We live in an ‘ocean of motion’. There is not anything within this beautiful Universe that doesn’t vibrate at an atomic level. As an empath, light worker or intuitive person, you might be highly sensitive to the feelings of others and the energy around you as the ether that binds the fabric of reality is literally being constructed around us at all times. It’s exquisitely mind-boggling to ponder.

The truth is that ALL of us have the power to manifest our desires, but it’s the people that cultivate a level of discernment with the energy they experience first-hand that determines what flows with ease, and what is hindered by metaphysical resistance.

Here are 7 Signs That You Are Highly Intuitive and Sensitive to Energy….

1. You have “knowings” about things before they happen

You might get a bad feeling in your gut or a feeling of optimism that something will work out for the best. Either way, you “know” within your heart that an outcome will happen before you hear the news. I had a dream about the devastating tsunami in 2004 as it was happening. I was staying in London at the time and remember that I saw a vision of the world as if I was standing back looking at a toy globe. I then saw large land masses being covered in water as I was floating out in the cosmos as a witness. When I woke up I knew something was wrong, I could feel it in my bones. I turned on the TV and news was just starting to emerge that hundreds of thousands of people had died as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

#SoulNote: Not all “knowings” have to be bad news.

Have you ever had a feeling that someone was pregnant? Or have you thought of an old friend and then they contact you out of the blue? Your body often feels energetic responses as a way to discern events that are in the process of unfolding. You might feel a pang in your stomach, an itchy hand, hairs standing up on your neck, butterflies etc. It’s a personal process to identify.

2. Certain situations freak you out

People that are highly sensitive to energy are often easily stimulated by sensory experiences such as loud noises, food and crowded places. Anywhere that has been heavily populated by human beings will make an empath’s senses go into overdrive.

#SoulNote: Always choose love over fear.

As your “super-powers” grow you need to train yourself to find the blessing in all situations rather than allowing fear of feeling the various energetic fields keep you separate.

3. Your bullshit detector is always on point

More than likely you’re an expert at reading body language, the words people choose to use and the energetic patterns you can identify in others. It’s beyond judgement, it’s in a space where you see the truth and the reason why someone is presenting a less-than-harmonious vibration to the world.

#SoulNote: If you “know” something about someone please keep it to yourself. Friendships/relationships could be damaged.

Just because you have a super-dooper bullsheeto detector does not mean you will always be correct. The detector works on hunches and if used effectively chooses to send love to the energy of deception, wrongdoings and negativity because another human being is suffering and deserves love. The reason you have the detector is to do some deep spiritual work on yourself.

4. You have clear visions

The intuitive can see things with precise clarity in their mind’s eye. They can see what they would love to manifest – they see the details and are super-skilled at translating vibration into a visual format that helps them to identify the messages from the Universe they are being given.

#SoulNote: Write all of your visions or metal flashes down.

I have kept journals for many years about the visions and dreams I would have of my children prior to their conception. For instance, I had a “vision” of my son when I was 16. In the vision he said: “See you when I’m ready to be born Mummy.”

He was about 2 years old, spoke to me in a British accent, and had curly blonde hair like a cherub. Just five years later I was married to a man from England and at two years old my son Thomas was exactly like the child in the vision.

5. You feel soul-to-soul connections with people

More than likely the people you are close with in your life you feel like you have known for lifetimes. Perhaps you are part of a twin flame union or a soul mate?

#SoulNote: People with very high levels of intuition are excellent at attracting the right people in their life to support their gifts and to understand and support their experiences. 

6. You feel the need to recharge with your own company

A highly intuitive person and someone who is sensitive to energy needs to retreat into solitude in order to recharge their soul battery. It’s an imperative part of of the process of honing your gift and using it wisely. Whether it’s spending time in nature or binge watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, it’s ALONE TIME to recalibrate your soul and it’s super important to do so.

7. You’re a power manifestor and you know it

Being a conscious creator is so important, because when you’re actively taking charge of your reality you can master your fate. Anything can happen to you and you have all of the tools you need in your spiritual toolbox to be okay no matter what the Universe brings to you.

#SoulNote: As a highly sensitive person to energy you have an extraordinary amount of power within you to create your own reality.

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The etheric realm is where all of your juicy vibrational action happens first. Your intentions, feelings, desires and energy all hang out in this Divine holding space for you to align with them and then ALLOW life to welcome them into your world.

You’re creating this magic on a moment-by-moment basis.

Your current reality (as in, right now) is a mere echo of the energy that has played out on the non-physical plane first. So it’s vital we learn how to nurture our relationship with the unseen world and make sure that the right energy is being sent there in order for it to be bounced back to us with razor-sharp accuracy.

Ask yourself the following 3 “power questions” to delve into making sure that the unseen world will release your goodies from the vibrational warehouse of awesomeness.

make-the-unseen-world-your-obsessionHow can I raise my vibration?

A great way to manifest at a lightening fast pace is to ask yourself how you can raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more in alignment with your desires you are. Thus, you are releasing the energetic blocks that sometimes constrict the flow and stop the Law of Attraction from working her magic.

Creative ways that people raise their vibration is through meditation, doing things they love or perhaps surrounding themselves in inspiration that sparks a heart-based reaction in their souls.

Dancing, cooking, love-making, shopping, being in nature – whatever floats your boat, just do it. 

#SoulNote: Check in on your energy and see how you can serve your soul by focussing on things to appreciate. This is a high-vibe activity that will shift energy like wildfire.

How can I connect to the Universe?

The concept that we are separate from others and the Universe (or God) is a big fat whopping illusion. It’s a lie to keep us small.

We are all part of the same exquisite fabric of Oneness, and we are all in this together. 

When you ask yourself how you can connect to the Universe, you need to ask how you can remind yourself of the innate connection you have always had. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, getting out into nature – it’s important that you remember that you are part of a much bigger picture and that the unseen world is more your home than the bricks and mortar that currently house you in this physical realm.

#SoulNote: Your role is to remember your connection to the Universe and that your soul is infinite LOVE.

How can I imprint my sub-conscious mind?

Rituals (like my bestselling Ancient Manifesting Ritual) are an excellent way to program the unseen world to deliver your desires. However, you need to remember the importance of training your mind/body/spirit complex to order from the cosmic catalog of life. Once you develop a spiritual practice around this theme you will notice a miraculous shift in the things that start to show up.


The ritual is a super-easy process and one I’ll take you through step-by-step so there’s no guess work at all. You’re going to love it!

Affirmations are another great way to load up your vibe-house with etheric goodness. When you immerse yourself in positive affirmations, invocations and messages, then you begin to watch your life blossom around you with things/people/places and experience that please you.

(NOTE: Let me start by saying that this article is own my personal opinion. Try it on, see whether it fits well within your heart. It’s not intended to spark a religious debate, as I deeply honour and respect all of the world’s religions. Apparently, the word ‘religion’ derives from Latin which means to ‘bind in devotion’ – which is truly a beautiful definition.)

Here goes…

The Universe, God, The Force, Source Energy (or whatever you choose to refer to it as) is an omnipotent vibration that flows though everything that exists. To me, God is the highest frequency of pure LOVE that animates all that is and all that has ever been.

This, is true Cosmic Consciousness – the flow that we surrender to, remember and merge with in order to manifest our desires.

It governs Universal law such as attraction, non-resistance, forgiveness, karma, gravity and all of the others. It’s the spark within your soul that connects the dots and illuminates the all-pervading essence of our true being.

Long before there were places of worship such as Temples, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Gurudawaras there were people that had a deep knowing and innate wisdom that they were a tiny fragment of the almighty Oneness that flows through everything. They felt connected to the land, to the wisdom of their bodies, and to the cycles of nature that still ebb and flow with the seasons today.

So how do we connect? 

The conscious awareness that we are part of a much bigger picture gets triggered when we feel deep, meaningful and true unconditional love. This can be when a baby is born, or when we see something so beautiful (like a candy-hued dawn or the crisp cool tones of the ocean) with the Divine subtle colours that dwarf our egos and remind us that the present moment of appreciation is all that really exists.

The mind-based concepts that we use and tell ourselves sometimes to feel “spiritual” are in no way wrong – they are tremendously powerful and useful vehicles to tune into the flow of conscious awareness that we need to make life more meaningful, magical and connected. Whatever ‘floats your boat’ is totally up to you to define on your own terms.  Devotion is personal, unique and extremely intimate. 


Prayer, meditation and the unraveling of life experiences is a direct line to Cosmic Consciousness. We fortunately get to decorate our awareness with spiritual reminders such as crystals, saying affirmations/invocations and inspirational books that help to wake us up.

Just remember though, you’re not always going to feel connected to Cosmic Consciousness, you’re not supposed to “always” feel inspired. It’s a veil that is lifted from time to time throughout life as an invitation to use these vehicles as powerful tools to remember to SURRENDER to The Universe or God.

To untangle the tangled Slinky of spirituality, God will make life show up for you based on the vibration you’re offering and the sacred contract you penned before you landed here on planet earth. This to me – living life at full force – is the path to enlightenment.  The secret? Show yourself some compassion, LOVE with your whole heart, be present in the moment, remember that YOU are the Universe and bow with deep reverence and surrender to the magical unfolding of life. xo

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The Manifesting Game

Our entire lives are built upon the exquisite system of intention and feedback. That is, you call something in (either consciously or subconsciously) and then the Universe will respond in the form of a reply or message of guidance on the path to manifesting your desires.

As intuitive beings, one of the most fun aspects of life is knowing how to identify and intuitively discern when a new message is being sent our way.

Here are 7 Signs The Universe Is Trying to Tell You Something

1. Déjà vu happens

Ever get the feeling that a particular scene in the moment is something you have experienced before? Right down to the most minute details seem to be familiar like it’s a movie you have watched and forgotten about. The word “déjà vu” from French means ‘already seen’ and it is believed that it’s a moment suspended in the NOW where your higher self remembers that we are always catching up to our vibration. This means that we are mere echoes of the vibrations we have offered on the etheric plane first.

Intention = vibration that is offered to the Universe
Vibration = vibration that is replied to from the Universe and manifested

Remember: everything happens and manifests itself in the non-physical/etheric realm first.

2. You see number sequences like 111 or 11:11

These numbers are sometimes called “angel” numbers because they are a beautiful way that our guides, guardian angels or higher selves communicate that we are alignment with the path we’re currently on. For me, I see the number 111 as a reminder to pay attention to the spiritual elements I am being present with. Plus, my birthday is 1/11 or 11/1 (for my American friends) so it holds special meaning in my heart.

3. You have recurring dreams

Dreams are our nightly gurus. They help to iron out the kinks in our subconscious minds and is a direct line for God to speak to us symbolically as we recharge from our waking lives.

Not all dreams are prophetic in nature, but if you have one that keeps on unfolding on a nightly basis I would highly recommend that you seek out a dream interpreter to help unravel the messages that you are obviously meant to pay attention to.

4. You just have a knowing

Sometimes you just feel that instant ‘yes’ or instant ‘no’ from your gut feeling. It may defy logic, it may not make any sense whatsoever but you know that the Universe (or God) has given you the intuitive discernment to just know what a certain course of action to take is.

Learn to celebrate this spiritual faculty and trust in the process.

5. Obstacles may present themselves

Texts won’t send, emails bounce, calls can’t be connected and then you realize that the Universe is providing a delay in order to stick to the perfect schedule of Divine timing. Everything happens when it is meant to. Sometimes the things that seem like a giant pain in the butt, that are seemingly delaying our progress, are actually a blessing in disguise.

6. Resources magically appear

You set the intention and then all of a sudden you meet a random person that can help you on your journey. You might click on a Facebook link that takes you to the right resource, or you might spontaneously manifest the money to enroll in a course you’ve always wanted to try.

I remember when my mother wanted to divorce my father, but couldn’t afford the court application fee of $800. The same week she set the intention she received a check out of the blue for $800. The corresponding amount was too much of a syncronicity to ignore, so she took the inspired action she needed.

7. Books, crystals or symbols find you and follow you

Sometimes a book will literally fall off the shelf in a bookstore or perhaps you find a crystal pendant on the side of the road. Whatever it is that keeps on placing itself in your awareness is something to be acknowledged because it holds powerful clues to the next steps in the expansion of your consciousness. Always follow the white rabbit. xo

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The Ancient Manifesting Ritual

All relationships have their seasons. There will be times in your life when you feel all loved up, and then there will be dry spells when you wonder how you can kick-start that beautiful spark again.

A few years ago, my husband and I were squabbling at regular intervals. We were experiencing some major stressful events in our lives and therefore there was no time to nurture our relationship. Our fuses and tempers were incredibly short. Speaking just on behalf of myself, this was a time when there was no time for me to practice self care and love and therefore my cup was too empty to flow over into Lovebug Land (the blissful relationship state where you are in extreme flow and gratitude). 

A dear friend shared with me a piece of soulful wisdom that literally re-framed and re-shaped the way I saw the constant cyclic unfolding of relationships. She said that as humans we’re either in a phase of remembering or forgetting. 

Here’s a Facebook live I did on the theme to expand upon it more:

That is, we “remember” how deeply we adore our partner or we temporarily “forget” how deeply we adore our partner. The secret is to commit to activities, date nights and other fun stuff that prompts the deep and blissful process of remembering. It’s also important to nurture ourselves through self-care so we have the resources to GIVE.

When you’re in a state of appreciation you REMEMBER.

When you’re disconnected from happy feelings, wallowing in expectations, self pity, and living too much in the past, you are a state of FORGETTING.

As humans we also tend to do this with the relationship we have with the Universe (or God). We go through phases where we forget the power we have to connect on an intimately deep level. And then the light-switch gets flipped back on all of a sudden and we remember how powerful and meaningful the connection actually is. All of a sudden there is this newfound sense of wonder and inspiration.

You see, the process of forgetting isn’t something that’s wrong. It’s actually a vital part of growing and riding the beautiful wave and contrasting energies of life. Just as there are different phases of the moon, the tides and even menstrual cycles, so too is the beautiful cyclic nature of feeling the elated highs that the human experience has to offer.

Forgetting makes remembering even sweeter. It’s an integral part of the evolution of your consciousness.


Question: So what if you are in a phase of remembering and your partner is in a phase of forgetting? (I get this question quite often).

Answer: Then turn it into a game to gently prompt them to remember. You could flip through old photo albums, be more affectionate, praise your lover more. But be sure to let go of the expectancy that you need to always be on the same page at the same time. If true love is present, a natural flow and sync will occur. And if you’ve done it once before you can do it again.

Another golden nugget of wisdom to consider is that the more you remember and take time to appreciate and connect to your lover, yourself and the Universe the less often you go through the periods of forgetting.

Remember, setting the intention to be in a state of “remembering” more often is really important. Make sure you download a copy of my FREE intention setting worksheet that has been downloaded nearly 200,000 times by people all over the world. It’s the first step in the manifesting process to spark a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and the Universe. xo

I wrote this post a few days ago about how the written content of a few of my courses was literally ‘copy and pasted’ by someone into a product that they sold as their own. This is the second time this has happened, but this time I was super aware of the energetic toll it had taken on my vibration.

I made two posts in my private manifesting community where I currently have over 12,000 amazing students.  The first one was to let everyone know that the person that did this was an ex-student and to express how saddened I felt by this experience. The support I received was overwhelming. To be clear, I wasn’t using this as an opportunity to be nasty to this lady that plagiarized, it was actually a MUCH bigger lesson than I had first anticipated. The comments from my students ranged from anger, sadness to disgust.

“Karma is a bitch” was a comment frequently used that actually made me wake up to the power I had to handle the situation with a newfound level of consciousness because I don’t believe karma is a bitch. I believe karma is the awareness of the energetic responsibility we have to lead by example with integrity. This phrase is often cleverly disguised as a way to send someone bad luck (I’ll post more about this another day). I wanted to get to the space where I could balance the energy.

So I wrote this in the group yesterday to give them an update and to use it as an opportunity to teach that there is ALWAYS A BETTER WAY to handle conflict resolution than with attaching to energy that will keep you down…


I just wanted to say thank you for all of the beautiful support and love expressed here in this community following the plagiarism issue I shared yesterday concerning one of our ex-members.

I know there were a lot of mixed feelings floating around in the comments from anger to disgust and various other forms of non-sparkly energy.


It no longer needs to be met with drama, or any energy actually. I completely neutralized it by FEELING INTO MY HEART SPACE WITH COMPASSION.

I teach this stuff right? I know you know how important it is for me to walk the talk and to be in full integrity. I didn’t want to carry around any resentment in my energy field. What’s the point?

This experience reminded me that in life we make mistakes (sometimes really foolish ones) that can get us into trouble. I have made MANY mistakes over the course of my lifetime. That’s how we learn.

So when I have a person that is doing everything I asked (legally demanded actually) and has taken down all of the plagiarized content, publicly said sorry and shown me how much she regrets her actions, what choice do I have?

I could hold onto resentment and feel like a victim. I know and remember all too well the energetic damage this does to my cells. I’m growing a human in my belly right now, my baby doesn’t need that surging through her bloodstream as well.


I could remember that we’re human and we make mistakes and that FORGIVENESS is the path of least resistance that won’t mess with my flow of energy.

I sent this lady a personal text (after all of the legal requirements had been met of course) to express my gratitude for the lesson she taught me over the last 24 hours.

  • I was reminded of the gift of compassion.
  • I was shown that I have a choice how I react to situations.
  • I was shown that being angry is okay as long as you don’t allow it to stay with you for more than a few hours.
  • I was reminded of the support and power of COMMUNITY thanks to you beautiful people here in the MANIFEST group.
  • I was reminded how I am entitled to stand my legal ground and protect my work. I’m a grown-ass woman that honors my voice.
  • I was called, from deep within, to be KIND.

Ironically, today is her birthday. It would have bee really shitty to wake up this morning with that horrendous sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach knowing that her brand has been picked apart and that people now know of her actions. It would have sucked on so many levels.

In the text I encouraged her to keep teaching, that she is a beautiful and vibrant person with a mission to share and I didn’t want her to be discouraged and feel like she was a bad person. I didn’t want her to carry that around with her in her heart. Most importantly I told her to tune into her own heart and use her own voice.

Within minutes a text came back saying how much she appreciated my kindness. I CRIED. It didn’t take much at all to turn a really shitty experience into something that strengthened us both.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Keep sharing your soul stories and supporting one another. xoxox

After my new friend and I exchanged texts I felt a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I honestly felt the full spiritual lesson behind it and felt a genuine need to see her success on her mission to teach. Karma isn’t a bitch at all, because the karma that this lady and I exchanged was powerful. It pushed both of our buttons and we came out the other side of it with new levels of awareness.

In each moment we choose LOVE over fear we keep our energy in a state of beautiful balance. Does this mean that people won’t come into our lives that do crummy things and poo on our parades? Hell no.

The real secret to manifesting a life you desire and living in a state of conscious awareness is to see yourself in the other person. We’re ALL in this together and we’re one in the same.

What I wish for you, I wish for myself. 

In conclusion I whole-heartedly encourage you to ditch the drama, let go of the wrong-doings and LEAD WITH LOVE. It will literally reshape the fabric of your reality. xo

ps. If you want to join my awesome and thriving community of people on an intense manifesting journey then get yourself a copy of my Ancient Manifesting Ritual which gives you FREE access to this incredible group of over 12,000 people. xo


*UPDATE: I’m thrilled to report that this issue was resolved peacefully and powerful spiritual lessons came out of it. I write this post about it: Forgiveness And The Miracles That Unfold When We Choose LOVE

Yesterday I found out that someone stole something from me. One of my manifesting students, that apparently looked up to me, plagiarized my work and sold it as her own. This one hit me hard. It might be pregnancy hormones, the inability to manage holding a steady vibration and not flip the eff out, but I had to cry to release the full spectrum of energy I was feeling.

This might sound a little ‘out there’, but as I’ve mentioned before there are times when I like to pretend that the Universe is comforting me (which it always is). However, sometimes it feels more like a channeled spiritual ‘download’ where my energetic tank is running on empty and then I receive the words I need to fill myself back up again. 

And then this letter came to me that I want to share with you now if you ever have to endure a shitty day when you’re feeling disconnected from the Universe and unloved (albeit temporarily)….


You know it’s going to be okay right? That right now you’re just feeling overwhelmed, tired, emotional and need to release your energy.

It’s all going to be okay.

I want you to remember that you are part of the Divine fabric of Oneness and that ALL IS WELL.

Life is supposed to test you. Life is designed to push you to your outer limits so that you rise above the illusion and keep moving forward no matter what.

That’s how that beautiful soul of yours keeps growing and expanding.

Your subconscious mind called this experience into reality so that you could learn something from it and that it would form part of your own unique journey through life.

You are so LOVED. You might not feel supported, nurtured, understood or celebrated in this moment, but there is always and has always been cascades of infinite love here for you. You always have unlimited access to this flow of unconditional LOVE that I have for you. It’s the same energy that keeps the stars in the sky and the water in the ocean. It’s omnipresent, omniscient and ever-lasting. You are made of this love. You ARE this love right down to the tiniest atom to the core of your cellular structure.

The energy you hold is so powerful.

My hand is always holding yours and supporting the ever-evolving expansion of your consciousness. You chose this. Well, WE actually worked together to nut out this plan.

It might seem like failure right now, that an injustice has unfolded, way too much drama, or a massive detour has taken place, but TRUST that it all serves a purpose. We both knew that our work together wouldn’t always be smooth sailing and that’s what makes it exciting and oh-so-rewarding in the long run.

It’s our united blessing as true light workers that we help to illuminate the heart of others as well. It’s vital that you get out of your head and into your beautiful authentic heart.

Forgive, send love and do not participate in energy that lacks integrity.

Be of service to others.

Shine your light brightly.

Allow yourself to release the energy that is holding you back. Trust that you are INFINITELY LOVED and keep moving forward no matter what.

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As human beings, we are born into this world with a clean slate. Year after year as our personality emerges through life experience, we begin to create signature patterns of our souls in the form of repetitive vibrational offerings that manifest as our reality.

Everything in this entire beautiful Universe is based on vibration.

Literally everything you see, touch, taste, smell, sense and feel is in motion (especially your thoughts, which is why they are so powerful).

At an atomic level, it’s all buzzing and oscillating at a certain frequency to create the patterns that you see consistently showing up in your life. The vibrations clump together, because like attracts like (which is the Law of Attraction) and form your overall life experience.

If you feel like you are broke, unworthy, unlovable, unhealthy etc, then your vibe dial is set to the ‘sad trombone’ vibration and more of the same experience will head in your direction until you SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION and offer something radically different.

The vibration happens first, and then the reality is an echo (after the fact). We are all living in a reality where we play catch up over and over again in a never-ending loop called life.

The signature patterns of your soul are totally changeable and easy to transform. By becoming aware of the patterns of your soul and the vibration that you are offering you start to make sense of your life experience thus far, and then you can begin to intentionally shift the patterns and stories that you acknowledge are hindering your manifesting progress.

Last night my husband and I watched the Tony Robbins Netflix documentary called ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ which was a behind the scenes look at his wildly popular live event called Date With Destiny. I won’t write any spoilers, but let’s just say there were attendees that had to list out the difficulties they had experienced in their lives. I mentally imagined myself having to list out all of the painful stuff that I’ve been through over the last 30+ years. Themes include:

Violence, lies, divorce, depression, massive financial issues, betrayal, bulimia, addiction, sick family members, recurrent miscarriages, oh my!

All great stuff right? And then I really FELT my way into how attached I am to those stories now. I sat for a moment, took a deep breath, and remembered that I wouldn’t be who I am today if everything was smooth sailing. I wouldn’t be able to help people that are going through the darkest times in their lives and are looking for spiritual inspiration.

Something really magical happens to your signature soul pattern when you remember that your story built you, but it doesn’t define who you are as a spiritual being.

As soon as you make the decision to change your thoughts, your perspective and your patterns, then you literally have the power to change your life.

As a manifesting exercise, a really deep process is to list out all of the signature soul patterns (good and bad) that you can consciously acknowledge you emit as your vibration. Some insightful questions to prompt the process include:

  • Do you say the word ‘hate’ a lot? Are your verbal interactions with others drama-based and purposefully negative?
  • Do you feel grateful on a daily basis?
  • How do you choose to connect to the Divine within?
  • What activities make your heart sing? What brings you joy? Focus on that.
  • What has happened in the past that has created the beautiful, magnificent soulful being that you are today?

Then let it all go.

Consciously engineer your vibration and offer love, peace, compassion, joy, creativity, desire, gratitude and humility out there to the etheric wonder-scape of the Universe and watch what unfolds in your life as you move forward with grace. xo

Side note: You won’t always be perfect with the vibration you offer because you’re human. But try to make sure your predominant vibrational offerings from your energetic altar are done with conscious intention.

MANIFEST by Sarah Prout