Being a conscious creator is so important because when you’re actively taking charge of your reality you can master your fate. Anything can happen to you and you have all of the tools you need in your spiritual toolbox to be okay no matter what the Universe brings to you.

So without further ado, here are the 10 Ways Prosperity Mindsets Think Differently and how you can start adopting these traits as your own to create a life you adore.

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I know this might sound a little weird, but there are times when I like to pretend that the Universe is comforting me. Some people call it “God” or The Force or “The Universe” and I like to trust there is this beautiful flow of Oneness that is always looking out for me (everyone actually) with unconditional love and compassion.

Today I thought I’d write a ‘Love Note from The Universe When You Need to Manifest Money’ because many people out there are so filled with fear and stress that there is never enough. So with love from me, here is the letter for you to hopefully find comfort in next time you feel that anxiety rise up within your heart. xo

Dear {insert your name here},

I know it’s scary. I know there are moments when you feel like the walls of your life are caving in around you. I want you to feel me here holding your hand. I want you to TRUST that there is method to my madness for blocking the flow right now. There are so many juicy spiritual lessons that are in the process of unfolding.

Sometimes, as the beautiful and vulnerable creatures that we are, life “tests” us in order to call us to a higher level of conscious awareness. No doubt, this is probably what you are experiencing right now or have endured before. The reason for this is to be able to fully experience the vast contrast offered by this exquisite life we are currently living. We have to experience loss, we have to experience pain, and we have to experience hardship in order to RISE ABOVE IT and gain strength from it. It’s all about perspective and how you to choose to view your current situation. There are so many things to be grateful for, even in the times of extreme lack of abundance. Your mission is to see through the challenges and spend your energy wisely. 

It might be confronting to hear, but nothing appears without our own consent. It can also be reversed, in the sense that nothing can be taken from us without our own consent. It’s a sacred vibrational contract we hold with everything that either appears or disappears in our lives.

We set the pace for abundance to flow if we choose to live a life of intention. Have you made the choice?


These “tests” can appear in the form of seeming roadblocks on the path to manifesting our desires. For instance, you might be down to your last $20 to last you for the week, or you might have received a large bill you weren’t expecting. The fear, the anxiety and the cycle of belief is all part of soul training.

Just remember, ABUNDANCE is a feeling. How we respond to the events that unfold in our lives will determine how well we are able to cope. Prosperity is an energy that you must carry in your heart whether there are dollars in your bank account or not. It’s much more than a pile of coins, a chest of treasure or a massive oversized check anyway – it’s the energy of living a joy-filled life. Carry the energy of JOY with you always. See it in the world around you and celebrate the effortless flow with ease and grace. Feel happy for others, celebrate the success of others. Be grateful for everything that you have NOW. And lastly, when you feel like life is beating you up and testing your faith, be brave enough to say THANK YOU no matter what you are being faced with. Because the beauty of life is filling your lungs to take the next breath and the next…

It’s time to beat the resistance and offer a new vibration for a fresh reality to emerge. Your pain right now is forming a powerful story for your future self. Just take things one day a time, one moment to the next and everything will be okay.

With Infinite Love. xo

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Choose Abundance. It Will Make You Happier

Let’s just say that you open a bill that landed in your mail box. It’s an electric bill that is way more than you were expecting and had budgeted for. The payment is due within 3 weeks. What is your very first emotional reaction?

Is it to feel ticked off, perhaps anxious and filled with dread? Because that’s fear-based. More than likely it’s a pattern of drama you’ve played out for years and you’re definitely not alone in having this reaction.

Or is your response neutralized by trust and an inner knowing that you’ll get it sorted as soon as you can? You might even feel grateful that your house is connected and wired to use electricity.  This response is a step in the right direction, but it takes some soulful training to cultivate ongoing awareness. It definitely takes persistence and practice. 

My wish here is to help you remove the vibe-fog that gets in the way of living an amazing life and manifesting your desires because everything in this Universe is based on energetics. Once you remember this, then life gets super-magical.

In every moment that you are presented with, you have a choice as to how you react. Essentially, it’s only one of two choices.

You can respond with LOVE or you can respond with fear.

A major part of my work teaching people about spiritual concepts is reminding them that abundance is about much more than money. It’s about being tuned into a flow of wellness that allows your heart to be open to all possibilities. Abundance is present in love, joy, happiness, creativity, appreciation, opportunities and so much more. Also, it’s a conscious choice.

Many of the world’s poorest people that live in villages with next to nothing live and embody the truest principles of abundance and gratitude. They live with hearts filled with appreciation and reverence for each day, sometimes each moment.

Yes, money is a large focus linked with the word ‘abundance’ in the western world, but it’s definitely not the whole enchilada.

Remember: Money is just energy. It’s a flow – an exchange of vibrational frequency. The same goes for love, inspiration and all of the other beautiful experiences of abundance we can hold in our hearts.

INTENTION SETTING WORKSHEETIf you find it tricky to feel abundant, one of the first things you can do is be more mindful about the energy that you bring to any given situation.

  • What can you be grateful for in this present moment?
  • How you can actively be an expression of happiness?
  • What would have to happen in your life to make it more awesome?


(Hint: Set powerful intentions and get some clarity. Try my FREE Ultimate Intention Setting Worksheet).

Choosing to feel abundance can be as easy as making yourself a beautiful fresh green salad or pouring yourself a glass of clean drinking water.

The idea is that you free up the beautiful flow of limitless possibilities, instead of scaring the prosperity/wellness faeries away by turning off your manifesting signal. The Universe can’t deliver your goodies if you’re blocked and if you believe that everything in your world is shitty.

Because how you respond to EVERYTHING and anything emits a vibrational frequency that returns to you with astounding accuracy.

If you’re negative, moody, snappy, short-fused, anxious and worried about money (just as an example) then you are attracting more of the same thing into your reality. This = LACK.

It can be a steep learning curve to choosing more empowering response, but it’s also a powerful opportunity to rewire the beliefs about what you BELIEVE you deserve to attract into your life. So when you gently guide your energy and choose to rise above the potential hindrances you might experience with LOVE, then you are living in a state of true abundance with the innate gifts the Universe wants you to utilize.

Remember: You are so powerful.

When you choose gratitude, joy, peace, harmony and stillness then magic unfolds and you experience happiness and remember that ABUNDANCE is all around you right now, in this very moment and that there is so much to be grateful for. xo

The self-help industry loves to inspire people that one day they might become “millionaires” and their lives will all of a sudden magically transform. To be clear, it’s not the money that creates the almighty internal shift, it’s the freedom it creates as long as it’s paired with the beautiful and ever-expanding conscious awareness of abundance.

Abundance is just energy and you have the power to tune into that miraculous vibration as soon as you decide to.

Cultivating a ‘millionaire mindset’ is a journey that takes many interesting and sometimes arduous detours along the way. There are many well-known people that have built massive wealth and then lost it in order to learn how to create sustainable abundance in their lives and keep it as they move forward along the path.

True abundance is all about holding the energy of prosperity in your heart no matter what your current reality is. The numeric figure is relative, but the freedom is a choice that you have NOW if you want to encourage your ‘millionaire mindset’ to flourish.

Even if you have less than $10 to your name, there is a way to act as if, and feel grateful for what you have. Trust me, I’ve lived this reality, so I know from oh-so-real-and-raw personal experience how the anxiety around money and prosperity can challenge you.

Ways that we hold ourselves back and block the flow of abundance tend to be:

  • Beliefs that we have held since we were children
  • Feelings of worthiness that stunt our ability to attract abundance
  • Lack of trust associated with money
  • Inability to feel deep appreciation for the present moment

I talk a lot about my early days of how I manifested my way out of poverty as a single mother to the life I live today of living a life of financial freedom. However, I neglect to mention the discomfort that I had to experience along the way as I cultivated my millionaire mindset. Here are 3 real-life examples of how I grew over a three year period…

The Millionairre Mindset (and your soul) is tested in order to expand

June 2014 example:

When you start generating lots of money in small periods of time you have to use a lot of willpower not to self sabotage your success. There’s a reason why lottery winners often lose their fortunes within the first 5 years. It always boils down to worthiness. The Universe likes to test your consciousness by expanding it. 

I’d just had my 5th miscarriage in 10 months, we lived in a 2 million dollar home that was $1200 per week in rent and we had just $2000 left in our bank account. We didn’t have any product launches lined up, or Adventures In Manifesting books ready to publish, we had literally run out of money (due to some silly decisions) and our souls were hitting the panic button. My husband was literally throwing up several times per day because the stress was so unbearable.

Something internally had to shift, so we decided to move states to heal and formulate a better plan. We moved to another million dollar home that overlooked the ocean and the property didn’t have Internet (a fact we didn’t understand until we moved in and a BIG problem to have when you’re running an online business). And then I got pregnant…again. The Universe was testing us and our ability to survive and keep going no matter what financial or personal challenges of uncertainty we were being faced with.

We knew we needed to build a solid foundation. Thankfully, the sustainable business model we needed started to become successful after many months of educating ourselves to try and find a better way. We just had to learn to trust in the process of being comfortable with uncertainty.

The Millionaire Mindset uses active faith

August 2015 example:

Learning how to trust that there is a safety net, even when you can’t see it, will guide your way and help your intentions to manifest. For example, a year ago Sean and I didn’t know whether or not our Visa would get approved to move our family to America from Australia and yet our rental lease was about to expire. We planned a garage sale to sell ALL of our household belongings before we had confirmation that we had passed the residency requirements. It was crazy, but it was using the process of ACTIVE FAITH.

The secret was that we felt like our visa had already been approved. There was no resistance or fear, we were just guiding our energy to go with the flow. Thankfully, we were on a plane flying to Vegas within 2 weeks. The Universe loves and responds to active faith.

We arrived in America with several boxes, our three dogs, three children, and everything piled into a mini-van. We were semi-homeless until we were to find our new place to call home. We were just lead by ACTIVE FAITH and trusted  that the Universe would unfold the steps as we went along.

Within a week, we moved from the hotel and into our beautiful new home. Discover my 5×55 secret manifesting formula we always use to accelerate our intentions. 

The Millionaire Mindset feels surreal when money resistance is released

June 2016 example:

In one month we generated over $180,000 from our manifesting products. We’re now spending over $60,000 a month in online advertising (just 7 months ago we were spending just $40 per month). Right now as I write these words we have a housekeeper AND a nanny here in our home in Las Vegas. However, there are still times when I have to pinch myself that we live a life of financial freedom. It feels really surreal sometimes to have most of the energetic resistance around money completely gone. Honestly, sometimes I am triggered by the littlest things, but most of the time I now understand you have to spend money to make money. Or better yet, you have to spend energy to attract abundance. 

Sometimes I get the feelings rise up from deep within that question my worthiness. Buying a color printer felt like an unnecessary luxury, I still like buying clothes from Target, I still love a good bargain. However, I now realize that time=money. Everything has to be an investment – a conscious investment that is worth my time and my energy.

One of my dearest friends told me to vote with my dollars. So now I love to support small businesses, conscious companies and products that help to nurture people and the planet.

Now my “millionaire mindset” has to be a way of being that nurtures a flow of giving and receiving. And if by chance, something happened and I didn’t have money flowing in, or didn’t have a capacity to earn I would still maintain my feeling of abundant energy no matter what. I could pick wildflowers in the desert and feel like a million bucks.

It’s all about feeling worthy, being open to receiving prosperity, tuning into infinite creative energy, and releasing the hold that money has over us to predict the quality of our happiness. When you lift that veil of perception that NOW is the time to be wealthy, the true beauty and magic of the Universe is available to you in limitless supply. 

If you’re finally ready to make the Universe your BFF and if you’re ready to start creating your own miracles so you can finally manifest your desires and more abundance…

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I know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to LOVE it.

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If you truly believe and trust in the guidance of the Universe you’ll know that inspiration is seasonal. It ebbs and flows in and out of your life in order to ride the beautiful wave of spiritual growth and conscious expansion.

Sometimes on our manifesting journey we might feel the intense spark of inspiration, and then other days we might feel as if the world is against us. We were perhaps born into the wrong set of circumstances and that it may seem hopeless (even pointless) setting the intention to live an abundant life. You feel disconnected, flat and uninspired.

But here’s the thing…

Inspiration and abundance is all around us, ALL THE TIME. It’s not just about money, it’s about connection to the flow of energy within us and around us. It’s up to us as to whether we choose to let fear steer the ship or LOVE and inspiration guide the path.

Over the last few months I’ve been feeling extremely uninspired with my work, and that’s okay. It’s part of a process that I’ve been through before and have learnt how to fully embrace as a vital component of the creation process. In a way, I believe that I’ve hit a glass ceiling with my manifesting adventures and it’s time to bring it back to the basic principles in order to fully immerse myself in the wonder of abundance again.

  • Create a clear vision
  • Immerse yourself in the feeling of already feeling grateful for obtaining your desires/intentions.
  • Raise your vibration
  • Be present, feel grateful, create art, laugh a lot, connect with humans you adore, be yourself.

A few days ago my husband and I stayed in a luxury resort in Santa Barbara called Bacara. The rooms were $900 per night! This was something I NEVER would have imagined was possible a few years ago. Our suite had an ocean view, overlooked the pool and was surrounded by beautiful palm trees. A glass of orange juice was $9. In fact one night we ordered room service for two Divine meals and it was $130. We were fully immersing ourselves in the energy of monetary abundance and it felt great.

We then decided to drive around a place called Montecito where Oprah Winfrey lives. We actually drove right up to the gates and sat there for a moment vibrationally soaking up the energy of abundance. The land felt vibrant – the trees, the flowers, the large gated homes with long driveways. It felt amazing.

We then checked out Rhonda Byrne’s house. She is the creator of The Secret (also a Melbourne girl like myself). I guess her work is very similar to mine in the sense we teach metaphysics and manifesting. The official Facebook page of ‘The Secret’ shared one of my affirmations recently and I felt extremely honored.  As it turned out, Rhonda Byrne’s home was up for sale.

For a cool $18 million dollars you could live in her home that overlooks the ocean and the acres of luscious land. For me, the inspiration started to instantly spark back up again. Now I’m not saying I want to move to Santa Barbara, but I would love to create that kind of mega-sanctuary here in Las Vegas.

The simple act of driving around Montecito really ignited my inspiration. I used to do the same thing (driving around expensive homes in Australia) after I watched The Secret back in 2006, so it felt (in a way) like a fully circle moment. In fact, I chose a house back in 2006 I loved and started to imagine myself living in it. At the time, it felt way out of my reach as it was over a million dollars. Considering my income was around $20,000 per year it was a wild dream to have for sure. Since then I have rented at least 2 homes that were over a million dollars (more like 2 million). Being a “millionaire” was something that I really wanted to manifest. All of the self-help and personal development books talk about the elusive goal of creating massive wealth. And now that the millionaire lifestyle is my reality, I can truly say it’s so much more about FREEDOM than it is ever about the money.

Money is just energy and there is a limitless supply if we tune into it. << please FEEL that one.

Our curiosity and vibration that we offer towards lifestyles that are radically different to the ones we are currently living actually help to propel your reality to a new level. The key is to feel deep appreciation for it and not see it as something separate from yourself.

Allow yourself to get inspired. Also allow it to be okay if you don’t feel inspired right now. Trust in the process, and that inspiration will hit when it needs to. Remember: Everything happens in Divine timing.

It’s tough to master the trust element at first, but when you can honestly offer JOY for things, people, places and experiences that you would LOVE TO MANIFEST and (feel as if it’s already manifested) you will notice different results start to appear into your reality. This is why I am so passionate about my 5×55 manifesting formula that I have taught to over 33,594 students around the world. It actively trains your subconscious mind to shift to a new level. Visit: xo