There’s a “super moon” happening on November 14th. Apparently, it’s the closest moon to the earth since 1948 which means that people might feel some woo-woo energy in their immediate surroundings (if that’s the belief they hold in their hearts and minds).

Philosophers throughout history have referred to the strong link between moon energy and how it affects human behavior. Ancient traditions, farmers, witches, and other spritely beings have used the moon to celebrate cycles and the abundance of nature. Scientists, however, have debunked many moon myths that people go crazy, are more likely to die if elderly and spontaneously sync their menstrual cycles with the lunar vibes (clearly not in that order).

So why is manifesting during a full moon meaningful, helpful or even important?

Rituals are a beautiful way to connect to your inner being throughout life. They can be powerfully symbolic and open the floodgates to a deeper connection to the Universe within. The key essence of trying any ritual is to show up with an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to be open to all possibilities. These rituals shed light, often in times of darkness and that is the primary symbolic purpose of the moon appearing in our sky each night is to do precisely that – to provide light.

The moon is a beautiful and radiant source of light in our nightly darkness.

Tapping into the moon’s energy is something that is unique and personal to each person so here are The 5 Powerful Steps to activate the full moon manifestation energy and make the most of this oh-s0-potent time of the month…

1. Gather your manifesting inspiration supplies

This is where you need to gather the things that make you feel inspired such as being in a space where you can see your  vision board, or the things you might want to get in order to create one. Or, I would highly recommend you try my ANCIENT MANIFESTING RITUAL. It’s a teeny-tiny investment and has been used by over 50,000+ of my manifesting students around the world and is the most loved step in the process of manifestation. The best time to use it is on a full moon to get yourself into the best state to raise your vibration.


I’ve been told that the ritual is something most people have never tried before but find to be the most effective when working with the Law of Attraction.

2. Create a sacred manifesting space

Whether it’s an altar, your kitchen table or a pretty space on your nightstand, create a space of beauty where you can keep candles, journals, crystals, and other symbolic items that conjure up a deep feeling of inspiration.

3. Clear your space before the ritual

Our day to day lives can sometimes become energetically cluttered by thought-forms and other worldly dramas etc. The best thing to do is clear your space by either burning sage (a smudge stick) which you can buy from Wholefoods or you can sprinkle the edge of your room with rock salt. Say a small invocation before you clear the space…

“Dear Universe, May I now be permitted to clear this space so that the power of my manifesting ritual is magnified and amplified with the energy of the full moon. So be it, so it is.”

Grounding is really important when you do new moon or full moon rituals.

4. Meditate for at least 5 minutes + then stare at the moon (if you can)

The practice of meditation is really important throughout the manifesting process. This is because you actively relax and allow for your desires to flow from your higher self. Set the intention before your meditation to be guided to soulfully and succinctly express all of the things you would love to manifest into your life. Call them to rise to the surface of your heart. Really tune into the light energy of the moon for this. 

5. Flow from your heart with the ritual without judgment

Allow yourself to lead with your heart with this process. It’s so easy to get taken off track with the urge to self-sabotage.

If you notice the little voice of doubt or certain judgments begin to rise up as you are doing the ritual, remember that they are a very natural part of the manifesting process. You need to understand that you can’t control how you feel when the doubt rises up, but you can choose to re-frame it in order to see it as a vital balancing force for the process to be successful.

It’s ALL about perspective. Really dive into the core feelings of WHY you want to transform your life and what it would mean to the people and loved ones around you. Also enjoy the magical journey to manifest your desires and hold deep reverence for the moon energy you have activated. xo

Here are some Law of Attraction remedies for ‘making space’ for manifestation. This is based on the idea of using ACTIVE FAITH and ‘acting as if’ your desires have already manifested.

Florence Shovel Shinn phrases the process beautifully here:

“True prayer means preparation. Having made your demands on the Universal Supply for any good thing, act immediately, as if you expected to receive it. Show active faith,thereby impressing the subconscious mind with expectancy.”

By ‘prayer’ here Florence refers to intention setting. And by ‘Universal Supply’ she means The Universe, God, Source of Force etc.

It’s the most potent energy field in the entire Universe that creates and governs everything. 

The secret is this…

When you set an intention or feel a desire that you’d like to manifest, the key is to channel your energy and vibration into the outcome as if it’s already happened. You need to ‘act as if’.

This means buying a wedding magazine before you find the man, perhaps buying a fancy keyring before you buy the car or buying that little black dress before you lose the weight. This activates the energy of expectation in your vibration and helps tremendously. 

The Universe LOVES it when you do this…

✦ To make space for manifesting ABUNDANCE:

Clear out your purse or wallet. This frees the energy of prosperity and shows reverence for more money to manifest.

For more decluttering inspiration:

✦ To make space for manifesting TRUE LOVE:

Buy a special coffee or tea mug that will be used by your Beloved in the not-so-distant future. Or perhaps clear out space for them in your closet.

For more soulmate inspiration:

✦ To make space for manifesting a BABY:

Find, select or buy a small item that will be used by the soul baby that you are calling into the world. Start talking to them now and let them know it’s safe to arrive in perfect Divine timing.

For more soul baby inspiration:

✦ To make space for manifesting a DREAM HOME:

Get into the feeling space of checking out as many homes as possible that are for sale that you dream of living in. Not only does this raise your vibration, but it also matches you to the energy of your intention.

For more dream home inspiration:


And remember: If you want to manifest anything, make space for it in your life. Hold sacred space in your heart and trust that it’s coming soon.





7 Heart-Based Steps to Manifestation

One of the most powerful pieces of advice when it comes to the manifesting process is to get out of your head and into your heart. There needs to be a shift from the buzzing mental vibration that blocks the energy, to a state of flow and surrender that creates the space to allow for your desires to manifest into your reality in a simple, natural and effortless way.

Here are 7 Heart-Based Steps to Manifestation


Set clear intentions and see in your mind’s eye what you want to create for your yourself and your life. Dive into the big ‘why’ you might want these things.


Get into the feeling space of your heart’s truest desire by ‘acting as if’ your intention has already manifested into your reality.


Surround yourself in things/people/places/knowledge and experiences that will inspire and uplift you on your manifesting journey to support your intentions to grow and evolve.


Cultivate the soothing feeling within your heart that your intentions have been heard by the Universe and they are in the process of being delivered in Divine timing. Keep feeling grateful for them ALREADY manifesting.


Make everything that shows up in your reality feel welcome and at home. Trust in the concept of ‘this or something better’. Even the smallest manifestation can be a key stepping stone to your greatest desires. Your heart needs to be gracious and open to receiving all good things.


Start paying attention to the signs of alignment from your higher self that you are on the right track.


Let go of the outcome and be present in each day and each moment. Stop looking for proof or getting impatient with your intended time line. When you surrender you release energetic resistance, you raise your vibration and open your heart to all possibilities.

Remember, doing the right steps in the wrong order can really mess with the alignment and stop the Universe from responding and block the flow of energy… which is why I recommend you begin with step 1: clarity.

Fortunately for you, my 7-Step “Ultimate Intention Setting Worksheet” will help you get clear on exactly what you want to manifest and help spark a deep conversation with the Universe.

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