Manifesting And The Moon With Yasmin Boland

(Subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud) In this episode of Journey to Manifesting, I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Yasmin Boland. Yasmin is incredibly inspiring. She’s a bestselling author and founder of Moonology. Journalist turned astrologer and New Age writer, Yasmin, has been scouring the skies for insights for over 15 years. Passion turned to profession when…

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Wild Orange Meditation for Abundance

Today’s podcast is a little different. I thought I’d offer a meditation instead of a topic for you to dive in and actually do some powerful, practical and transformative spiritual work. Actually, it’s more like a visualization that I know you’ll love. If you like this style of meditation then you should check out my…

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5 Ways to Make Your Life More Magical

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. How you spend each day is extremely important, and yet we sometimes tend to get stuck in the rut of the daily grind. It doesn’t take much to radically transform your current reality. What it does take is the “remembering” that life is precious and each day is a…

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