmic Consciousness. We fortunately get to decorate our awareness with spiritual reminders such as crystals, saying affirmations/invocations and inspirational books that help to wake us up.

Just remember though, you’re not always going to feel connected to Cosmic Consciousness, you’re not supposed to “always” feel inspired. It’s a veil that is lifted from time to time throughout life as an invitation to use these vehicles as powerful tools to remember to SURRENDER to The Universe or God.

To untangle the tangled Slinky of spirituality, God will make life show up for you based on the vibration you’re offering and the sacred contract you penned before you landed here on planet earth. This to me – living life at full force – is the path to enlightenment.  The secret? Show yourself some compassion, LOVE with your whole heart, be present in the moment, remember that YOU are the Universe and bow with deep reverence and surrender to the magical unfolding of life. xo

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