A bone of contention in many relationships can be where two people believe in different things and fight to be right. Not only does it create tension, but it can also create a gap which might seem impossible to bridge that creates significant emotional distress for both parties.

Whether it’s beliefs about spirituality, politics (a hot topic right now), parenting or money, the challenge presented is one that cannot remain disguised as the silent pink elephant in the room. You need to shine a light on it and release the energetic pressure that can prevent you from living life in each present moment in true abundant flow and grace.

When we hold tightly to the righteousness of being correct, we actually invite our consciousness to operate from a paradigm of fear, separation and restriction. To release the stronghold, you must cultivate a level of awareness and compassion and love for the person that holds the different set of beliefs.

Differences are okay and extremely valuable.

The good news is that these people with differing opinions have been placed in your life for a reason as powerful teachers. It could be to strengthen and reinforce your own beliefs, or they could act as meaningful reminders of the beautiful diversity of life.

Remember, we don’t all have to agree.

Sadly, it can also be a wake-up call that it’s time to move on from the relationship, because we all know that healthy relationships are awesome mutual support systems. When they’re not, they literally pinch themselves off, turn energetically gangrenous and fall off. It’s a Universal law as powerful as gravity.

When I was 17, I had a boyfriend who was an atheist. I used to cry myself to sleep some nights because I wanted him to believe in a higher power and the magic of the Universe. He believed that death is the very end of life; lights out, show’s over. I held onto the wrongness of his perspective and it ultimately lead to our relationship ending.

I get emails from my students all the time in very similar situations that desperately want their spouse, friends, family or significant other to join them on their spiritual journeys and play along in the realm of manifesting. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be on the same page. People grow and evolve at difference paces.

One thing is Universal, beyond the mind-based concepts that create the illusion of separation, and that is LOVE.

Choose to be in love, rather than choosing to be right. 

Also, check in to see the reasons you would like the views of your loved one to change.

  • Is it a need to control?
  • Is it a need to share your life at a deeper and more intimate level?
  • Do you truly need to be understood?
  • Are you really with the right person? 
  • Is it just that you need to surround yourself with more like-minded people to fill that need in your life?

In relationships, we make the choice to show up and grow together regardless of our beliefs or we choose to allow life to drift us apart. Again, it’s the Law of Attraction in action making sure that like attracts like. The Universe always has a purpose, a time, a function and a meaning for whatever you’re going through in life. Your role is to shine that light on it and lead with LOVE no matter what.

If you would love to surround yourself with more like-minded kindred spirits then check out my Law of Attraction community (over 15,000 members) on Facebook for my students of the Ancient Manifesting Ritual. It’s FREE with every purchase and is an invaluable resource for making sure you’re getting the support you need. Just remember, you’re not alone. xo

Law of Attraction Ritual

Do you struggle with issues of worthiness and feeling good about yourself? Do you truly believe that you deserve to manifest a life you love? Do you feel disconnected from the love you already have manifested into your life?

This is a tricky issue to articulate, and one that is incredibly complex and multi-layered, but the inextricable connection between food and intimacy can’t be denied.

The weight loss industry is a billion dollar money maker. It’s safe to say that most mainstream media and advertising is targeted to women to “solve” their problems because they need to measure up to society’s bullshit standards of so-called “beauty”. It’s estimated that on a daily basis our subconscious mind is bombarded thousands upon thousands of times with negative messaging that reinforce that we’re not good enough. Even though everything is Photoshopped, hyper-sexualized, and most of all unrealistic, it sends the subliminal message that we will never be good enough and that happiness is always a destination when we lose the weight, when we land the man/woman, when we make a million dollars, when the wrinkles go away. This messaging feeds off our pre-programed triggers that originated in childhood, or through various heartbreaks that have unfolding along the way.

Sure, you could blame your parents for your issues – but sadly they are the products of their own parental conditioning as well and so the vicious cycle continues. That is…

Until you make a conscious choice to shine a light on the linchpins that hold you back from your magnificence.

The thing about food is that the issues surrounding it can manifest in a multitude of different ways. Most of them pertain to the ability to control food because food doesn’t judge you. Whether it’s overeating or under-eating, the underlying issues tend to be the same.

I’ve only just recently had an ‘ah-ha’ moment with the connection between love and food. I’ve started reading some books on this subject and hope to talk about it more in the future, but for now I’ll just give some really personal examples in my own life about how food (or controlling food) has replaced LOVE and manifested in different ways.

My parents always tell the story of how much of a “fat” and greedy baby I was. They couldn’t eat food in my presence without me throwing a tantrum for more. By the time I was 7 there was some kind of shame that manifested around food and I would secretly hide it and not eat it. I would hide vegetables and meat in my mother’s shoes because I didn’t want to eat her meals. This not-so-silent protest was never addressed. I always refused to eat dairy products and got really phobic about food from that time onwards. By age 11, I would eat a carrot a day and lie about what I had eaten.

At 15, I became pretty much fully “vegan” as a way to manage my food phobias. After I had my son at 21, my body changed. I’d never felt “fat” before, but this time in my life signaled the first time I was aware of hating my body and I was only (115 lbs or 53 kgs) right after giving birth. I hated the cellulite on my thighs, I hated the stretch marks and the fact I would probably never wear a bikini again. I became bulimic for 5 years and no-one knew. I would binge (on plain pasta mainly) and tell my husband that I’d already eaten dinner by the time he arrived home in the evenings after work. I didn’t lose any weight, but got addicted to the “high” that making myself throw up would give me. I’d get maybe 30 minutes of feeling “normal” if I was lucky.

Over the years I’ve resorted to that toxic action (very rarely) in my times of extreme sadness, but the habitual daily pattern was broken back in 2005 – thank goodness. I can’t even remember what changed, but I’m really glad that it did. The bottom line was that I refused to nourish myself on all levels, mainly because I wasn’t getting the love and intimacy I needed within my first marriage. I would fight for my emotions and we’d end up in physical fights. Mr Ex had his levels of disconnect and I had mine, and there was no foreseeable way we could ever meet in the middle and make peace.

There was a total disconnect between my soul and my body that stemmed back to childhood.

So what would make someone do this? What would make someone control food and disconnect from their own body?

To be clear, I’m not looking to blame anyone because my parents did the best job they knew how to do. I wasn’t abused as a child, only as a young adult when the domestic violence started. Yes, the family I grew up in was/is VERY dysfunctional but our hearts were all in the right place even though they were all broken from various different life experiences. That’s life, right? Can you relate?

My best working theory is that I was a super-sensitive child. The pain that was going on with everyone else gave me a one-way ticket to check out from myself because I felt powerless. I couldn’t help them, I couldn’t fix them, and I could deeply feel their sadness. As an example, my mother gave up her first two children for adoption, kept it a secret until I was 17, and I was the first baby she was able to keep. The “wounded nurturer” archetype was circulating in all different directions, but that’s a story for another day.

That feeling of being powerless meant that I didn’t feel loved, it meant that I needed to find something to control and it meant that a healthy connection between mind/body/spirit was severed like taking an axe to the branch of a beautiful cherry blossom tree.

All I wanted was unconditional love, and when I corroded that connection with lack of worthiness then it became super-tricky to let love in and feel it. In all transparency, I still struggle with trusting and believing in intimacy, but slowly I am willing to dismantle the wall.

This photo was taken today, the morning I wrote this post. It’s kind of a big deal for me to show my bare belly, no-make-up and messy hair, but here it is. #27weekspregnant xo

It’s only during this pregnancy with the daughter I am carrying now that I have started to face this lack of being present within my own skin. I started to unravel this soul-mess a couple of years ago when I kept having recurrent miscarriages (5 in total) over a 10 month period in 2013/14.

My realization was…

“How can I expect my soul baby to grow in my body when I’m not even in it myself?”

But fast forward to today, it was only in the last few days that I cried my eyes out prompted by the energy of the new moon and realized that food is a way for me to rebuild the lost connection. If I can nurture myself more, I can nurture and connect more deeply with my loved ones.

See? Even “spiritual” teachers and personal development authors have many layers of this soul-journey onion to peel away. No one is perfect, no one is flawless, and no one is exempt from life teaching them the lessons that their soul needs in order to expand in consciousness. 

So if you make excuses as to why you keep people at a distance, why you struggle feeling loved, or why you might self-sabotage and screw things up intentionally, stop and look at the relationship you have with food. Don’t look to the past for answers, look to the present moment and each opportunity you have to nourish yourself and your future. Show yourself some gentle compassion, do the best you can do and trust that awareness around this issue is the first step in a new and empowering direction.

Has life taken you on an emotional roller coaster ride recently? Or perhaps you might have taken some life-altering magical detours that have lead you off the path of powerful intentions you have set for yourself.

Whatever it is, just know (and trust) that sometimes even the smallest tweaks in the way that you live your life can make the biggest impact on the results you begin to manifest into your reality.

Here are 7 Ways to Radically Transform and Empower Your Life starting today…

1. Surround yourself with inspiring people

It’s time to let go of the toxic relationships finally and the people that are incapable of supporting your success. Let them go with love and rise above your own judgments of how you believe they “should” behave. Instead, make it your focus to surround yourself with people that feed your desire to grow and expand as a conscious human being. When you set this new and beautiful personal boundary, then it’s amazing how fast new friends and soul family begin to appear.

Affirmation: I AM surrounded by inspiring, soulful, kindred spirits.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy. You need to stop and identify the negative self talk that likes to corrode your thinking by telling you that you’re not good enough. Stop comparing the bodies, results and life circumstances of others to yourself because you never actually know what it’s like beyond the exterior appearances unless you have walked a mile in another’s shoes. You are worthy. You are worthy.

Affirmation: I AM enough. I AM worthy.

3. Learn to say no and feel good about it

It’s totally fine and important for you to honor your time and your energy. The people pleasers have huge trouble saying “no” because they want to always be liked and appear to be useful. But you know what? Be yourself, people don’t have to like you and you don’t have to care.

This might sound a little extreme, but true friends will respect your decision if it’s a no, no matter what.

Affirmation: I AM allowed to say no.


4. Accept help and ask for support when you need it

There is no shame in asking for help or support when you need it. Too often we are too proud or too stubborn to reach out and tell people that we’re not actually superhuman. As a mother of 3 (and one on the way) I know all too well how hard it can be to relinquish control and allow others to help out. For so long I was responsible for raising my first two children on my own. But when you do allow for the space for people to help you then it not only deepens your connection to others, but it shows the Universe that you’re willing to trust and let go. This is a powerful energetic statement that you’re ready to manifest your desires.

Affirmation: I AM always Divinely supported.

5. Honor your intuition no matter what

We’ve all felt that “knowing” in the pit of our stomachs when something just doesn’t feel right. On the flip side of this you might have felt the full force of alignment and a big giant “YES” when something does feel right. The key point to remember is to hone and honor your intuitive faculties. The more you allow your heart to be guided by what you feel intuitively will strengthen that muscle and make it more accurate when you really need it most.

Affirmation: I AM a highly intuitive person.

6. Care about what you put in (and on) your body


(Note: Yes (and somewhat jokingly), this also includes people).

It’s incredibly important that we nourish our bodies with foods that are good for us and that we educate ourselves about how and where our food is grown. Try (if you can) to eat produce that’s in season (preferably organic) and avoid processed junk. Also examine the chemicals that you use on a daily basis such as soap, make-up, toothpaste etc and make great choices that won’t fudge up your system with toxicity.

Affirmation: I AM a person that honors the temple my soul lives in.

7. Be still and present at least a few times a day

Put away your phone (after you’ve finished reading this article of course) and try to be present and sit in stillness for at least 5 mins. Let go of your thoughts, watch them float around and focus on your breath. This is where the whole magic of the Universe can be found – when you are still and surrender to the miracle of the present moment.

Affirmation: I AM still. I AM here. I AM now.

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The Ancient Manifesting Ritual

Feeling frustrated? Ticked off? Pissed off? Unwell? Agitated or overwhelmed?

As you read this please take a moment and breathe…

Now, right now, in this present moment, is all that exists.

We live in a world of instant gratification, notifications, bells, whistles and reminders where having our attention illuminated and drawn back to the present moment is a rare occasion. The kids need feeding, the bills need paying, the dogs need washing and our ‘to do’ list is building up faster than the pesky blocks in a speedy (and stressful) game of Tetris.

We need to remember to tune into our own innate levels of discernment and slow down for the sake of our spiritual, mental and physical health.

In this last month I was heavily reminded of this truth. I moved house, had the most successful month within my business (which took a lot of hard work), my nanny left, Lulu started daycare which ushered in the bright green boogers, I’m nearly 23 weeks pregnant and the list goes on. I was in emotional hyper-drive with little downtime at all.

And then it happened…

I got a nasty flu-like virus that knocked me on my arse. The coughing alone has nearly driven me bananas. During this time my husband left for 3 days to attend a special destination wedding of a dear friend – it was something he couldn’t miss. Thus, I was home alone with 3 sick kids whilst being sick myself.

On Saturday night I couldn’t sleep. I tried and I tried and nothing would allow me to drift off. There was no way in the world I would just accept that I couldn’t sleep and every fiber of my being was fighting just having to go with the flow.

I was angry at my body.

I was frustrated that my plans to have a productive weekend were ruined.

I was pissed off that every few seconds I would cough and it felt like tiny razor blades scratching the inside of my throat.

And then something wonderful happened…


I sat with my crystals, meditated and surrendered to the experience. Even though I was sick I decided to roll with it and just accept it.

I decided to check in with my soul to feel soothed by a constant state of wellness. Sure, my body was all effed up, but my soul was calm and beautifully still.

I remembered that healing is a beautiful opportunity to be present and that probably the reason I got sick was to prompt the ‘ah-ha’ moment of realization I needed.

I remembered that slowing down is important and that there is no rush to get everything done.

Going with the flow is all about remembering the flow. It’s about remembering the connection we have to infinite wellness, infinite possibilities and that everything happens in Divine timing.

Self-compassion always goes a long way.

So next time you’re feeling sick, inconvenienced by illness, or perhaps even bothered by something you believe life is screwing up for you, try and remember and hark back to the core essence of your true being.

You are a spiritual being first and foremost and you have the beautiful power of discernment to check in on yourself to see if you’re on the right track.

Everything that is happening right now is totally fine and forming a beautiful part of your story. Your job is to remember the flow, go with the flow and use that flow (life force) to pave an inspired future for yourself one moment at a time. xo

Ever wanted to win the lottery? Or perhaps you have had dreams of winning the jackpot at the local casino? The energy of excitement and possibility when you’re ‘in it to win it’ is palpable. You know that winning a certain amount of money will radically change your life, but would you be ready to truly receive (with an open and healed heart) if you did win the big one?

Many of my students want to try my Ancient Manifesting Ritual so that they can win the lottery. I wanted to address the issue of the spiritual energetics behind gambling and why it’s not really a good way to manifest abundance into your life.

I live in Las Vegas – probably the most famous place in the world for gambling and materialistic culture. Let’s just say that there is a massive need for light workers in this town of extreme highs and lows of the human experience (which is why I was so drawn to living here). On a subtle level there is an opportunity to gamble everywhere. You can gamble at the airport when you arrive, you can buy lottery tickets everywhere and you can even play poker machines at the supermarkets (not Wholefoods, thankfully).

My husband and I recently went out to dinner at a beautiful Mexican restaurant at Red Rock Casino which is really close to where we live. After dinner, I told him that I’d like to spend $20 and see if I could win something. I have always loved the fun and nonsense of gambling (without judgment) but I fully acknowledge that it can be a serious issue of addiction for people and ruin lives and families at a core detrimental level.

We walked into the “high limit” poker machine room and in 4 spins my $20 was gone. My excitement shifted from feeling the fun of possibility, to actually feeling a little dirty about it.

What was I supporting? What was I hoping to win back? How are these dollars supporting the expansion and evolution of conscious awareness and spiritual growth? 

Something then flipped in my mind like a light switch going off and I started to see the spiritual energetics of gambling as we walked out to the car park through the rows of different machines. We were walking past people from all walks of life that were glued to the poker machine screens, repetitively placing money in the cash slots like zombies hoping to win something, once and for all. There were some people that were obviously agitated, but the majority of people I tuned into felt emotionally numb. I began to feel like I wanted to cry.

To be clear, it was beyond judgment, it was deep empathy for the sadness they were experiencing.

There was a separation that had occurred between themselves and the Universe and they seemed to be mindlessly and unconsciously trying to fill a void. Yes, it’s scary not knowing how you’re going to pay bills for the month. Yes, it’s terrifying spending money you don’t have to spend frivolously on trying to win the jackpot. Yes, it’s heartbreaking when life gets so lonely that gambling is the only way that happy hormones can get released in your system periodically because the machines are programmed to manipulate your neurological reactions.

And then the thought hit me…

Should I bless theses people with prosperity so that they win something?

In my gut was an instant “NO” very loud and clear.

And then I received this as a gentle whisper of guidance…

Abundance that is won as the result of someone else’s misfortune isn’t energy that can be of the highest service to humanity.

I am a firm believer that money is just energy. The money you get flows to you with a clean slate, this I am pretty certain of. It’s a transaction that you attract when your vibration is high enough to fully receive the prosperity. I do know for a fact that earning money by ALLOWING it into your reality is way sweeter than winning it.

Given that most lottery winners lose their money within the first 5 years it’s important to remember:

  • ABUNDANCE is so much more than money, it’s an energy. It’s ALL about feeling worthy, because you are.
  • It’s important to remember the vibration you offer to your beliefs surrounding abundance and money. They can always be healed and reviewed. Money is not the root of all evil.  
  • Abundance can make you happy because it creates the feeling of FREEDOM. You can cultivate that feeling within your heart NOW no matter how much money is in your bank account.

Why? Because your life is already magical now. You are already living a life of abundance now. There is always so much to be grateful for in this present moment. 

You don’t need to spend money you don’t have to make yourself feel better. More so, please note that I’m not trying to make gambling “wrong”. There are plenty of people that roll into casinos and play for the sake of entertainment. They understand the house will always win. There’s also no harm in buying lottery tickets from time to time.

Non-judgment is the most important piece of the puzzle of consciousness to remember when it comes to gambling.

People that are disconnected from the beauty of the Universe are incredibly powerful teachers that are in the process of forming their own beautiful story. They illuminate an exquisite opportunity to examine our own levels of reverence for the Divine as we walk through life. These people play a vital role to illustrate the power we have to be compassionate at a deeper level and remember that we have the capacity to ALLOW ABUNDANCE into our lives and that it doesn’t need to be obtained unethically or from the energy of desperation.

If you see someone that is wanting to attract abundance by winning it, instead of “allowing” it to flow into their reality…send them LOVE. All it boils down to is a level of awareness. It’s not right or wrong, it merely and simply just IS.

If you love the idea of walking around and truly seeing the connection we have between ourselves as humans and the almighty power of the Universe, then you will adore trying my FREE Manifesting Game. It’s something you can play, where everyone is a winner. The house always wins because you are the house. xo

The Manifesting Game

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