We sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around. We also completely forget that we have these innate super powers within us that are all uniquely our own. Each and every person on this planet has a power within them when they cultivate the awareness of what it is and how to use it. Like anything in life you can either ‘use it’ or you ‘lose it’.

Here are the top The 8 Intuitive Faculties of Inspired Action that can be activated as soon as you remember how to use them.

Note: the more you pay attention to them and feel appreciation, the more these powers will show up when you need them the most.

1. The Power of Discernment

The discerning intuitive is decisive by nature, and by no means a fence sitter. You can use the power of discernment on an daily basis, if not hourly. Discernment is when you allow yourself to tune into what is the best path or option is to take from a space of FEELING for alignment. For instance, if you are hungry then you turn to your discernment to energetically tune yourself into your decision. You learn how to decide which option is best for you and the most nourishing. Would it be cookies or fruit? What does your discernment tell you is better to nuture your body? Disernment is all about cultivating those intuitive nudges and messages that we are given all day, every day, by the Universe.

Power Question: How could you use your discernment today?

2. The Power of Healing

When you’re a healer or a light worker you know it without a shadow of a doubt. Some people might feel a certain type of heat in their hands or a “knowing” that when someone is suffering they have the power to lift their vibration and facilitate the required nurturing back to wellness. The healer has the amazing ability to flow energy from the highest Universal sources into their patience and then back to a state of harmony. In fact, all of us also have the power of self-healing as long as we make sure we take care of our minds, our hearts and our bodies on a daily basis with inspired action.

Power Question: What can you begin to heal in your life today?

3. The Power of Compassion

The deeply intuitive empath FEELS EVERYTHING and offers the heart space to display compassion. This beautiful softening energy is an almighty balancing force in the world that is required to uplift others in times of need. The compassionate soul is a true lightworker that doesn’t feel the need to blame and shame or propagate wrongness. Instead, he or she feels the need to illuminate a path of unconditioanl love no matter what the situation. They hold space for those in need which enriches the energy of humanity.

Power Question: Who could you cultivate compassion for today?

4. The Power of Lightheartedness

The intuitive faculity of lightheartedness is one of pure sunshine and joy. These people know how to NOT make everything about themselves and see the silver lining in any situation. The lighthearted person makes it their mission to laugh a lot and raise the vibration around them with comic relief. They know that life and drama isn’t to be taken seriously, and that elevating human consciousness through being joyful is the key to lasting happiness.

Power Question: How can you be more lighthearted today?

5. The Power of Reverence

Deep, soulful, meaningful reverence is truly beautiful. The person that can conjure the sacred space for people to be reminded of their divinity is truly awe-inspiring. The reverant person knows how to protect and promote the sanctity of spiritual practice. He or she would never stand in judgement, instead they inspire others by walking the talk.

Power Question: In what ways could I be more reverent in my life and honor the Divine within?

6. The Power of Manifesting

The power manifestor knows how to use their thoughts and feelings to create their own reality. They understand that everything happens in the etheric realm first, and our role is to catch up by aligning with our desires The power manifestor is an expert at managing their vibrational energy and sparking a constant communion with the Universe though rituals, meditation and the art of surrender. These people know how to imprint the Divine Mind and create their own miracles.

Power Question: What am I currently in the process of manifesting based on my thoughts right now?

7. The Power of Awareness

The AWARE intutive sees everything that is going on energetcially with people. They understand on a very deep level that there is always more than meets the eye. The people with the most amount of consciousness awareness are those that walk through life without letting fear rule the roost. They choose to see the world thorugh the filter of LOVE and know that most people that are suffering just need to align with a sense of connection to the bigger picture. Awareness is cultivated by truly seeing people for who they are – and that is, beautiful divine, amazing creatures.

Power Question: How can I cultivate more awareness and consciousness in my life?

8. The Power of Forgiveness

The person that has the power to forgive another for wrongdoings releases the burden from their heart. They free their cells and allow the magic of the Universe to shine through them. Forgiveness is one of the toughest powers to cultivate for a reason because it can sometimes test you to your limits. The forgiving soul is a wise soul. The forgiving soul is a FREE soul that rises above oppression and lives life regardless of the actions of others.

Power Question: Who can I forgive today? How can I forgive myself and be more compassionate today?

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Things can happen in life that make you hit rock bottom, feel like you’re stuck in a rut or trapped in the monotonous cycle of the daily grind. But what if you stopped to smell the roses? What if you took time to remind yourself that there’s a much bigger picture at play and it’s time to venture out of your head and into your beautiful heart?

Here are 12 Pieces of Spiritual Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life…

1. You’re here to learn and grow

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. The true beauty of life is activated with the awareness that growth can’t be avoided and that everything that happens is a sublimely crafted lesson for the expansion of your consciousness.

2. Everything happens in Divine timing

You might get impatient and tired of waiting for Mr. Right to show up, the million dollars to land in your bank account, or for your baby to manifest – just remember that everything happens in Divine timing. Meaning, everything unfolds when it is meant to. Your higher self is in the driver’s seat vibrationally aligning with your desires in order for them to manifest into your physical reality.

3. There always has to be a better way

A powerful lesson that is taught in the book ‘A Course In Miracles’ states that there always has to be a better way. This means that there are always unlimited possibilities that can unfold for you and our role is to surrender to the process trusting that the Divine within will illuminate the path.

4. Getting comfortable with uncertainty is the secret

When you release attachments to a specific outcome and you cease clinging to safety then miracles will happen. Nothing powerful or amazing ever came from a comfort zone.

5. Without gratitude, you’re running on empty

You can’t feel pissed off when you’re feeling grateful. One of the deepest spiritual practices is to cultivated appreciation for everything that shows up in your reality – even the shitty stuff.

6. Your thoughts become things

The Universe listens and responds to everything you think and feel. ‪Basically, everything you put out there will always come back to you. Florence Shovel Shinn refers to it as the law of ‘Boomerangs’.

So here’s a question for you: What are your thoughts creating right now? If you need direction and guidance with this question then I’d highly encourage you to learn my powerful 5×55 manifesting formula that thousands of my students have experienced success implementing. 

7. You cannot waste time or make mistakes

Since everything constructs the fabric of who you are NOW, then time cannot be wasted. Also, since you’re a human being you’re totally allowed to make mistakes. It’s how you learn to choose to take the high road next time and choose a better way.

8. Empathy and compassion keep you connected

We’re all ONE – part of the same exquisite whole that animates the entire Universe. When you hold space for others with your intuitive and emotional faculties then you actively close the gap of separatism and open your heart to the almighty power of humanity.

**Just meditate on that one for a moment.**

9. Your body is a temple

I believe that everything is a downward flow from the spiritual, to the mental and then the physical. When you take care of your soul it will show in your body such as through maintaining vibrant health and vitality. Also, fuelling your temple with ‘live’ foods will help a lot too.

10. We are vibrational beings

We live in a Universe that is an ‘ocean of motion’ – everything contains a buzzing frequency and like always attracts like. Just remember that you are a beautiful clump of atoms that waft through this life intentionally.

11. Bliss is essential for living fully

Feeling good is so much more powerful than the negative energy generated by consciously choosing to be sad or cranky. The best way to use your time wisely is to laugh, do things that make you happy, get out of your head and into your heart and fully allow yourself to feel awe and wonder. Babies and children have it dialled in, so allow your inner child to lead the way.

12. One day you’re going to transition (kick the bucket)

Immortality is so easy to forget when you have screaming kids, dinner to make, bills to pay and other vacuous pursuits to prioritize. Just remember that life is a gift and being present with each moment will make you have a much fuller experience.

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As a “spiritual” warrior helping to wake up the planet (with loving thunderbolts of consciousness that you are fierce enough to hold in your heart) you need to learn some vital soul-growing skills in order to survive.

Following my wildly popular article called 10 Things You Should Never Apologise for For…Ever (nearly 50k likes!!) I wanted to expand upon the content and add a few more things but in a more ‘spiritual’ context. 

The art of apologizing is an extremely soul expanding and humbling thing to do. However, there are times in your life when you feel the need to say sorry for the silliest things that you don’t need to feel self conscious about when it comes to nurturing your soul.

It is my belief that you should never have to explain yourself or get defensive about the following items. Next time you feel the need to be apologetic, make sure that you feel empowered to stay true to your core spiritual practices.

Here are 10 Spiritual Things You Should Never Apologise For…

1. Your beliefs

You should never say sorry for what you believe in. Your beliefs are uniquely yours, and as long as they don’t cause harm to another human being you are perfectly entitled to believe in whatever you feel serves your soul in the highest way possible.

Hint: Just don’t push your beliefs on others if you know they’re not into it. That’s one of the fastest ways to piss people off.

2. Your intuition

You should never say sorry for the way your intuition shows up in your life. It’s a gift!

When you have a really strong gut feeling about something and feel driven to follow your intuition, make sure you honor the process.

Hint: Intuition is like a muscle. The more you strengthen it with trust, the more it will show up to serve you when you need it to. 

3. How much money you earn

You should never apologize for how much (or little) abundance shows up in your life. Your levels of prosperity are none of anyone else’s business.

Hint: You are perfectly allowed to be spiritual and rich. You are also perfectly allowed to be spiritual and living a life without struggle.

4. What you want to manifest

If you want to manifest a Ferrari, a hot new pair of shoes or a new crystal for your collection there is no need to apologize. No matter what desires you hold close to your heart, there is no need to say sorry for what you want to manifest.

Hint: Everything is “spiritual” as it’s part of the invitation from the Divine to expand and fully live in the physical reality we consciously choose to occupy.

5. How you connect to the Divine within

You should never apologize for how you choose to worship and connect with Infinite Spirit. Prayer, meditation, yoga, being in nature and all of the other ways are all yours to express in any way you wish.

Hint: Your sacred spiritual practice is your own business.

6. Union with your beloved

It doesn’t matter who they are, what gender they are, race, religion, financial background…and the list goes on. Who you choose to create “union” with and love is up to you. The greatest spiritual exchanges happen through the sanctity of intimacy and you should never feel the need to say sorry for it.

Hint: It’s totally up to you to define and to set the boundaries of what feels safe to nurture your soul.

7. Wasting time

You can never waste time, so don’t even bother saying sorry that you’re not where you think you should be in your life right now.

Hint: If you think you’ve wasted time then you can’t see the bigger picture that was being crafted in the process. Not a single moment of your life is ever wasted.

8. The process of emptying out

Sometimes you just have to lose your shit. This might come in the form of off-loading to one of your loved ones, screaming, throwing a tantrum, screaming into your pillow or crying for hours. The process of emptying out is something that will happen automatically if you don’t get a proper conscious handle on your energy. Once the dust settles after the storm, you usually feel like a donkey’s ass, but rest assured the process of emptying out is something never to apologize for (unless you hurt someone else of course).

Hint: Surround yourself with people that can help to support your throughout a meltdown. Full moon times are also prime triggers for emotional upheaval. 

9. The people that inspire you

Never apologize for the people you draw inspiration from. One teacher is not better than the other.

Hint: The teacher and the student are always a match, until they’re not any more.

10. Messing up

As ‘spiritual’ beings we all mess up and make mistakes – we’re human. If you make a mistake then OWN IT and say sorry. But never apologize for things like failure or things that are out of your control (like miscarriage or illness). Messing up and apparent failure are all part of the same beautiful process to facilitate expansion.

Hint: When you mess up, you have the chance to blossom and expand your consciousness even more.

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Last weekend I viewed a $10 million dollar home, sat in the driver’s seat of a brand spanking new Lamborghini, realised I’d been quoted in the same article 17 times as the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, posted a video of me sitting poolside in my beautiful Las Vegas home and I had brunch at a local casino called Red Rock with my hot man and my three babies. It was a teeny tiny snapshot into the abundance and creativity I try to surround myself with on a daily basis. I feel grateful and super blessed for everything.

However, I got slammed by a few people on Facebook saying that I wasn’t very ‘spiritual’ for surrounding myself in materialism – I was even accused of crossing over the Dark Side just for living in Vegas. And as Tay Tay reminds us: ‘Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.’

I’m just going to shake it off…

…because this was a brilliant opportunity to write a post about the way I really feel when it comes to limiting beliefs, ESPECIALLY around the theme of spirituality.

First up, we are ALL spiritual. Unless you sold your soul to the devil, are a robot, got bitten by a zombie, work at a cigarette manufacturer (I’m kidding) or you’ve woken up from being Cryogenically frozen…then more than likely you have a soul. Thus…


So here are the Top 10 Bullshit Rules of Spirituality that prevent people from seeing the big picture.

It’s our beliefs that either allow us to be in pure flow and love OR they can restrict our flow of consciousness and cause severe energetic constipation.

So here goes…

1. You can’t be spiritual AND rich

Bullshit. Yes you can. Please refer to the work of Oprah Winfrey as a reference point. She’s the boiling point for where consciousness and cash make sweet love and inspire the world.

People that are ‘spiritual’ and have a message to share with the world (and are of deep service) are allowed to be wealthy because it also means that they can help the world to wake up and thrive. It’s all about people, planet and profits. 

2. You have to meditate in a certain way or posture

Bullshit. No you don’t. You’re allowed to meditate in any way you want that allows you to connect to the Divine and get you from zero to blissful surrender in the best and fastest way possible. If you meditate when you’re in bed, or when you’re listening to Metallica (if you can) then only you get to define the shape and form that worship and prayer manifest for you in your life.

3. All bad people are going to hell

Bullshit. Bad people are already in hell – especially the pedophiles, people that eat grapes in the supermarket and the criminally insane. Also note: the definition of ‘bad’ is a moveable feast.

The other fabulous thing about ‘being spiritual’ is the concept of forgiveness. People that do ‘bad’ things are suffering and even the tiniest grain of compassion for them as human beings will make the world shine a little brighter.

4. Only specific religions and believers can get into heaven

Bullshit. Not a single person on the planet can say with 100% accuracy what happens after we die. Even the people that have crossed over the furthest can’t know for sure. My best guess is that our clump of atoms merges into Oneness and into the frequency that we appeared from. As Belinda Carlisle reminded us in the 80’s: ‘We’ll make heaven a place on earth‘.

5. You have to be vegetarian or vegan

Bullshit. Although I do believe that the vibration of our food is really important to pay close attention to. Even a vegan could eat a bowl of energetically bankrupt guacamole. It’s all about the consciousness that you bring to the food that you fuel your body with. And sending love and deep appreciation to the animal that gave its life to you. Eating and food consumption can become a prayer of gratitude no matter what it is.

6. Sex is bad

Bullshit. Sex is good. Deep, soulful love making with a person you trust with your life is also pretty darn sweet. However exploitation (whether consuming or participating), non-consensual situations or violent acts are where the lines get blurred and people turn something beautiful (like love making) into something shameful. Make sure you know the line between the two and walk the conscious path.

7. Negative energy is to be avoided

Bullshit. If you find yourself identifying that something, someone or somewhere has weird vibes then use it as an opportunity to zip yourself up and ask for protection. These situations offer the best opportunity to grow and expand as a spiritual being because your ability to tolerate is being encouraged to flourish.

8. Getting angry is a big no no

Bullshit. Anger is natural as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Just like farts, anger is much better out than in or else you’re going to get sick.

9. Marketing your message is wrong

Bullshit. Yes, I am a self-help writer and I’m on a mission to connect with as many hearts and minds as I possibly can in my lifetime. Should I not use Facebook ads to get my message out there? Should I not use certain sales techniques to make it easier for you to decide to buy my products? Nope.

I am a teacher of spirituality and I need a veichle for my message and that just happens to be marketing and sales.

10. Becoming enlightened is the end goal

Bullshit. What the hell would be left to enjoy, learn and grow from if you were enlightened? The goal here people is to always cultivate a connection and an open dialogue between yourself and the Universe. The goal is not to achieve Nirvana and create separation between yourself and everyone else, because that’s super bullshit – ONENESS and the unity of being human is the closest thing to being enlightened.

One last thing to always remember when you ask yourself if something is ‘spiritual’ or ‘the right vibration’….


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When Spiritual People Do Bad Things

Recently my husband and I have been watching an awesome TV series called Hand of God. It’s pretty messed up – laced with dark humour and wrongdoings in the name of seeking divinity. A particular line that the preacher said in his sermon stuck in my mind and I knew I needed to write about it…


Meaning, if life (God or the Universe) doesn’t test you then you can’t grow spiritually.

These tests can come in the form of making bad decisions or when life just shows up in uncertain and painful ways like recurrent miscarriage or the death of a loved one – things that are totally out of your control.

I loved this quote because I find it to be sublime truth.

The best ‘spiritual teachers’ out there have experienced the pits of despair and darkness to get to the light. They’ve been in training in order to know how to manage their energy and help to support others.

For the record, everyone is ‘spiritual’ but I want to address the teachers and the individuals that have consciously declared that they are either light workers, healers, metaphysicians and self-helpers. And I’m not talking about the bad things that have happened since the dawn of time in the name of God or religion…I’m talking about the ordinary people that have made so-called ‘bad’ and painful choices that have caused distress for others and ultimately themselves. These are situations that they had the option of not exploring but did anyway.

It’s my hope to empower our shadow selves, the deep, dark and hidden corners of our lives that we keep private. By being honest and open about our paths gives other people permission to learn from our mistakes.

Honesty and transparency can help others step into the light.

Take me for example, and please don’t judge…

I lied to my first husband telling him that I had appointments at metaphysical bookstores to arrange book signings while I was in bed with another man.

Having an affair was one of the most soul-destroying, shameful, painful and rotten things I have ever experienced. It’s taken years to rise above the guilt and move forward.

At the time I felt entitled to do whatever I wanted to do because I had been in a domestically violent relationship for nearly a decade. Life got so painful that I did something that I vowed I would never do and also had judged others for doing as well.

This was the commencement of my undoing which lead to so much emotional trauma. It also disadvantaged my children because we had to live below the poverty line when I made the decision to finally leave my marriage and become a single mother.

What I didn’t expect was that rising above the pain after the dust settled meant that I was forever changed. This experience woke me up. It empowered me. It gave me FREEDOM.

Did I learn something from this? Youbetcha. 

I learnt that loving myself is about doing everything I do in my life with consciousness and awareness at how it will impact others around me. I now know that errors in judgement are great opportunities to grow.

I know that just as putting my hand in a fire will burn me, so too will being dishonest. And as dishonest as I was to my first husband at that time, I was INFINITELY more dishonest with MYSELF.

This awareness (however) doesn’t give someone permission to go out and behave any way they wish in the name of personal growth. It means that life and the fuck-ups we make along the way are exquisite opportunities to heal, to forgive and to forge forward.

If you’re currently experiencing this darkness, the contrast of life or any emotional pain please take a moment to step back and know that this too shall pass. It will.

Right now you are being tested, strengthened and prepared to rise into greatness.

I guarantee that all of the ‘gurus’ that you can think of have experienced various shades of adversity to get to the point they can teach people how to walk a better path. These teachers, just like me, are like shock absorbers that help to disippate energy for people. They lessen the severity of the learning curves and can warn you and guide you that there is always a better way.

Your life will transform as soon as you illuminate your heart with the awareness that LOVE is so much stronger and more powerful than any mistake you could ever make.

Want more of this juicy stuff to inspire your manifesting journey? If you would like to read the full story of how I got to where I am today then check out my bestselling book series called Adventures In Manifesting. It has over 200+ stories of people rising above adversity to live a life of greatness. xo


Being sensitive to certain energies can be both a blessing and curse if you’re unsure of how to navigate the rollercoaster-esque vibrational frequencies of life.

Many ‘spiritual’ people can become fearful when they become aware of energies and can sometimes label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on their level of discernment.

I like to teach my manifesting students how to ‘zip themselves up’ energetically (when they remember) in order to avoid separation from Oneness. This took me many years to learn, and in all honesty I still get freaked out sometimes at how my intuitive faculties pick on thought-forms and energies that I am unable to process. My kids tease me sometimes that I might get a ‘spiritual headache’ if something just feels off.

Instead of focussing on the negative side of energy management though, here are 10 Ways Spiritual Empaths and Intuitives Use Their Super Powers to make life more empowered.

1. When house hunting

I experienced this recently when we were looking for our home here in Vegas. We thought a home looked beautiful and then felt the varying energies that resided in the home and they were not very pleasant. I’m convinced one of the homes was a 70’s sex party mansion and there is no way in the world I would want my kids living there! Even our realtor picked up on the energy and we laughed about it.

Intuitive people know the perfect environment that will require minimal energetic clean up to start living in a harmonious frequency. Intuitive people also know that burning sage will help a lot.

2. When surrounded by emotionally needy people

You know that people that are self-absorbed and only talk about themselves?

“Me, me, more about me…what do you think of me?”

People that mooch off your energy can be seen coming a mile away. When this happens intuitive people tend to reflect their energetic protection in their body language. Legs will cross and arms will fold.

Intuitive people know when and who to open themselves up to in order to exchange energy.

3. When someone is dying or very ill

One of the best intuitive super powers is compassion.

When someone is dying or ill the best method to offer your light worker assistance is to be fully present in each moment with the person. The life-force is being drawn out like an ocean tide and the intuitive’s role is to love and send love through the duration of the transition.

Death is perfectly natural and beautiful when you remove the sadness and grief of losing a loved one. Intuitive people know that death is a transition into Oneness and pure love.

4. When someone is dishonest

Intuitive people have amazingly effective bullshit detectors.

When someone is telling fibs (like Pinocchio) or not being honest, an intuitive person will see through the bull crud and see the real reason why someone feels the need to be untruthful.

Again, compassion is the intuitive’s greatest spiritual tool.

5. When spirits or ghosts are present

Intuitives know when ghosts or spirits are around. Just like that kid in the movie “Sixth Sense” – an intuitive can see dead people or feel them.

Most to the time there is nothing to fear and it’s just important to surround yourself in white light and request that the entity move to another frequency. Sometimes these spirits have messages etc, but my belief (my personal belief) is that there isn’t really a need to go calling that type of energy out.

Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters however are a different story. Intuitives ALWAYS connect with their helpers to help sustain the lightwkrker energy.

6. Whether or not Universal signs are genuine or not

Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow. I used to get so excited that any rainbow was a massive sign of alignment. Now I feel my way into universal signs and discern whether or not they are in direct correlation to the intention that I’m working with at that point in time.

Intuitives hold a very special set of “signs” that will always connect them to “Source” as a powerful reminder service.

7. To discern which path is the one of least resistance

Intuitive people love being able to see the high-level overview of the path of least resistance. When they can’t see it, there is a lesson to be learned – like everyone on the planet.

8. Romantic compatibility

This super power can have its downside because knowing when a couple are compatible or not can be quite confronting. When a pair just aren’t meant to be together and they’re doing it because it’s what they think will be the best course of action to take, it means that you have to step back, let go and release the outcome to the Universe.

Intuitive people know that TRUE LOVE prevails.

9. Knowing which food will be the most nourishing

Intuitive people will always honour what will nourish their bodies and stay away from foods that are toxic to them. Intuitive people also know how to bless their food to enhance the vibrational essence.

10. When dreams have meaning

Just like knowing when to interpret signs from the Universe, the intuitive person knows when dreams are incredibly meaningful or when it’s just your subconscious mind doing the housekeeping.

Dreams are a powerful way for intuitive to process their super powers and grow in soulful strength.

Did you like this? Know of any other ways that intuitive or empathic people use their super powers? Please comment below. xo

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Have you ever shared a personal concern or story with someone and you could feel that they didn’t really understand or get it? The person might have nodded and smiled, but you knew that they were unable to connect with the concept and fully support you. Sometimes that can be really frustrating…


Have you ever not been able to fully be present in the moment with someone else when they were sharing a heartfelt experience? This person was perhaps pouring out emotion and you just couldn’t empathise, connect or understand what the big deal was all about?

The concepts that we are destined to understand over the course of our lifetimes are always like peeling back the never-ending layers of an onion. Our life has seasonal levels of comprehension which can range from just the tip of the iceberg to massive icebergs of awareness that hit us with the full force of understanding when they’re meant to. This in turn determines the depth of the level of empathy and compassion we’re able to offer based on our own experiences through life

There is a beautiful energetic exchange that occurs when you show empathy and compassion for people.

It means that you’re not being self-indulgent and you’re truly showing up in a capacity which helps your soul to expand by being of service to others.

Even if you don’t fully understand….try and be open to the experience of being empathetic. It extends your range of feelings, it can heighten your intuition and it can also be saved in your memory palace for times when you need to reference how to deal with certain situations.

When you cultivate the capacity to feel empathy and compassion for what another human being is experiencing, then you have the power to expand your consciousness.

This is why it’s so important to read the stories of what other people have experienced in their lives. Because when you tune into their triumphs after they have risen up from the pits of despair, you actually connect to the energy of success, love and compassion.

These energetic currencies are what fuel the human spirit.

Simply put, if you feel the true journey to success, you will energetically mooch off it (in a positive way) and draw it into your vibration. This in turn will manifest all good things.

Take what happened to me for example…

I was on my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic in 2013 and was suffering a miscarriage (1 out of 5 in 12 months). It was supposed to be the happiest time of my life, but I felt like I was sinking into a pit of despair. Desperate to make myself feel a little better and see people that had overcome the same obstacle, I turned to the ‘Health and Happiness’ book in our bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series to read a chapter called ‘When Faith Is All You Have’ by Shelby Alexander Griggs.

She shares the story of how she suffered multiple pregnancy losses and just as she was about to give up hope, she manifested a healthy baby girl against all odds.

Her inspiring story gave me hope. It kept me on my own path to holding the vision of carrying a healthy baby one day. As many of you know, my baby Lulu Dawn was born in March 2015.

The power of real-life inspiration like this, held with the power of empathy and compassion cannot be underestimated. It shows you what is possible and that real people, just like you can achieve amazing results.

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A few years ago my son was given an assignment to write a poem for his literature class. I found it accidentally and was so profoundly moved by the beauty of his words and the exquisite gift he had for alliteration and creative construct.

The theme of the poem was about teenage ‘issues’. It was an articulate, well-crafted insight into the brewing emotional landscape of a soul that could feel on such a deep and profound level.

My husband then had to the ‘genius idea’ to Google a few of the words from the poem and can you guess what popped up?

You guessed it…

THE SAME POEM that my son had literally ripped off from an award-winning poetry website.

This was a severe learning curve for my son. He is one of the most honest and fair people I have ever met. This incident, however, was one of those teenage fuck-ups that you have to experience to know how far you can push the boundaries. Needless to say, Sean and I came down on his like a ton of bricks and he had some severe consequences for his actions. I think it was no Playstation for a month or something like that. Thomas grew stronger from this experience. 

Anyway, today it was brought to my attention that one of my manifesting students had plagiarised my work. Pretty much by copying and pasting the words into her own formatted copy and adding a few carefully different concepts in there in the hope that no one would notice. Even some of the spelling errors were the same!

Yes, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but plagiarism is illegal.

I’m a writer to the core of my soul. Everything that I create comes from my heart and I have a pretty high standard to intuitively communicate content that I know will help and inspire people.

When it’s stolen from me I feel like a huge injustice has occurred.

My ego feels a little bent out of shape right now, but my heart and energy field feels like someone stole my Unicorn horn.

I could only imagine how Louis Vuitton feels with all of the cheap and nasty knock-offs (Gluey Vuitton) in Thailand or Bali.

It’s a creative slap in the face.  Even so-called ‘spiritual teachers’ (like this lady) aren’t afraid to compromise their integrity and steal the words that rightfully belong to someone else.

In my quest to honor my truth, I sent the said plagiarist a cease and desist letter so that her and her associates cannot keep promoting content that is rightfully mine. If you see it, please message me. I’ve already had a few people share their concerns.

The moral of the story?

Don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

There is a sacred space between a writer and their work that is not allowed to be messed with.

If you can’t write your own content then for fuck’s sake don’t steal someone else’s. Karma is a bitch, but there are some beautiful and loving lessons for me to learn from here somewhere right? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below…