A powerful question came in after I posted a quote on my Facebook page a couple of days ago. The quote was:

You can rise above
anything when you
choose LOVE
over fear.

And then the question was…

How do you choose love when love is what you have lost?

This answer instantly rose up within me and I began to flow with it in a way that will hopefully provide comfort for people struggling when they acknowledge the absence of love.

Firstly, love cannot be lost. It’s transforms and morphes like a butterfly and vibrates at a different frequency with a different focus. This is also what I believe happens when we die. Our love simply shifts locations, because true love is impersonal. This doesnt’t mean that when a relationship ends that it doesn’t sting like a bitch when there is an absence of love. All it means is that the mutual flow has changed direction. Romantic love has several seasons that change based on whether we fuel the fire or whether we extinguish the flame.

The constant is that the Universe never stops offering you LOVE and you can never be without the option to love yourself either.

This is a deep realization that nothing is ever ‘lost’ if it is rightfully yours with a Divine purpose. Just remember, the love a person has for you is never yours to begin with. It’s on loan. – like a library book. It’s got nothing to do with you actually, it’s a reflection of the energy and the intention that you are offering within your own heart on a day-to-day basis.

Fear is a force that everyone feels during many times throughout their lives. It’s natural and it’s an essential part of brining our souls back to a state of balance. Fear is when we allow our being to be DISCONNECTED from the infinite possibilities of life. But when someone wants to ‘take’ love from us it hands our power over and creates the illusion of separateness.

LOVE = The Divine energy, Oneness, unconditional feelings of gratitude no matter what shows up.

FEAR = Separation from the Divine energy.

If you feel fear and you can identify that shitty little pang in your heart, then you have a choice HOW you respond to it. In that moment you can ask yourself several powerful questions that prompt inner reflection..

  • Can I send my fearful thoughts love?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen if my fears come true?
  • How can I be more loving and compassionate to myself in moments of fear?
  • How can I embody the energy of love?

Life is supposed to be filled with about as much fucking uncertainty as you can poke a stick at. When you get comfortable with fear of the unknown then you allow for a deeper space for LOVE to rule the realm. The trick is to bust the bullshit when it happens.

‘He doesn’t love me anymore’ could turn into ‘I love me, the Universe LOVES ME and I will love him as much as possible from a space of non-attachment.’

Love with conditions breeds space for FEAR to contaminate the experience. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and leading from a space of truth, of trust and of Divinity means that you can experience life without getting pummeled by the waves of uncertainty.

True love cannot be lost. True love is Divine. True love has a purpose. May you find that comfort within your heart. So be it, and so it is.

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Relationships were probably invented by the Universe to test our souls to their outer limits. In fact, relationships are one of the fastest ways to grow and evolve as human beings once we figure out how to not take everything so damn personally. At some point you must have put your hand up to do the “intense spiritual work” required for soul-growth and all of a sudden you find yourself extremely triggered and irritated by the person you originally fell blissfully in love with many moons ago.

This, my lovely friend, is totally normal…

The toilet seat is down, the toothpaste is squeezed from the middle of the tube, sex might be experiencing a dry spell, you’re not truly in-sync with one another and the iPhone gets touched more in the bedroom than you do.

Marriage is a journey. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the rewards infinitely outweigh the irksome ways our egos interfere with the trajectory of happiness.

When I told my husband that I was writing this post he seemed a little concerned (bless his heart).  He asked me if it’s stuff we “actually do” and practice. I told him exactly what I’m going to tell you…

Yes, we do this stuff. We don’t always do this stuff and remember to use our superpowers, but for a vast majority of the time we live in a state of joyful love and flow. So without further ago, here are The 15 Things You Need to Do For A Relationship To Last…(because you’re willing to do anything it takes to strengthen your union).

1. Laugh as much as you can together

Life is funny. Humor is infectious and builds connection. It lightens the mood and opens your heart.

2. Listen to one another

Be the safe space for your partner’s words to land. Make them feel heard and understood. That way, they will feel cherished.

3. Give space when it’s needed

Confession: this one has been tough for me. Something that’s helped a lot is not needed to fix things immediately. It’s okay to have conflict simmer out over a period of time. Usually allowing space prompts the “make up” time to happen sooner. The traditional “people pleaser” might have trouble with developing this skill but it will be well worth it, I promise.

4. Figure out your love language

Is it words, touch, acts of service or gifts? Tune in to what your parter needs and deliver the goodies.

5. Have a safety word

When shit hits the fan (and it will), be like the clever people that enjoy S+M and bust out a pre-arranged safety word. This will prevent you from flipping your lid in front of your kids or saying nasty shit you can’t take back. Remember, words have serious power to hurt and to heal. The safety word (once set in place) will be mutually honored and everyone will retreat to their corners.

6. Surprises go a long way

Flowers, gifts, love notes, picnics, bubble baths, sexy undies, a cold beer etc. make your spouse feel so loved. This energy shakes things up a bit.

7. Remember equality

You are both equally as important and both of your needs need to be met. There is no room for the victim mentality in a mutually supportive marriage. You’re both committed to showing up and using your personal vote with each and every decision.

8. Design your own boundaries

Create a set of predefined relationship rules. For instance, if your partner wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that you are doing something (emails, conversations, receipt hiding, meetings etc) then don’t create a secrecy culture within your union. Know the “deal breakers” within your marriage, but also know that when you are faced with them you are also able to cultivate compassion. Make your spouse number #1.

9. Release expectations

Don’t expect your partner to be able to read your mind or hold the power to make you happy. Your happiness is dependent on YOU. Release your loved one from that unneccessary burden.

10. Commit to showing up daily

Every day is an opportunity to show up in your union and make it awesome (even in the tiniest of ways). Remember that your mate chose you, not “Sheila” or whatever her name is that he dated a decade ago. The past is over and the present moment is your invitation to show up and be a lover, not a hater. 

11. Date nights are important

Having fun together keeps the flame alive. Go bowling, play bingo, tidy the flowers up in a cemetery, have a picnic in your backyard, play strip poker, have a naked water fight or whatever will float your boat, cultivate the energy of fun, excitement and connection.

12. Schedule sexy sexy time

Make time to connect physcially to express your love to one another. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to leap into action. In fact, separately set alarms and double down. Every relationship will have times where there is more action than other times. Remember: You would much prefer having a sex dry-spell than a LOVE dry spell.

13. Have your own money

By all means, have a joint account but it’s so important to have an account where you can buy gifts or surprises without your spouse finding out. Don’t do it for reasosn of secrecy, do it for your own sense of independence.

14. Trust is imperative

Bottom line, if the trust is broken you need help (probably professional help) and mutual willingness to rebuild the relationship. Trust is everything.

15. Say I love you at least once a day

Text, email, say it face-to-face, write it on a mirror just say I LOVE YOU. Life is so short and you never know the curveballs that life with throw at you. Make sure your partner knows that they are loved and appreciated on a daily basis.

16. (BONUS) Love YOURSELF FIRST and know you are worthy of manifesting your desires. 

In order to manifest LOVE into your life you need to have a healthy level of self-esteem and self-love. The way you treat your partner is hopefully how you would want to be treated yourself. If you need a little help with the focus of your energy then I would highly recommend my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. This will help to get out of your own way and strengthen the love you have in your life.


Twin Flames are becoming more common to encounter as people are setting powerful intentions to live in fully conscious relationships filled with Divine, rare, true, soulful love.

So what is a Twin Flame?
A twin flame is a single soul that was split in two at the beginning of eternity. When the twin souls unite it is for the completion of Oneness and usually when there is a greater mission to get out there to the world.

It’s a truly beautiful concept, but one that leaves many people puzzled and confused. I get so many questions all the time from my manifesting students such as:

Does everyone have a twin flame? Why does my twin flame not love me back? How can I find my twin flame? How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame? Where is the other half of my soul? What are the signs of being a twin flame? 

Throughout the ages there have been musings of the phenomena known as either ‘twin flames’ or ‘twin souls’. Plato referenced it in the famous “Symposium”, the beautiful Sufi poet Rumi wrote about it, and many creatives, musicians, and artists have used it as inspiration since the dawn of time. The thing to remember is, is that the concept of twin flames is a ridiculously complicated subject. It is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, with endless spiritual detours and challenges along the way.

The Twin Flame Signs to Verify the Union

I was so fortunate to find out about twin flames after I met mine back in 2010. At the time we met, we experienced the following amazing stuff which I believe are SIGNS OF BEING A TWIN FLAME couple.

  1. We lived on opposite ends of the planet
  2. We met on Twitter (twin flames usually meet in weird ways)
  3. I was still married to someone else, even though we had separated legally (twin flame reunions are often complicated)
  4. I watched a video of Sean and fell in love like a switch had flipped on all of a sudden. We had been friends online for a year.
  5. We knew one another as soon as we met as if we had been reconnected. It was truly blissful and effortless
  6. We saw rainbows as a sign of alignment
  7. We connected to our spirit guides that gave us a mission and a purpose for our union
  8. We constantly saw the number 111 as another sign of alignment
  9. There were countless amounts of parallel experiences and coincidences in our lives. We’re both left-handed, creative Scorpios. I was born on 11/1 and Sean was born exactly 11:01 on the 14th of November. Our grandparents had similar paths and experiences, names, birth years, professions etc. Our sister’s birthdays are one day apart and the list goes on and on.
  10. Emotional shit hit the fan…BIG-TIME. Our worlds, paradigms, and realities had to collapse in order to be together. It was the ultimate test from the Universe.

The Twin Flame union is not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure!

As soon as we were introduced to the concept, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were indeed twin flames. I also know that if I knew about it before I found my forever man, I would have been searching for it and convincing myself that other people were my twin when indeed they were not. This is where the danger lies in convincing ourselves that the label should stick. This can be extremely damaging.

We know many twin flames that we are blessed enough to call our dear friends – some are together, others have gone their separate ways. The twin flame union is INTENSE to say the very least. We were at the valet pick-up at the Luxor hotel here in Las Vegas a few years ago, and the guy asked: ‘Are you guys twin flames?”. We laughed and told him our story. We love the fact that our energy is so recognizable.

Yes, Sean and I are twin flames but we are bound far more by our love, commitment, and compatibility than the label.

So to rapid-fire the questions giving you everything you need to know about Twin Flames…

Q: Does everyone have a twin flame?
A: Maybe. No one really knows. It’s a nice belief to hold that maybe you do have your soulful counterpart out there somewhere.

Q: Why does my twin flame not love me back?
A: Because you’re not in alignment right now. Or, you might not be twins. Perhaps it is not your destiny this lifetime to be together. However, just remember that you are ALWAYS together in the spirit realm and it is indeed a sacred contract you can break if you wish. You are your own person.

Q: How can I find my twin flame?
A: You can set the intention and maybe they’ll show up when you least expect it. The key here is stop obsessing about it as well. Sometimes one twin is kept in the etheric realm to do their spiritual work. Try talking to them in your meditation to get a deeper spiritual understanding. This could also help to draw them into your life. Remember the physical world is just a mere echo of what is unfolding in the spiritual dimension first.

Q: How to I tell my husband/wife that I think I found my twin flame?
A: Don’t. Just don’t. Be kind, and dismantle the relationship before you seek a relationship with another. You’ll regret it if you do something dastardly.

Q: Can someone think they’ve found their twin flame only to discover it was a false alarm?
A: Absolutely. This is why you should gauge it by spending time together first. Some manipulative people out there know how to ‘use the lingo’ and will throw around the concept if a twin flame to make you feel special. My mother once dated a guy who was addicted to online dating and had told at least 5 others ladies he was their ‘twin flame’. It’s a dirty trick to pull, but some people know where to slug the spiritually trusting people in the guts. Have your bullshit detector switched to the ‘on’ position at all times, please.

Q: Do I have to be in a romantic relationship with my twin flame if and when I find them?
A: No, not at all. In the beginning, you will feel an intense attraction, but as the fierce nature of the flame tests you you might feel the need to go separate ways. Twin flames are a powerful force and some people can’t take the heat and skip this lifetime. It is a steep learning curve (like any relationship) that will make your soul grow in so many wondrous ways, but you have to put your hand up to do the work.

Q: Is my twin flame really the other half of my soul? And if so, how is the best way I can be open to drawing them into my reality?
A: Yes, your twin is your balancing energy. The trick is that you need to be the best version of yourself FIRST for the other half to come and complete you. You are not broken or incomplete without your twin, they are the energy booster that will make everything in your life more vibrant and amazing. Soulmates are awesome too and a MUCH easier path to take in life than the fast paced, soul expanding, super-force of the twin flame union.

Twin Flame Inspiration

Here are some Twin Flame links to inspire you…

WATCH: A Story of Twin Flames. A mini-documentary directed by Lightfield Lewis that shares my story with Sean over the last 6 years. You can feel our energy, our love, our union. 
LISTEN: Try our ‘SoulMate’ meditation to visualize your soulmate or twin flame into your life.
READ: Our story of love and stories from other twin flames in our bestselling book series called Adventures In Manifesting.
TRY: Discover our Ancient Manifesting Ritual that will show you how to activate the Law of Attraction and draw your twin flame to you super-fast.

If you liked or loved this post please share it. Who knows, you might even get the attention of your twin flame that I guarantee is looking and searching for you right now.

If you want to just dive in deep with removing ALL of the energetic blocks that are holding you back in life, please learn more about my full course called MANIFEST. This material was written after a lot of the challenges Sean and I experienced in our twin flame union. I can promise you that it will lessen your learning curve for sure. xo


This is something really special that I want to share with you. It’s our official wedding video which is actually more of a documentary of our love story over the last 6 years since we met on Twitter many moons ago. It was directed and edited by Lightfield Lewis, who is an extraordinary creative genius.

This post today is a timeline of your love story to accompany the video. This timeline (however) doesn’t include the massive business milestones we have reached, like working with authors all over the world, living in multi-million dollar homes or reaching millions of people on a monthly basis. It includes the happy moments, and focusses on all of the joy we have shared together as we walk hand in hand through this world as One.

Here’s is the official timeline of Lulu Dawn: The Love Story of Sarah and Sean.

Valentine’s Day 2009: Sean Patrick Simpson followed me on Twitter. We became friends, just friends. I was married to another guy for 10 years. The relationship ended and I left with 2 suitcases, 2 kids and over $30,000 worth of debt. During this time Sean was helping me via email as a friend for moral support. He lived in America, I lived in Australia. Here is one of our tweets in the early days…

themostspecialtweetever copy

April 2010: Something happened after the dust settled from moving states away from my ex-husband. I opened my heart to love again and Sean became my number #1 love interest. It was like a switch was flipped in my soul. We fell in love online, before meeting one another in person.

May 23rd 2010: Sean flew from LA to Noosa to meet me for the first time. I felt like I had always known him and we were picking up where we left off. This photo was taken just 4 days after we met…


2010-2012: We started our publishing company. Moved to Melbourne. Started the process to make Sean an Australian Permanent Resident. I’m not gonna lie, these were tumultuous years trying to balanced our love and getting used to living together. We were both working out our issues, to put it nicely, mainly me. It was an intense period of personal growth but worth every minute of it.

November 1st, 2012: It was my 33rd birthday and Sean arranged for a pink limousine to pick me up so he could propose! Obviously, I said yes.

September 15th, 2013: I had just found out I was pregnant and then a few days later I lost the baby at around 6 weeks. On the 17th of September we were to fly to America from Australia for our wedding.

September 21st, 2013: We got married in Las Vegas at the Rumor Boutique Hotel. The same place where they filmed one of the weddings for The Bachelor. We were surrounded by our beautiful friends and family.


November 8th, 2013: I was nearly 8 weeks pregnant and on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic when I had another miscarriage.

Jan, March, May 2014: I lost another 3 pregnancies at various stages. The saddest one was a little girl we lost around the 10 week mark.

frame38f83eff72f861301fa7fe0388ff1415ca1ddc53 (1)

July 2014: We moved from Melbourne back up to the Sunshine Coast to recalibrate and heal from all of our losses. This is where our love first began. We rented a big home overlooking the ocean and I found out I was pregnant (again) within 10 days.

March 23rd, 2015: Lulu Dawn Prout-Simpson was born! Finally, my soul baby in my arms!

frame3e565de74d1e3d45c64eca6d4b2441579d174016 (1)

April 2015: We begin the process to get green cards for myself and the kids (not Lulu and Sean obviously). The paperwork was a massive task to complete.

August 2015: Our VISA process was approved! We sold all of our stuff in one week in order to move. Talk about “active faith” because we had already taken he steps to leave without being officially approved.

September, 2015: We moved to Las Vegas! We found our forever home. This is a photo of us from earlier this week at The Rumor Hotel where we got married. We decided it was time to take Lulu to the place per parents got married.

framed7d2c5a7a8dc00bf4e21e35fc9e0733b5df72d38 (1)

This timeline is proof that with LOVE, active faith, willingness to heal and determination that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. xo


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Is It Possible to Manifest My Ex Back?

This week’s MANIFEST Q+A came in from at least six people around the world that had the exact same question rattling around in their hearts…

Is it possible to manifest an ex back?

The simple and short answer is yes.

The complicated and more sustainable answer is NO… that might not be a very good idea UNTIL you do some deep soul searching within and figure out if you’re wanting this for the right reasons.

Today I wanted to offer that invitation for introspection so that if you find yourself wanting to manifest your ex back, then you won’t be doing it from a place of wanting to seek safety, control or approval over your former lover.

An ex is a dangerous creature – they have the ability to trigger deep emotional reactions, trigger your need for love and have the power to make you crave connection that you know you once had. An ex is your default setting – a safe place where you know that you could be happy instead of navigating the unseen world of uncertainty when looking for new love.

I went back to my ex husband at least 8 times before I finally slapped myself out of my fear of letting him go. You just know in your heart when it’s time to move on.

I knew Mr Ex. wasn’t right for me. I loved him deeply, but we were so abusive to each other because we were both desperately unhappy.

Counselling or therapy of any kind would have been like pushing shit up a hill or beating a dead unicorn.

During some of our arguments he would yell at me and say things like:

“You can’t leave me, because who would love you with two kids, no money and a belly that looks like yours?”

I allowed his words to chip away at my self worth and I didn’t believe that I was worthy enough to experience deep and soulful love. Staying with him would be my best option, the safest bet…or so I thought at the time.

I use this quote in my SoulMate Course:

“You can only accept the love into your life that you think you deserve and have wired yourself to attract.”

After I left my 10-year marriage, I had to re-wire everything in my heart and my mind. After I finally moved, on I attracted a man that loves me and shows up for me on a daily basis (it’s been 6 years next year).

What I know for sure is that Sean (my beautiful soul mate) was a reward from the Universe that I manifested for being BRAVE enough to know when to move on to another landscape to learn about love. I was ready.

I truly believe that you can manifest anything your heart desires if you are open and if you are brave.

However, when it comes to the free will of others and the path that they have also karmically carved out for themselves, then I feel that there is no way under the sun that you can manipulate their vibration to be in alignment with yours. You just can’t.

My ex could have meditated every day, created vision boards of me, said affirmations until he was blue in the face, and there would have been no hope in hell that I would have gone back after I chose LOVE (for myself) over FEAR of being alone.

Instead of placing focus on how to manifest an ex back I would lovingly invite you to ask yourself some of these powerful questions to really examine if you want to reconnect with that old flame instead of being open to the possibility of new love…

1. Do I really love this person for the right reasons or am I just wanting them back to possess them and avoid the pain of seeing them be happy with someone else?

2. Am I able to let go of the past and create a new future with this person? Am I able to communicate this to them personally so they fully support me and my desires?

(Hint: If they can’t hear you and support you then it’s not a good match.)

3. Can I imagine myself blissfully in love with someone else that I can grow old together with?

(Hint: Unless you OWN your shit then you will experience the same shit with someone else. It keeps coming back until you fully get it.)

4. Could I be happy without my ex?

(Hint: If the answer is NO, then you have some work to do because your ex – or anyone for that matter – is NOT responsible for your happiness. You are.)

5. Do I feel like a failure because the relationship ended? Does wanting my ex back fool me into thinking I get to have a do-over and finally get it right?

6. What kind of love could I give to myself that would replace the need to chase after an old relationship?

7. Am I okay and truly open to ALL possibilities?

(Hint: If you are then things will manifest into your life a fuck-load faster).

I hope this helps you if you find yourself wanting to open up the possibility of rekindling a lost love.

I’m not saying it’s not possible. I’m just saying that you need to approach it with the right intentions and fall deeply in love with yourself first. xo

Affirmation: I am worthy of true love.

If you’d like to know how to really set a powerful intention and help it to manifest faster, then you might love my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. This is part of the deep work that I did in order to clear my past and move forward into the future, one present moment at a time.


28 Metaphysical Ideas to Attract True Love

The following ideas are to attract true love and romance into your life. These fun and practical little tips will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more LOVE your way whether you’re single or need a little spark in your relationship.

1. Get specific: What kind of a relationship would you like in your life?

Take out a piece of paper or open up a document on your computer and list out what kind of relationship you would like to have in your life. What does it look like? How does it work? Will you get married? Get specific. God/The Universe/Source Energy is always in the details.

2. Let go of your past, de-clutter and move forward

This means not talking about ‘him or her’ as much and perhaps getting rid of old love letters or emails that keep you stuck in the past. It’s time to pave the way for a new person to step forward. They can’t arrive when you’re still pining over someone else.

3. Watch movies of the love you would like to attract

Without a doubt ‘The Notebook’ is the romantic movie that most people refer to when they think of the type of love they would like to attract. Go to IMDB and search for romantic movies and create a ‘must watch list’.

4. Show yourself the love you think you deserve

It’s really important to know how good (or not so good) your levels of self-esteem are. You really need to love yourself in order to attract a relationship that is sustainable. The truth? Otherwise you’ll be attracting someone that will want to fix you or will magnify your need to take care of yourself better. This can be a good thing, but unless you shine light on the need for self-love and self-care then it can turn ugly very fast. So this is why it’s so important to treat yourself well and show yourself the love you think you deserve.

How will you love yourself today? Ask yourself this powerful question at least 3 times per day.

5. Buy yourself flowers or tickets to something you want to watch

Surrounding yourself with bunches of fresh and beautiful blooms is a great way to raise your vibration. It encapsulates the essence of springtime and is really lovely and feminine. Also take yourself on a date to the movies. Watch something that you really want to see. This is an act of strengthening levels of self love.

6. Create space in your bedroom for your lover

I learnt this one from ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ where Florence Scovel Shinn writes about the importance of demonstrating something called ‘active faith’. It’s where you create space for whatever it is that you wish to welcome in your life. By creating space in your bedroom for your lover you are letting the Universe know that you’re ready. You can do this by just sleeping on one side of the bed, making drawer space available for his or her clothes.

7. Soul mate journal exercise

Write a clear list of all of the things you would like to do with your soul mate. List out the dates, tourist attractions, events and fun things you can do together. Feel excited about sharing these experiences with someone. Remember, it’s ALL ABOUT THE FEELING SPACE.

8. Crystal magic

Get some rose quartz to flow energy into and use it as an attraction point for manifesting love. Carry it with you as a reminder of the lover that is on track to find you soon.

9. Buy a special dinner plate for your lover or a coffee cup

Imagine making a cup of tea or coffee for your lover each morning. By buying a special cup you can visualize the process of having him/her there with you. The Universe will respond to this action.

10. Feel energized when you see others in love

Don’t be one of those people that see public displays of affection or people blissfully in love and allow it to activate your crabby/skeptical mind. You can only attract success when you are genuinely happy for others and their success. Allow yourself to be energized by the love that others share and affirm to yourself that your time is on its way very soon.

11. Create a list of love heroes – people that inspire you

Create a list of people in love that inspire you. Epic love stories are everywhere.

12. Monitor your language patterns around finding love

“It will never happen to me”
“I’m too old”
“That only happens in the movies”

Get rid of all of your limiting beliefs and rise above them. You are enough and you are so worthy to find true, lasting, love.

Check out this post called Why Your Word is Your Wand.

13. Treat yourself like a king or queen for a day

Get pampered. Go to a spa, get a massage, perhaps a mani/pedi and relax. Treat yourself like royalty so that your special someone in your life will know what is expected.

14. Soul mate meditation

Listen to the soul mate attraction audio I created here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJU6LcqyYYg

15. Write your soul mate a letter

By writing your soul mate a really heartfelt letter you are opening up the vibration of vulnerability. Tell your soul mate how much you need him or her right now and the ways in which you will show and express your love to them.

16. Ask to receive a dream from the dream-world that symbolizes your soul mate

This is a really powerful and intriguing thing to do. When you develop a relationship with the Universe, all sorts of interesting messages come forth in your dreams. Why not ask for a dream? Set the intention before you go to sleep at night and see what happens. Write it down when you wake up in the morning.

17. Notebook soul mate exercise

Write a list of all of the qualities your lover will love about you. Why are you so loveable? List out at least 111 things.

18.  Buy some sexy lingerie or underpants to be ready for some lovin’

This shouts a loud message to the Universe that you are up for action! Just imagine if you all of a sudden met the love of your life, felt ready to take things to the ‘next level’ and all you have is a ratty old pair of knickers that are 5 sizes too big or too small. Great underwear is imperative to feeling abundant and manifesting love.

19. Create a manifesting love playlist on iTunes or SoundCloud

Create a playlist of songs that you connect to emotionally about the future of your love life. Don’t choose things that remind you of a boyfriend you had when you were 17. Make sure you choose songs that make you look forward to your future love life.

20. Buy some essential oils that remind you of how strong you are and ready to attract love into your life

Purchase a scent that triggers the reminder that you are on an empowering path to experience conscious and rare love during your lifetime.

21. Buy some strawberries and dip them in chocolate

Picture yourself sharing them with your lover and get into the feeling space of how intimate it would be to share food with the person you adore.

22. Buy a photo frame you will place a photo of your new soul mate

Place the photo frame next to the bed and remind yourself that he/she will be arriving very soon.

23. The Dear Ex Letter

Write a letter to your exes, letting them know you are now taken and thank them for their time with you to make you the person you are today. Please note this is an energetic exercise only and it’s recommended that you don’t actually send the letter.

24.  Look up at the stars and send a wish to your soul mate

There is something really magical about going outside at nighttime and looking up at the stars. It’s even better if it’s a hot summer night and you can sit out there comfortably without freezing your butt off. As you look at the twinkling beauties in the sky, mentally send a wish to your soul mate to find you soon.

25. Read some RUMI poems.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.”

26. Create a private (or not so private) Pinterest board with images of couples that inspire you

Doing this exercise will help you to get a clear picture of the type of relationship you want to attract. You can check out my soul mate board here.

27. Create vibrant and inspiring profiles for yourself on dating sites and be open to finding gems when you least expect them

Be as real as possible when you put yourself out there on dating sites. Also be open to finding something that doesn’t match up to your ‘type’. Too often people aren’t willing to see past the initial impressions. Sometimes digging a little deeper will uncover gems that you are so glad you took the time to uncover.

28. Create a sanctuary

Create a sanctuary for pleasure in your bedroom that will fine tune the vibration for true love to be shared in there. Think fresh sheets, soft pillows, mood lighting and scented candles. Set up your bedroom to be enjoyed as a restorative sanctuary.

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(Extra Resources to Manifest LOVE : If you want to begin the process of manifesting your soulmate then you will adore this course called 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate.)


This post is written for people that want a specific relationship to manifest and the other person doesn’t feel the same way….

Unrequited love is really tough. It’s painful, drawn out, very sad and keeps you suspended in a whirlwind state of questioning everything like…

“Are we really meant to be together?”

“The psychic told me that we’re going to be together.”

“I think we’re Twin Flames.”

“He said he’s going to leave his wife soon.”

And the list goes on.

My heart goes out to these people. My heart goes out to you, if you’re reading this and it resonates with your current situation.

Please note: I wouldn’t attempt to write about things I haven’t experienced, so I’m writing with the utmost sensitivity here. I’m writing to you in the hope that you’ll take this advice and shift your perception.

Here are 7 things you should remember when your specific relationship won’t manifest…

1. You can’t use The Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person to be in a relationship with you.

A person has free will and their own Divinely guided trajectory to follow. This might sting a little, but if they are not aligned with you, then they will not be an active part of your daily life.

2. Be aware that looking for ‘signs’ from the Universe can be dangerous.

I recently wrote this article called 7 Signs That The Law of Attraction is Working for You. The hidden danger though is if you’re in a situation where you approach it with the energy of desperation – then you start to attach meaning to things that can sometimes be totally random and meaningless. Actually, the more emotionally fragile you are about the whole situation means that the signs are often off.

I know this is hard to hear, but alignment with NOW and being comfortable with simply ‘what is’ is where the signs have the most meaning. Signs then manifest as a little wink from the Divine that you’re feeling harmonious. If you must ask for anything from the Universe, ask for alignment to feel happy no matter what.

3. Always be open to all possibilities.

Be open to ALL possibilities. Remember that the Universe will sometimes deliver your goodies in ways that you don’t expect. Be ready for anything and fine with whatever shows up. This could mean that your true soulmate isn’t who you think they are.

4. You are worthy of true love that is effortless and beautifully aligned.

When you spend days, months or even years obsessing about a person that is unobtainable right now in your life then you are acting from a place of seeking safety, validation or approval from the other person. You are handing all of your beautiful power over. True worthiness is knowing when to draw the line in the sand and let go.

5. Divine timing is always perfect.

Learn to trust that the Universe has your back. Just because you’re not currently in a blissful relationship with a soulmate doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen soon or when it’s meant to. Trust in TIMING, but don’t put your life on hold.

6. You can’t change people.

Let go of the need to control others, because you can’t. It’s not your soul space to dominate.

7. This time in your life is an opportunity to grow.

As horrendous as it might feel, there are so many beautiful lessons to be had when your relationship doesn’t manifest. It’s teaching you how to be comfortable with uncertainty and how to be more present. These are the top 2 biggest lessons a person can master in their lifetime. Be proud of yourself that you’re aware that amazing growth is currently taking place.

The key point that I really want you to feel is this:

You are so worthy of love. If you could do anything right now, in this moment, that will give you the greatest level of comfort…start loving yourself and mapping out your path moving forward no matter who is coming along with you for the ride. You are the star of your own show. You are a magnificent energetic being that is perfectly aligned with everything that shows up in your life. You are fine with it all and you don’t push against reality because you know that going with the flow is a true miracle. xo

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(Extra Resources to Manifest LOVE : If you want to get rid of your energy blocks relationships, love or attracting anything then please check out our full course called MANIFEST: Dare to Desire. Click here to take your manifesting results to the next level.)

MANIFEST by Sarah Prout

Our roles in life are usually multifunctional and beautifully complex.

Take me for example…

I’m a wife, a mother of three, a business partner, a friend, a daughter, a little sister, a big sister, a daughter-in-law and the list goes on…

Every different role that we play in our lives has a divine golden thread of consciousness that allows us to learn from each type of relationship.

At times we have to transform with the ever-changing emotional landscape of the people and loved ones around us. We learn to acclimatise to the variations of flow and pace that is mutually set within the parameters of friendship, marriage or partnership.

Here are 7 Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships that I believe curate an outstanding foundation for love to flourish in any situation…

1. Understand that relationships are powerful teachers

We all learn and grow at different paces. Life ebbs and flows during different times for us to expand our consciousness and be fully present in the beauty of whatever shows up in our reality. This can sometimes be in the form of conflict, family drama, old relationship wounds, feelings of unworthiness or whatever happens within us that another has the ability to trigger.

Our families are usually the ones that know how to push our buttons because they’re the ones that installed them and put them there.

However, it’s up to us as to whether we allow the detonation to take place. So whatever the fallout, just know that growth is happening.

The yucky feelings, resentment, sadness or anger are a beautiful opportunity to grow and rise above it in order to move forward.

2. Commitment to growth and change sustains the relationship

My beautiful husband pointed this out to me a few days ago and I really felt the need to share this one…

If you’re not prepared to help nurture and heal a relationship, and all you want to do is be right and cause more pain then your relationship isn’t healthy…it’s toxic.

Being committed to healing and overcoming obstacles together in life will be the magic medicine to walk hand in hand into a healthy future.

3. A mutual exchange of energy must be balanced

The people that take, take, take without giving ensure that the relationship won’t feel harmonious. You need to make sure that you offer the same level of support as the people that are willing to support you. This can be in various forms, but please be aware if you’re making the relationship more about you than taking an interest in nurturing the other person. Otherwise you run the risk of being seen as an emotional vampire.

4. Boundaries are imperative

If you don’t set boundaries with yourself and others then you set yourself up for a crummy time.

Draw deep fucking lines in the sand and stand guard with gentleness to assert the boundaries when you feel they are being pushed. This takes courage and strength… but will be so worth it.

5. There is no shame in seeking professional help

If you feel that things need to get out of your head and you need to be heard by someone that can offer objective and non-judgemental advice/feedback, then find someone to talk to. I’ve been to psychologists, councellors,  a kinesiologist, energy healers, turned to treasured mentors, plus many more. There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, it’s so liberating.

It is a true act of self love to make sure you seek help when you need it, just to allow yourself the space to see beyond the situation and diffuse the drama.

6. Compromise, Acceptance and Tolerance will go a long way

My dearly departed meditation teacher used to tell me that the secret to a long lasting marriage was compromise, acceptance and tolerance. He said it was letting the ‘CAT’ out of the bag and to remember it in times of upheaval.

[Tweet “Kindness goes a long freakin’ way.”]

Why can we be so mean to the people we love? I guess it’s important to remember that we’re all mirrors of one another. Which is why my husband and I had ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake as our first dance for our wedding. Also: Kindness goes a long freakin’ way.

7. Life is too short to not be committed to authentic and meaningful relationships

Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. It’s imperative to make sure your loved ones know you love them and that you are committed to having real and authentic relationships with people.

Allow yourself to step away and create space from the people that hurt you (even if they are your family) and be committed to sending them love, offering forgiveness, compassion (energetically) and then handing over situations beyond your control to the Universe to sort it out. Miracles will happen. 


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