Have you ever felt like you were an energetic sponge? As soon as you sense even the tiniest tincture of negative energy you’re on high alert to protect yourself?

Have you had an interaction with someone that was sad or depressed and then wonder why you couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness for the rest of the day? Do you cry at the drop of a hat? Do you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows?

If this sounds like you, then more than likely you have the beautiful gift of being an empath. With the ownership of this incredible blessing, you need to learn some pretty intense energy management tools in order to walk through this life without letting fear rule the realm.

See yourself surrounded in white light and trust that nothing can harm you without your own permission.

Here are 7 Signs That You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

1. You feel the emotions of others

This is often triggered when you are in close proximity to someone. You might shake their hand and get a flash of their porn addiction, how much resentment they hold towards their mother or that they question their sexuality. These “downloads” always need to be met with compassion.

Empath PowerUp: Choose to reframe the vibrational message as an opportunity to see the beautiful humanity of the situation. Rise above judgment and send love to the person you’re interacting with.

2. Your intuition is usually on fire

An empath will usually be able to anticipate an outcome if something is going to work out, or if something is destined to take a detour. An empath has been blessed with the incredible gift of discernment and not only knows what is best for themselves, but has the insight to tune into what will serve others as well.

Empath PowerUp: Don’t be a pain in the bum about this gift. You risk coming across as a know-it-all and people need to be able to learn how to cultivate their own levels of discernment.

3. You love alone time

The empath needs/craves/desires the sweet bliss of time alone in order to recharge their spiritual batteries. An empath adores their own company and can’t return to a state of balance without time that is blocked out to recalibrate.

Empath PowerUp: Self-care is so important as an empath. Make sure you schedule time for yourself and fully immense yourself in the bliss of being on your own.

4. You’re a picky eater

The weird vibes of an empath can get triggered frequently by food, restaurants and how the meals are prepared. You might find yourself taking on board the energy of the food you are eating. The skilled empath will map out certain places they will eat, and certain places that don’t meet the vibe-criteria.

Empath PowerUp: Send your food love in order to raise the vibration BEFORE you eat it. Ask the Universe to bless your meal for the ultimate nourishment of your temple (your body).

5. Cemetaries are beautiful, but they freak you out

Empaths get swept into the beauty and mystical nature of the non-physical realm. However, at cemetaries, some hospitals and places where ‘bad shit has gone down’ can manifest as strong intuitive nudges to get out of there as soon as possible. Most empaths can identify a bodily sensation that occurs when they sense eerie energy. I usually feel it in my knees, oddly enough.

Empath PowerUp: See yourself protected, rise above fear and thank the Universe for the gift of energy discernment.

6. Arcades, hotel beds and crowds are challenging

Thought forms are a massive hurdle for empaths, especially in crowds. Since they tend to be overly sensitive to sounds, bright lights and close proximity to others, the empath doesn’t really like to spend too much time touching stuff that others have touched. This take Germaphobia to a whole new level, because empaths can accidentally sleep in the wrong bed at a hotel and have a horrible night sleep.

Empath PowerUp: Say a prayer (or meditation) and invocation for protection BEFORE entering into those situations. The more you are connected to the Universal power, the less your empathic super-powers will bother you.

7. You have an awesome bullshit detector

By far, being equipt with a bullshit detector is one of the best gifts that an empath possesses. The empath can smell a liar a mile away. The empath knows when someone is trustworthy or when someone is full of shit. The fun part of this equation is standing back and witnessing the energy of misleading information. It can be an opportunity to offer compassion and to use your energy wisely.

Empath PowerUp: As an empath that encounters false, fake, perhaps even narcissistic people, you have the power to send them love and show them compassion. After all, people are only deceitful when they are suffering.

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How to Use Affirmations to Heal Your Life

We all have emotional wounds or “issues” that need a little more love and attention in order to heal. One of the fastest ways to inject new and miraculous energy into your life is to use the power of affirmations. They truly work wonders and can radically lift you up from having issues with worthiness, fear or limitation to shining your inner light a hell of a lot brighter.

So what are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over again in order to imprint your subconscious mind. They are usually words that trigger an emotional reaction or response within you that brings up the healing that needs to take place. There will almost always be resistance that will appear in order to challenge you. This is a natural and perfectly normal part of the process. Your job is to see beyond the “monkey mind’ and keep moving forward regardless.

What affirmations are NOT…

Affirmations are not magic beans, band-aid solutions or a clever way to trick the Universe into thinking that you have your shit together, when clearly you don’t (at present). Affirmations will not work unless you are willing to dive into the emotional work that needs to be done and be truly HONEST about where you’re at.

How do they work?

How it works is that words that inspire, empower and excite you have the power to override the current programming you have in your mind and help to form new beliefs which in turn will help to shift the landscape of your current reality. You’re essentially raising your vibration and increasing the positive energy of your soul’s frequency.

Affirmations are a method to bring about newfound change in your life through the process of repetition. The idea is that you find an empowering affirmation that you resonate with within your heart and either write it out or place a printed copy somewhere in your constant awareness. It could be on the bathroom mirror, the corner of your computer screen or in a little pocket in your purse. Every time you see the affirmation you, repeat (or imprint) the affirmation over and over again until it sticks to your soul. You also need to feel the feeling the affirmation will give you.

Let’s try a little exercise together…

I want you to use the affirmation I AM WORTHY.

Say it now, (silently). Say it again. Notice how you feel and round up the negative feelings or itty bitty feelings of resistances and imagine yourself throwing them out because they no longer serve you. I AM WORTHY. How to deal with doubt Once you start to use affirmations, you will notice that the better you get at decluttering the icky feelings as they arise the stronger your resolve will be. A secret to truly mastering affirmations: The Universe cannot differentiate between what is happening in the physical realm, or what is happening and being imprinted in the spiritual realm. When you use your affirmation as if it has already happened, then you strengthen your manifesting power. I have taught thousands of people about this in my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. So if you truly want to change and heal your life then make sure you are showing gratitude to the Universe as if it has already happened and you are already living it. Where to find affirmations: affirmations

You can follow my affirmation board here on Pinterest or ‘like’ my Facebook page or Instagram where I usually share all of the latest affirmations that have been requested from my students.

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I know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to LOVE it.  It’s a creative way to use your affirmations in ACTION. Try it and see for yourself. xo

Something really interesting happens when we don’t feel worthy enough to step up into our own magnificence. We shrink ourselves in order to make others around us feel comfortable. We undervalue the power we have to take a stand and make a difference or to manifest what we desire. Can you relate to this? Or does this sound like someone you know?

The “people pleasers” typically don’t know how to say NO, to set firm boundaries and to use their vote to be heard in a situation that requires compromise or negotiation. I know this all very well because I’ve experienced this firsthand.

What happens as the result of not speaking up time and time again is an extremely destructive pattern that starts to manifest in a myriad of other not-so-appealing ways such as anger, depression, overwhelm, resentment and the nasty long-ass list of other things that tend to unravel.

The point of power you have is in the way you express yourself.

As humans we don’t all have to agree on things. So if someone says something that ruffles your feathers you absolutely have permission to speak your mind. It also works the other way where you should feel entitled to share your perspective without fear of being judged. You just can’t be a doormat because you’re wasting precious time.

When you are unable to use your voice then you create an block in your flow of energy. Things will become increasingly more difficult to manifest until you develop and strengthen the spiritual muscle required to honor yourself and be heard.

But where can you begin?

It starts with practice and cultivating awareness in each moment that presents you with an opportunity to voice your opinion, comment or that requires an answer. You need to feel your way into the situation and ask yourself if you’re in alignment with whatever is being presented to you or asked of you.

Learn how to delay your responses so you can go away and think about them. This helps the “people pleaser” to train themselves out of wanting the immediate gratification of approval by saying “yes” when they’re not fully convinced. This is a chronic issue for people that like to put themselves before others.

Communication is where the most of your self-honoring will take place. So for instance, if someone says something that completely revolts you, or is derogatory in any way, you need to know where to draw the line and feel totally okay speaking up.

After all, it’s a human need to want to be visible, to be heard and to be respected. So when you’re constantly apologizing to people for yourself and your needs then you create a massive disconnect within your heart. Your goals, dreams, wishes and desires literally come to a stand still until you can OWN them with pride, with enthusiasm and with fearless excitement that you are on an inner journey to nurture yourself and your soul.

Life is too short to not create the world around us, in a way that makes us feel empowered.

If you would like to know the process that I used to manifest my desires and strengthen my ability to use my voice then please check out my course called MANIFEST. It’s a sacred space for you to map out all of your dreams and wishes fearlessly. xo


It can be extremely frustrating when your loved ones don’t feel good, are unable to see your perspective, share your beliefs, or experience true and profound joy in their lives. It can be an emotionally challenging time that’s for sure.

I see concern rise in many of my manifesting students when they first start on their “spiritual path” and realize that their husbands (or wives) are on a completely different page. The negativity and pessimism their spouses experience tend to become magnified and they make them wrong for not believing in unlimited possibilities and seeing things differently. There’s a beautiful opportunity to learn something from this experience. 

This kind of attitude doesn’t just exist in a so-called “spiritual” capacity either. You could be perfectly happy in your life and experiencing great financial success while certain members of your family or friendship circle could cut you out of their lives because they might be jealous, insecure, not sure how to feel and even indifferent. Again, there’s a beautiful opportunity to learn something from this experience.

This kind of “emotional isolation” can also happen in families where there is a presence of addiction in various forms, such as alcohol or drug abuse. The “addict” will remove themselves from the family for various reasons which can be heartbreakingly painful for the parents and other family members involved. I know this one well because I have a relative that has cut me out of their life. It really hurts and concerns me from time to time, but I just have to remember to send them love and hope that life is treating them well.

So no matter who it is in your life that isn’t on the same page as you are right now here are 5 Ways to Hold Space for Loved Ones When They Can’t See the Light…


This is a tricky one for the “people pleasers” out there. You must make this your mantra and hold your own emotions as still as an oak tree. You do not have emotional control over how another chooses to respond. It’s not your business. Once you truly remember this concept and use it, then you are acting from a place of beautiful self care and respect for your soul.

AFFIRMATION: I am only in control of my own emotions.


You are not broken, your loved one is not broken and so if it ‘aint broke don’t fix it. Everything is perfect in its imperfection. Just remember that you can’t sugarcoat situation, protect people from the pain they are destined to experience. When in fact you’re just creating pain for yourself by trying to meddle.

AFFIRMATION: Everything is unfolding in life as it is meant to.


Acts of self care need to be your focus. When you learn how to show up in your own life, on your own terms then a certain magic is activated. Take time on a daily basis that is just for you. Being “selfish” is totally fine so that you have more to give to your loved ones around you.

AFFIRMATION: I love my life and look after myself each and every day.


Close your eyes for a moment and think of the person that’s on a different page to you, holds different beliefs, is someone you have to forgive, is a batshit crazy person that has rattled your cage and SEND THEM LOVE. See the person surrounded in white light and hold space for them to live a life free from distress. See them feeling joyful, safe, secure, prosperous and happy.

AFFIRMATION: I wish for myself what I wish for others.


Lastly, and most importantly, we need to remember that this beautiful Universe is a big mirror. Everything shows up as a beautiful reflection of our own souls for us to grow and expand from as a lesson. Thank your loved one for teaching you compassion, for teaching you humility, unconditional love and for teaching you forgiveness.

AFFIRMATION: I am open to receiving the lessons that the Universe has to offer.

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We are about to begin a beautiful brand spankin’ new year and there is no better time to review and examine the limiting beliefs that prevent us from living life to the fullest. By letting go of energetic patterns that no longer serve our lives we naturally allow for happiness to make a much needed appearance in our day to day lives. By trying to “give up” the following 15 things, you open your heart to a profound shift in your consciousness and help you to manifest your desires.


Why? Because they simply don’t work. There have even been countless studies that show that people can’t seem to stick to new diets and saving money because they don’t create powerful enough habits that will withstand the resistance they encounter. The alternative? Set powerful intentions instead and create a grand vision for your life and an actionable plan rather than a vague one.


Get rid of the following words and phrases from your vocabulary…

Hate // I can’t // I won’t // You’re wrong // I’m right // It’s always // Everything always // It’s impossible // It won’t happen

Pretty much anything that makes massive sweeping and limiting statements which prevent you from being open to all possibilities and ways that things can manifest into your life.


When you truly let go of this one you will notice a newfound sense of freedom. A weight is lifted and a burden is no longer on your shoulders to take responsibility for things beyond your control. Happiness is the natural byproduct of letting go of codependent behavioral patterns like this one.


Stop gossiping, bitching, complaining or adding fuel to the fire. By consciously choosing not to indulge in pettiness then you free your consciousness up and stop blocking the flow of all good things.


Think back to a time where your intuitive faculties were on fire….

What were you doing? Eating? Reading? Meditation practice perhaps? Do whatever you can in order to spark a deeper connection with the Universe. If this means giving up coffee or booze, then try it. If this means saying goodbye to toxic relationships or binge watching crappy TV shows…then you know what to do.

Feed your soul with things that will make your intuition flourish and be of the highest service to yourself and others.


Just like in the movie ‘YES MAN’ with Jim Carrey you need to learn how to accept opportunities and put yourself out there. YES is a powerful affirmation to the Universe that you are ready for serious manifesting action. With the caveat that the invitation you are accepting is totally safe and empowering … then GO FOR IT! Yes, is freeing. It will get you out of your comfort zone and allow for new things to be drawn into your reality. Yes, yes, yes.


Nope. I don’t think so. It’s not gonna happen. Sometimes the “people pleasing” person will say yes even when they don’t really want to.

Be nice about declining offers and feel perfectly worthy enough to say no to stuff you don’t want to do. NO can be really empowering to use effectively. Learning how to say no is a gift, as long as it’s done with conscious awareness. It’s actually a really important element to self-care and creating time to nurture yourself.


When you are disconnected from your body you can’t truly live a happy and inspired lifestyle that you deserve. One of the best ways to give your body love is to feed yourself nourishing food. Try eating vibrant and alive foods that are all colors of the rainbow. This will amplify your manifesting powers. The lighter your vibration, the more flow and happiness you will have in your life.


Why? Because it doesn’t exist. And if it still does have a hold on your heart then there is some healing to do.


As a society we consume way more than we actually need. Make it a new rule in the New Year to only buy things if you truly LOVE them or need them. Ask yourself before every purchase if you are acquiring a new item because it will make your life better in some way. If yes, then buy it.


The approval seeking cycle can run pretty deep in some people. Once you learn to see that what other people think of you is none of your business, then your life will begin to blossom and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Own your decisions, don’t second guess yourself and stand strong in your unique perspective on life.


Nothing will ever be perfect, it will always present itself in the way it’s meant to. Learning to let go of perfection with the manifesting process and learning to be happy can be one of the most freeing and liberating experiences you will have. It also, creates space for non-judgment to reign which is a beautiful thing and frees up the energy for things to manifest in divine timing.


You always have to lower your expectations or at lease not have any at all. This way you don’t become disappointed and you release the need to control others. Let other people live life to the beat of their own drum.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Just jump. Nothing awesome never originated from a comfort zone.


My Nana Mollie used to peel the banana from the non-stalk end – really it made no sense. When questioned she would say it’s ‘A way’ and not ‘THE way’ – meaning that there multiple ways to do things in life.

It is our own programming that makes us think we have things figured out better or more efficient than someone else. Actually, it’s pure arrogance to think we have the right to tell people how they should or shouldn’t behave.

Judgement of others is an inability to see that there are infinite perspectives and ways of doing things.

[Tweet “Affirmation: I accept others for who they are and keep my two-cents to myself.”]

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Are you a people pleaser? Do you try and make everything balanced and harmonious for everyone in your life? Conflict perhaps terrifies you and you assume the role that it’s your job to shift the energy, emotionally lighten the load and make everything peachy keen rosy again?

Well it’s not your job. And if you do feel this way, it can create a life-long pattern that leaves you feeling powerless and emotionally drained. You will manifest all sorts of obstacles that block your flow of abundance and well-being. However, once you recognize the pattern, and you can release yourself from this burden,  then the beauty of life starts to take a turn in a different direction for you to embrace.

The seeming mess, chaos and darkness that you experience in life isn’t an opportunity to be frightened. It’s a calling from your soul to rise up with bravery and face your feelings. Dive in deep – this helps to create profound levels of personal transformation and self-awareness.

Ever since I was a child I would feel responsible for the way that others would feel. I grew up in a home that had a lot of love, but a lot of emotional drama. It was a crap-load of dysfunction actually, but I wouldn’t change my childhood even if I could. My parents would argue almost daily. If they weren’t arguing they seemed to be so emotionally disconnected from one another.

This seeded a very deep belief in my soul…

When emotional shit hits the fan, I need to get it resolved as soon as possible because it feels scary and I feel unloved. I wouldn’t allow space to heal. Instead I would place an urgency on resolution as a self-settling mechanism that meant that I sacrificed my own needs.

I don’t think I ever really understood that it’s okay to have a time-out, to go to your separate corners and incubate your feelings back to a space of love.

In relationships I would bully the situation, I would force it, push it, demand that my needs get met in that moment without any form of compassion that the other person has their own way of coping.

Now, at 36 years old, after therapy, sessions with light workers and the generous wisdom offered by my dearest mentors, I have slowly begun to understand that space and time (and allowing for space) is the fundamental healing property for all conflict resolution.

Me – just like everyone in this entire Universe – is an ongoing work-in-progress. I slip up from time to time and lapse back into old patterns, but I am committed to cultivating the awareness that there always has to be a better way and that LOVE fixes almost everything.

We all have our own shitty demons to deal with and it’s all perfectly okay and fine to be a ‘hot mess’ for the time required to step back into magnificence again.

You MUST give yourself permission to process your feelings in a situation of discord BEFORE you proceed onto forgiveness. This is healthy. This means allowing the other party SPACE.

This means loving yourself enough to get some space to push the reset button.

Otherwise you’re sweeping everything under the rug, you’re sugar-coating a turd and you’re building a house on sand.

Get super-vulnerable with yourself. Seek your own safety from within and allow the darkness the space it needs in order to make those inner stars twinkle again. xo

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Right now as you’re reading this article you’re either a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person. You might even fluctuate between the two. Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in your life (and not just Thanksgiving) is a deep spiritual practice that can transform most, if not ALL situations.

Hypothetically speaking though, if you were sitting in a restaurant and your meal was taking a really long time to arrive do you…

A. Get really cranky, feel extremely indignant and allow yourself to feel the energy of being outraged course through your veins?


B. See the silver lining, feel present in the moment and grateful that you can even afford to buy a meal you don’t have to cook for yourself. You understand that patience comes to those that wait and that you can manage your energy wisely when annoyance potentially comes-a-knockin’

You wouldn’t be human unless you’ve experienced option ‘A’ over and over again throughout your life. I get it, I really do.

The art of feeling grateful in unpleasant situations takes a concerted amount of self discipline and training. Unlike orgasms (for some ladies), it’s something you just can’t fake no matter how hard you try.

You need to truly immerse yourself in the energy of gratitude.

You need to feel that tiny spark in your soul that reminds you that each and every breath you take is a gift.

Deepak Chopra once said:

“Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the Universe. You can open the door through gratitude.”

Nearly three months ago I moved from Australia to Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be my first Thanksgiving while living in America and I can’t wait to introduce this concept to my three children. Whether it’s Turkey Week or Tofurky Week for you, the theme of this wonderful holiday is GRATITUDE and being thankful for ‘the harvest’ which I think is such an awesome tradition to celebrate abundance.

But as you’re inhaling fistfuls of mashed potatoes, taming wild children that don’t know what to do with themselves without iPads and you’re cooking up a frantic storm in your kitchen, how is the best way to remember be be thankful?

In concept, saying you’re grateful even if you’re not really feeling it might seem silly. But it’s actually an extremely powerful manifesting tool.

What I know for sure is that in life you grow the most when you are faced with challenging situations.

In Australia, I guess the closest thing we have to Thanksgiving is Christmas Day where you stuff your face with food, exchange gifts and pretend for one day out of 365 that you actually have a ‘normal’ functioning family. But the clever twist with this American holiday is that you have to be GRATEFUL! This concept is GENIUS.

It’s a cosmic call to challenge yourself spiritually.

At any given moment you have two choices…

You can either bring the energy of negativity, holding grudges, not giving a shit or overwhelming apathy to the Thanksgiving table.


You can fully immerse yourself in the true art of appreciation.

  • Appreciate the beautiful family and friends you get to share the holiday with.
  • Appreciate the food that you have to eat.
  • Appreciate the body you have so you don’t feel the need to harm it with overeating
  • Appreciate this moment in time that you are alive, well and blessed with all varieties of abundance.

Giving thanks is FREE, but not giving thanks is really really really EXPENSIVE. You end up paying with your health – mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you choose gratitude you will always feel happier.

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When to Begin The Next Chapter of Your Life

How do you know when it’s time to start the next chapter of your life?

Sometimes change can be frightening and cause us to never take leaps of faith or venture out of our comfort zones. It’s often so much easier and comfortable to choose fear over love and adventure.

However, there are many little Divine winks and nudges that the Universe gives to us when it’s time to begin the next season of our story. These subtle and sublime signs can range from relationship breakdowns to health scares, death, prosperity windfalls or new babies.

Whatever it is, the “call” to commence your next chapter will be a very clear message from your higher self that the time is right.

And here’s the real kicker…

You either make the decision or the decision is made for you. Nothing will ever stay the same.

Recently I announced that I’m moving to America. In a few days I’ll leave Australia and move to my new home in Las Vegas. It’s time to begin the next chapter…

I’ve lived in New Zealand (where I was born), England for a short while, Greece for 6-months on an extended holiday with my parents, Sweden for a year (with my first husband) and of course Australia where I have spent most of my life.

Often the next chapter of your life is when you are ready to let go of certain stories that keep you stuck in your current vibration. You must have completed the full cycle before a fresh start can be obtained. Otherwise the same lessons will follow you around like a bad smell or a gift that keeps on giving.

I had the ‘domestic violence survivor’ story for a few years and also the ‘I’ve had several miscarriages’ story as well. The thing about stories is that they help to shape who we are – our identity. However, sometimes they can cloud our ability to truly know that we are worthy to take chances in our lives and try something new.

I decided to see beyond any perceived limitations.

I was petrified actually… of finally committing to applying for the green card. It meant that I had to open up to the possibility of uprooting my children from their lives and going on an almighty adventure. I’d never given myself full permission to be a grown up that’s allowed to live away from my family, from the environment I know so well here in Australia.

When my husband and I visited LA last November to show off my Lulu bump, I knew it was time to make the move. However, I think I’ve changed my mind at least 100 times, dashing between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because I really wanted to make sure I was making the right choice.

Even yesterday I was afraid, and so I asked ‘my guides’ for a sign. A little voice in my head said there was a message on a book cover as I walked past a lady sunning herself on a beach towel. The book was: ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.’

Knowing you’re ready is effortless – you feel your way into it and it feels slightly scary, but thrilling at the same time.

It’s scary as hell, but this is how you activate the beauty of feeling blissfully alive.

Are you ready to begin a new chapter of your life? I’d love to know if you are, please comment below.
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